Development of Antibody for Gene Therapy

Based on "integrated R&D platform for innovative antibody drugs" and "super-trillion innovative antibody discovery platform". We can customize the screening strategies for the best antibody candidates suitable for gene therapy. We also provide all-in-one R&D services from target to gene therapeutic antibody.


Service Highlights

1. Integrated platform for innovative antibody drug discovery

  • l 10 functional modules and 25+ sub-platforms covering the whole procedure of drug discovery

  • l Project with comprehensive arrangement; PCC can be completed in 12 months

2. Distinctive capability for multi-route antibody discovery

  • l Trillion-capacity antibody library; thousands of leads can be obtained for common targets

  • l Diversified antibody sources: human recombinant library, semi-synthetic trillion-capacity VHH library, mouse immune library, alpaca immune VHH library, polypeptide library, and common light chain library

  • l Full coverage of antibody types: full human antibody, single domain antibody, common light chain bispecific antibody, mouse monoclonal antibody, and rat monoclonal antibody

  • l Antibody types: IgG, Fab, VHH

3. Extensive project experience

  • l 20+ scientists expertized in various fields with the capability of systematic review of specific project

  • l 100+ projects experience and high success rate

4. Customized service

  • l Combination of innovative target / linker / intracellular nucleic acid

  • l Integrated service platform in the antibody development

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