Mice have long been the prime choice for model organisms. In more than 100 years, mice have been widely used by researchers in the fields of physiology, pathology, pharmacology, toxicology, and behavioral science. With the establishment of gene targeting technology, many researchers have made their way to the Nobel Prize.

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As an important model organism for discovering gene functions, exploring cellular processes, studying mechanisms underlying human diseases, and accelerating drug development and drug efficacy evaluation, mice have the following advantages:

  • One of the smallest mammals (25-40 g) with a short generation cycle

  • The biological evolution of mice is close to that of humans (60-75 million years)

  • Placental formation and early embryo development in mice are similar to those in humans

  • Tissue and organ structures and cell functions in mice are similar to those in humans

  • Like human, mice also have advanced neurological activity

  • The genome sequencing of mice has been completed

  • 99% of human genes are present in mice, with up to 78.5% gene homology 

  • In 93% of the mouse genome, the local arrangement of genes is the same as that in humans.

  • Proven technology for genome transformation

Since its foundation in 2000, Shanghai Model Organisms has established a streamlined technical service portfolio covering the entire modeling cycle from the development and customization of genetically engineered mouse models to genetic breeding and phenotyping of mouse models.

Development and Customization of GEM Models

Shanghai Model Organisms has created more than 10,000 genetically-engineered mouse models using the three core technologies in gene editing. With our rigorous and professional technical team, proven technology and comprehensive process, we are well positioned to provide various genetically engineered mouse models to meet different research needs.

Types of customization include:

Gene Knockout

Gene Knock-in

Gene Overexpression

Genetic Breeding

Shanghai Model Organisms is accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC). We control the quality of our animals strictly and attach great importance to animal welfare. We provide professional technical services such as genetic breeding, speed expansion, embryo preservation, strain rederivation and strain rescue.


Shanghai Model Organisms proposes a concept of "mouse hospital", and carries out phenotypic research and analysis of mice in conjunction with its experience in GLP management. Shanghai Model Organisms can be commissioned to carry out single item or comprehensive genotyping studies.

Shanghai Model Organisms can perform the following studies in mice: blood cell and blood biochemical testing, CT image analysis, pathological section and immunohistochemical analysis, FACS sorting and analysis, detection of blood cytokines, gene expression and protein analysis, whole-body in vivo imaging and analysis, metabolic analysis. Additionally, we can generate mouse and rat disease models using surgery and drugs, as well as provide an extended list of laboratory services tailored to the needs of different customers.

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