Evaluating the Efficacy of Tumor-targeted Antibody in vivo

As the most frequently used animal model, mice have been widely applied in the evaluation of drug efficacy. However, the human immune checkpoint genes only share ~60% identity with their murine counterparts. Thus antibodies that recognize human proteins do not necessarily interact with murine proteins, making it inappropriate to use wild type mice for evaluating the in vivo efficacy of human-specific antibody. The humanized immune checkpoint mouse models (Immune-Hu models), which were independently developed by Shanghai Model Organisms Center, are ideal models to evaluate the efficacy of anti-tumor antibody therapy.

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At present, cancer immunotherapy has been shown to be the most beneficial treatment for cancer patients. Cancer immunotherapy(also called immuno-oncology) refers to a new type of treatment that stimulates the activities of the immune system to specifically attack tumor cells. In 2013, Science Magazine recognized cancer immunotherapy as a "turning point in cancer treatment". In that year, cancer immunotherpay emerged amongst the top ten scientific breakthroughs. In recent years, cancer immunotherapy, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, has achieved remarkable clinical results.

Shanghai Model Organisms is dedicated to providing "best-in-class" animal models for the development of immunotherapy and antibody therapeutics.

Repository of Immune-HU models 

Since 2014, Shanghai Model Organisms has independently developed more than 100 humanized immune checkpoint mouse models (Immune-Hu models), in which mouse immune checkpoint genes were replaced by their human counterparts. In collaboration with our industry partners, our models have been functionally validated, demonstrating their utilities for the accessment of in vivo efficacy of immuno-oncology therapy.

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