Genetically Engineered Type

Three types of genetic modification by the gene engineered technology: gene knockout. gene knock-in, gene overexpression.

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Gene knockout. gene knock-in, gene overexpression can be further subdivided to help us respond to a variety of research needs.

Various types of genetically engineered summary and comparison table below

Type Segments type Characterization Technology options
Gene knockout Knockout, KO Systemic gene fragment directly knockout ESC Targeting, CRISPR
Conditional knockout, CKO After mating with Cre mice,target genes can be knocked out in specific tissues or systemic. ESC Targeting, CRISPR
KO-first Mating with Cre mouse to obtain reporter and knockout mice; mating with Flp mouse to obtain flox mice ESC Targeting, CRISPR
Gene knock-in Constitutive mutation Systemic genetic mutation ESC Targeting, CRISPR
Conditional mutation After mating with Cre mice,target genes can be mutated in specific tissues or systemic. ESC Targeting, CRISPR
Knockin Knock-in gene can be expressed andendogenous gene is not expressed ESC Targeting, CRISPR
Co-expression Both knock-in gene and endogenous gene are expressed ESC Targeting, CRISPR
Humanization The mouse endogenous gene was replaced with a human homologous gene ESC Targeting, CRISPR
Gene overexpression Random transgenesis Targeted gene randomly integrated into the mouse genome Pronuclear injection or Lentivirus infection
PiggyBAC transgenesis Targeting gene integrated into the transposase recognition sites of mouse genome Piggybac Transgene
Site-specific knockin Targeted gene integrated precisely into the Rosa26 or H11 site of mouse genome  ESC Targeting, CRISPR

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