Customization of MIT Alpaca Recombinant mAb

Compared with traditional antibodies, camel derived antibodies with higher affinity, are, easy to be recombined, expressed, humanized and combined with other target antibodies. They have great application value and development prospects in disease diagnosis and treatment. We proudly launched MIT Alpaca monoclonal antibody customized service with all above functions.

Service Highlights

1. Clear Antibody Sequence and Reduce Redundant Screening Work

  • This service utilizes genetic engineering and phage display technology to obtain the gene sequence of antibody directly, so as to reduce unnecessary screening work.


2. Deliver Tens to Hundreds of Lead Antibody Molecules

  • This service is adopting the multi group primer array library construction method and multi type screening library strategy, and dozens to hundreds of candidate molecules can be obtained from one target.


3. Full Coverage of Difficult Targets and Hidden Epitopes

  • A large number of antibody molecules can be obtained for difficult targets such as G protein coupled receptors, ion channels and multiple transmembrane proteins, covering most of the protein epitopes.


4. Eukaryotic Expression, Cell Level Verification, Ensuring the Druggability of Delivered Molecules

  • The molecules obtained from this service will be constructed and expressed at the eukaryotic level, and the physical and chemical properties and cell functions of the antibody will be comprehensively tested to ensure that the delivered lead antibody has good druggability.

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