Antibody Affinity Maturation

Affinity maturation is one of the most applied strategies for monoclonal antibodies to enhance efficacy, reduce immunogenicity and improve potency. SanyouBio offers antibody affinity maturation services, which can improve affinity, blocking activity, species cross reactivity and developability.

According to the principle of in vivo affinity maturation, we adopt a variety of mutation strategies, and used phage display technology to construct a large-capacity mutation library to obtain antibodies with significantly improved affinity.

Service Highlights

1. Extreme enhancement of affinity activity

  • By applying advanced structure simulation and multiple mutagenesis strategies, the affinity of antibodies can be enhanced, and the average enhancement ranges from 5 to100 folds.

2. Comprehensive verification of eukaryotic expression

  • With mammalian cell expression system (CHO/HEK293), our platform can provide natural conformation-like and highly bioactive recombinant proteins. Moreover, comprehensive QC will be conducted to ensure the quality of the produced protein.

3. Unlimited competencies for various target types

  • Our SY-FLAM platform can serve for all kinds of targets, and can be customized for projects with high difficulty or special requirement. Representative targets: LAG3, IL- 23, CD47, Claudin18.2, etc.

4. Extensive experience project development

  • Our SY-FLAM platform has performed more than 180 affinity maturation projects. Our core R&D experts have more than 10 years of experience, and will offers the best service based on the requirements of the project.

5. Rapid and qualified delivery in 6 weeks

  • Our SY-FLAM platform can achieve a single round affinity maturation within 6 weeks. In coordination with comprehensive QC system, we are able to accomplish delivery with high efficiency and quality.

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