Pathological Analysis

Shanghai Model Organisms can analyze morphological and pathological changes in various animal tissues.

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Service description: Analysis of morphological and pathological changes in various animal tissues.

Service content:

  • Conventional histomorphology and pathological analysis: HE staining of paraffin sections;

  • Staining of special tissue structures: Gomeri staining of fibrous tissues, oil red o staining of adipose tissues, Heidenhain azan staining of bone tissues, and Nissl staining of brain tissues;

  • Analysis of in situ gene expression: mRNA in situ hybridization;

  • Analysis of localized protein expression: Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence analyses of paraffin sections or frozen sections

  • Analysis of cell proliferation and apoptosis: Proliferation of Brdu labeled cells, apoptosis of Tunel labeled cells;


Service advantage: Sample collection at precise locations, delicate processing of tissues, and preservation of sample structures and morphology. Shanghai Model Organisms can also provide a range of different phenotyping services.

Notice to customers: Tissue samples should be properly stored in order to obtain excellent experimental results.

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