Integrated Service for Antibody Discovery from Target to PCC

Antibody drugs have been widely used in various fields, such as treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Especially in recent years, immunotherapy represented by application of anti-PD-1 antibodies has shown distinct clinical efficacy, starting a new chapter for antibody drugs. Since antibody discovery possesses technical barriers, it is necessary to integrate the whole process of all stages. Therefore, SMOC integrated service from target to PCC (pre-clinical candidate) antibody drug to meet the clients’ requirements.

Based on the integrated innovative technology platforms, we have developed 30+ monoclonal and bi-specific antibody drug and ADC candidates with excellent efficacy, including anti-CLDN18.2 nanobody, anti-PD-L1 nanobody, anti-COVID-19 S protein neutralizing antibody, anti-ROR1 ADC, etc., 5+ of which have entered the IND stage.

Service Highlights

1. Integrated Solutions

All-in-one solutions include target validation, material preparation, antibody generation, in vitro efficacy evaluation, antibody engineering, in vivo efficacy assessment and other on-demand studies.

2. Super-trillion Antibody Libraries

with the support of large-capacity antibody libraries (7×1012), lead molecules can be obtained for conventional drug targets, and potential lead molecules can be further obtained from multiple layers of screening.

3. Experienced in R&D

Our team has more than 100 successful pre-PPC or PCC development experience on various disease targets, which guarantees the success of PCC molecule development.

4. Comprehensive Validations

The candidate molecules are fully verified by affinity, specificity, drug efficacy in vivo and in vitro, and developability to ensure the quality.

5. Solid Scientific Foundation

Supported by more than 50 scientistswe provide value-added services for the project by completing target investigation and recommendation.

6. Industry-leading Expert Team

Well-established and reliable services provided by nearly 300 experienced scientists in the R&D team.

7. Extensive Successful Cases

Successfully project deliveries to more than 300 global pharmaceutical companies with 80% repeated orders.

8. Client-oriented Business Model

Diverse and flexible business models are generated following client-oriented and result-oriented principles.

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