Repository of Research-Ready GEM models

We offer 2000+ Research-Ready mouse models to jump start your mouse experiments. Browse the strain list by application, or directly search for the strain of your interest.

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We offer 2000+ Research-Ready mouse models to jump start your mouse experiments. Browse the strain list by application, or directly search for the strain of your interest.
Name Cat. NO. Gene Symbol Research Application
1190002N15Rik-CKO NM-CKO-00008 1190002N15Rik
1300017j02Rik-KO NM-KO-190231 1300017j02Rik Immune-related
1700074P13Rik-KO NM-KO-00025 1700074P13Rik
1700121C10Rik-KO NM-KO-190450 1700121C10Rik unknown
2310057M21Rik-KO NM-KO-190232 2310057M21Rik Immune-related
4930578C19Rik-CKO NM-CKO-00003 4930578C19Rik
9430015G10Rik-KO NM-KO-191133 9430015G10Rik Immune system, nervous system, pain
A2m-KO NM-KO-190549 A2m Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Abcb11-KO NM-KO-18010 Abcb11
Abcc1-KO NM-KO-18012 Abcc1
Abcc2-KO NM-KO-18017 Abcc2
Abcg2-KO NM-KO-18013 Abcg2
Abi3bp-CKO NM-CKO-00009 Abi3bp Cancer and stem cells research
Abtb1-KO NM-KO-00001 Abtb1 liver injury and regeneration
Acadsb-KO NM-KO-190233 Acadsb Immune-related
Ace-KO NM-KO-190550 Ace Cardiovascular diseases;diabetes related
Ace2-KO NM-KO-190906 Ace2 regulation of cardiovascular and renal function, as well as fertility , Cardiac contraction, colitis, cardiovascular and renal function, and fertility
H11-(ACHE) NM-KI-00067 ACHE Cholinesterase related drug research
Acot7-CKO NM-CKO-00045 Acot7 Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids,Fatty acid elongation,fatty acid metabolism
Acta2-KO NM-KO-190907 Acta2 Vasoconstriction, blood pressure, retinal barrier permeability, retinal cone and rod function
Adam33-KO NM-KO-190735 Adam33 Asthma related
Adam9-KO NM-KO-190736 Adam9 Alzheimer's Disease related
Adcyap1r1-KO NM-KO-190669 Adcyap1r1 immune,nervous system
Adgra1-CKO NM-CKO-00100 Adgra1 cardiovascular system,nervous system
Adgra2-CKO NM-CKO-00101 Adgra2
Adgrd1-KO NM-KO-190234 Adgrd1 Immune-related
Adgrd1-CKO NM-CKO-00097 Adgrd1
Adgre1-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-190025 Adgre1 Cre recombinase tool
Adgrf1-KO NM-KO-00059 Adgrf1
Adgrf4-KO NM-KO-00055 Adgrf4
Adgrf5-CKO NM-CKO-00095 Adgrf5 cardiovascular system,homeostasis/metabolism,aging
Adgrg3-KO NM-KO-00054 Adgrg3
Adgrg6-CKO NM-CKO-00096 Adgrg6
Adgrg7-KO NM-KO-00056 Adgrg7 Digestive system related.
Adipoq-KO NM-KO-190545 Adipoq lipid metabolism
Adipoq-KO NM-KO-190438 Adipoq lipid metabolism
Adipoq-KO NM-KO-00003 Adipoq lipid metabolism
Adipor1-KO NM-KO-190666 Adipor1 obesity,diabetes
Adipor2-KO NM-KO-190667 Adipor2 obesity,diabetes
Ado-KO NM-KO-190236 Ado Immune-related
Adora2b-KO NM-KO-191066 Adora2b Immune system, inflammation
Adra1a-KO NM-KO-190737 Adra1a Diabetes related
Adra1d-KO NM-KO-190908 Adra1d Nervous system, behavior, neuronal growth and cerebellar development, neurological and mental disorders
Adra2a-KO NM-KO-191174 Adra2a member of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily.
Adra2b-KO NM-KO-190635 Adra2b nervous system
Adrb2-KO NM-KO-190738 Adrb2 Asthma related
Adrb3-KO NM-KO-190739 Adrb3 Diabetes related
Afp-CreERT2 NM-TG-00009 Afp-CreERT2 Cre recombinase tool of liver
Agk-CKO NM-CKO-00026 Agk
Agr3-KO NM-KO-190237 Agr3 Immune-related
Agrp-KO NM-KO-190636 Agrp late on-set obesity
Agrt1a-KO NM-KO-00041 Agrt1a cardiovascular system,nervous system
Agt-KO NM-KO-190740 Agt This gene is associated with susceptibility to essential hypertension, non-familial structural atrial fibrillation, and inflammatory bowel disease.
Agtr1a-KO NM-KO-190909 Agtr1a Renal morphology and function, xenobiotic response, hyperreninemia, drinking behavior, angiotensin II-related vascular and hemodynamic responses
Agtr1b-KO NM-KO-190910 Agtr1b Agtr1b/Agtr1a double gene function, blood pressure and kidney
Agtr2-KO NM-KO-190911 Agtr2 Angiotensin II response, pancreatitis, myocardial infarction; cardiovascular morphology and physiology, kidney and urine morphology and physiology; glucose and fat metabolism and balance; X-linked cognitive impairment
Ahcy-KO NM-KO-190238 Ahcy Immune-related
Ahi1-CKO NM-CKO-00053 Ahi1
Ahnak-KO NM-KO-190239 Ahnak Immune-related
Ahr-KO NM-KO-18008 Ahr
Aifm1-KO NM-KO-191170 Aifm1 Mutations in this gene cause combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency 6 (COXPD6), a severe mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, as well as Cowchock syndrome, also known as X-linked recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease-4 (CMTX-4), a disorder resulting in neuropathy, and axonal and motor-sensory defects with deafness and cognitive disability.
Aimp1-CKO NM-CKO-00064 Aimp1 immune system,hematopoietic system
Ajuba-KO NM-KO-190912 Ajuba Cancer, breast cancer, glioma
Akt1-KO NM-KO-190741 Akt1 Pro-Inflammatory, Anti-Apoptotic and Stress Responses related.
Akt1s1-KO NM-KO-191102 Akt1s1 Ischemic brain injury; tumor
Akt2-KO NM-KO-190742 Akt2 Signal Transduction related
Akt3-KO NM-KO-191091 Akt3 Cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, tumorigenesis, glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake; nervous system, brain development, epilepsy
Alb-(CreERT2) NM-KI-00002 Alb cre-mediated recombination system
Aldh3a2-KO NM-KO-190743 Aldh3a2 Nervous System Differentiation & Development related
Aldoc-KO NM-KO-191089 Aldoc Glycolysis enzyme, nervous system, schizophrenia
Alkbh3-KO NM-KO-190240 Alkbh3 Immune-related
Alkbh5-KO NM-KO-190448 Alkbh5 mRNA methylation
R26-(CAG-LSL-ALKBH5-3xFLAG-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190054 Alkbh5 mRNA methylation
Alkbh5-CKO NM-CKO-190004 Alkbh5 Epigenetic
Alpl-KO NM-KO-18058 Alpl
Amhr2-(Cre) NM-KI-190012 Amhr2 Tool Mice
Amotl1-KO NM-KO-190913 Amotl1 Peripheral permeability and maintenance of cell polarity, angiomotin-related,
Amotl2-KO NM-KO-190914 Amotl2 Angiotensin-related, endothelial cell function, embryonic aortic restriction
Angel2-KO NM-KO-190744 Angel2 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
Angptl4-KO NM-KO-191067 Angptl4 Metabolic system, glucose homeostasis, lipid metabolism; tumor
Angptl8-KO NM-KO-190241 Angptl8 Immune-related
Ankrd37-KO NM-KO-191087 Ankrd37 Hypoxia-induced HIF-1 target gene
Anp32b-CKO NM-CKO-00043 Anp32b
Anxa2-KO NM-KO-191068 Anxa2 Angiogenesis, thrombosis; osteoclast formation, bone resorption
Anxa3-KO NM-KO-190745 Anxa3 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
Anxa5-KO NM-KO-190746 Anxa5 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
Aoah-KO NM-KO-190242 Aoah Immune-related
Apba1-KO NM-KO-190747 Apba1 Synaptic Formation and Alzheimer's Disease related
Apba3-KO NM-KO-190748 Apba3 Alzheimer's Disease related
Apbb1-KO NM-KO-190749 Apbb1 Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Apbb2-KO NM-KO-190750 Apbb2 Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related;Synaptic Formation related.
Apcs-KO NM-KO-190001 Apcs Immune-related
Aplnr-DreERT2 NM-KI-00132 Aplnr recombinase tool
Aplp1-KO NM-KO-190751 Aplp1 Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Apoa1-KO NM-KO-190752 Apoa1 Cholesterol Metabolism related
Apob-(Q1388H) NM-KI-00056 Apob lipid metabolism studies, cardiovascular disease research
Apoe-KO NM-KO-190565 Apoe Atherosclerosis,hyperlipidemia,hypercholesterolemia,cerebral infarction,AD,chronic hepatitis etc.
APOE2-HU NM-HU-190013 Apoe Immune-related
APOE4-HU NM-HU-190002 Apoe Cardiovascular disease
APOE3-HU NM-HU-190003 Apoe Cardiovascular disease
Apoe-KO NM-KO-00033 Apoe Atherosclerosis,hyperlipidemia,hypercholesterolemia,cerebral infarction,AD,chronic hepatitis etc.
App-KO NM-KO-190444 App neuronal differentiation/migration, synaptic regulation and Alzheimer's disease related
Appl1-CKO NM-CKO-00118 Appl1
Appl2-CKO NM-CKO-00112 Appl2
Aqp1-KO NM-KO-190915 Aqp1 Aquaporin, eye movement imbalance, urine osmotic pressure
Aqp4-KO NM-KO-190243 Aqp4 Immune-related
Aqp5-KO NM-KO-190244 Aqp5 Immune-related
Ar-CKO NM-CKO-00110 Ar
Areg-KO NM-KO-190002 Areg Immune-related
Arfip2-KO NM-KO-190916 Arfip2 NF-kappaB signaling, regulates aggregation of huntingtin proteins
Arg2-KO NM-KO-190917 Arg2 Nitric oxide and polyamine metabolism
Arih1-KO NM-KO-190245 arih1 Immune-related
Arl6ip6-KO NM-KO-190753 Arl6ip6 Proteostasis,aging related.
Asap3-CKO NM-CKO-00038 Asap3
Asgr1-KO NM-KO-190246 Asgr1 Immune-related
Aspa-KO NM-KO-191129 Aspa NAA scavenger, Canavan disease, nervous system, auditory
Atg5-KO NM-KO-18004 Atg5
Atg5-CKO NM-CKO-00131 Atg5 Autophagy, Atg5 function study
Atp2b2-KO NM-KO-190918 Atp2b2 Intracellular calcium homeostasis, hearing, deafness, cerebellar malformation, ear malformation
Atp5b-KO NM-KO-190247 Atp5b Immune-related
Atp6ap2-KO NM-KO-190919 Atp6ap2 Podocyte function, autophagy, nephrotic syndrome
Atp6v1g2-KO NM-KO-191134 Atp6v1g2 Nervous system, synaptic vesicle acidification
Atp7b-(H1071Q) NM-KI-18001 Atp7b
Atpaf1-KO NM-KO-190248 Atpaf1 Immune-related
Atpaf2-KO NM-KO-190249 Atpaf2 Immune-related
Atrn-KO NM-KO-190646 Atrn Cardiovascular diseases
Atxn2-KO NM-KO-190920 Atxn2 Microsatellite augmentation disease, type I diabetes, obesity and hypertension, hepatic steatosis, sports learning related research
Atxn3-KO NM-KO-190921 Atxn3 Nervous system, spinocerebellar ataxia 3, exploratory behavior
AU021092-CKO NM-CKO-00111 AU021092
Avpr1b-KO NM-KO-190922 Avpr1b Nervous system, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, epilepsy
Axin2-KO NM-KO-190673 Axin2 colorectal cancer
B2m-KO(M-NSG) NM-NSG-002 B2m immunodeficiency,immune system,transplantation research
B2m-KO(NOD-scid) NM-KO-18035 B2m immunodeficiency,immune system,transplantation research
B2m-KO NM-KO-18021 B2m immune system
Bace2-KO NM-KO-190754 Bace2 Alzheimer's Disease related
Bad-KO NM-KO-190730 Bad Cell apoptosis
Batf3-KO NM-KO-190447 Batf3 Immune-related, CD8 deficiency
Bbox1-KO NM-KO-190923 Bbox1 Schizophrenia
BC028528-CKO NM-CKO-00012 BC028528
Bcat1-KO NM-KO-190551 Bcat1 hypervalinemia and hyperleucine-isoleucinemia related
Bche-KO NM-KO-190755 Bche Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Bcl6-KO NM-KO-190756 Bcl6 Allergy and Asthma related.
Bcr-KO NM-KO-190629 Bcr leukemia
Bdkrb1-KO NM-KO-190924 Bdkrb1 Pain, inflammatory response
Bdkrb2-KO NM-KO-190925 Bdkrb2 Vasodilation, edema, smooth muscle spasm and painful fiber irritation
Becn1-KO NM-KO-18028 Becn1 autophagy, cancer research
Becn1-CKO NM-CKO-18008 Becn1 cancer research,Autophagy
Bhlhe40-KO NM-KO-191085 Bhlhe40 Immune system, autoimmune disease; control of circadian rhythm, cell differentiation
R26-(BirA) NM-KI-00085 BirA
Birc2-KO NM-KO-190757 Birc2 Stress Responses,Apoptosis related
Blm-KO NM-KO-191081 Blm Anemia, Bloom syndrome, cancer
Bmf-KO NM-KO-190003 Bmf Immune-related
Bmp2-KO NM-KO-190528 Bmp2 Growth Factors
Bmp3-KO NM-KO-190529 Bmp3 Growth Factors ,bone density,osteoblast differentiation
Bmp6-KO NM-KO-190530 Bmp6 Growth Factors, iron homeostasis, fat and bone development, and ovulation.
Bmp7-KO NM-KO-190531 Bmp7 Growth Factors,skeletal、 kidne developmental
Bnip3-KO NM-KO-191077 Bnip3 Pro-apoptotic factor; cardiovascular system, post-ischemic ventricular remodeling; tumor
Bnip3l-KO NM-KO-191078 Bnip3l Pro-apoptotic factor; blood system, red blood cells; tumor
Bnipl-CKO NM-CKO-00062 Bnipl
Bod1-KO NM-KO-190702 Bod1
Boll-KO NM-KO-190004 Boll Immune-related
Bpifa1-CKO NM-CKO-00074 Bpifa1 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression,nervous system
Braf-(flox-V600E) NM-KI-190053 Braf cancer research
Brca1-CKO NM-CKO-18007 Brca1 cancer research
Brd7-CKO NM-CKO-00034 Brd7
Brs3-KO NM-KO-190608 Brs3 The protein encoded by this gene is a G protein-coupled membrane receptor that binds bombesin-like peptides. This binding results in activation of a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system, with physiological effects including regulation of metabolic rate, glucose metabolism, and hypertension.
Btbd10-KO NM-KO-00043 Btbd10
Btk-KO NM-KO-190005 Btk Immune-related
BTLA-HU NM-HU-190040 Btla Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Btla-KO NM-KO-18051 Btla
Btnl9-KO NM-KO-190250 Btnl9 Immune-related
Btrc-KO NM-KO-190695 Btrc phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination
C1qb-KO NM-KO-190758 C1qb Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C1qc-KO NM-KO-190759 C1qc Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C1qtnf1-KO NM-KO-191210 C1qtnf1
R26-(LNL-C1qtnf1) NM-KI-190129 C1qtnf1
C1qtnf1-KO NM-KO-190251 C1qtnf1 Immune-related
C1s1-KO NM-KO-190760 C1s1 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C2-KO NM-KO-190179 C2 Immune-related
C3-KO NM-KO-191193 C3 Immune-related
C4b-KO NM-KO-190761 C4b Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C5ar1-KO NM-KO-190180 C5ar1 Immune-related
Cab39-KO NM-KO-191103 Cab39 Cancer, tumorigenesis and development
Cab39l-KO NM-KO-191104 Cab39l Cancer, tumorigenesis and development
Cacna1c-KO NM-KO-190926 Cacna1c Endocrine and metabolic systems, insulin secretion, glucose tolerance; nervous system, anxiety, motor coordination
Cadm4-KO NM-KO-190762 Cadm4
CAG-GFP NM-TG-00005 CAG-GFP Reporter mice,EGFP
Calb1-KO NM-KO-190927 Calb1 Nervous system, neurodegeneration and synaptic transmission, cerebellar Purkinje cells, motor coordination, aging
Calca-KO NM-KO-190928 Calca Calcitonin and calcitonin gene-related peptide-α (CGRP-α), vascular and nervous system related studies, bone mineralization
Calm1-KO NM-KO-190703 Calm1 The encoded protein acts as a calcium sensor and is involved in relaying signals to calcium-sensitive proteins, enzymes and ion channels. The protein-calcium complex binds target proteins to regulate several cellular processes, including smooth muscle contraction, inflammation, apoptosis and the immune response. Mutations in the human gene are associated with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia and long QT syndrome 14.
Cand1-KO NM-KO-190252 Cand1 Immune-related
Capn1-KO NM-KO-191158 Capn1
Capn3-KO NM-KO-191159 Capn3 Mutations in this gene are associated with limb-girdle muscular dystrophies type 2A.
Capn6-KO NM-KO-191160 Capn6 Calpains have been implicated in neurodegenerative processes
Car2-KO NM-KO-190006 Car2 Immune-related
Carm1-CKO NM-CKO-190015 Carm1 Epigenetic
Cars-KO NM-KO-190253 Cars Immune-related
Cartpt-KO NM-KO-190647 Cartpt obesity
R26-(CAG-LSL-Cas13d-IRES-tdTomato) NM-KI-190063 Cas13d RNA editing,Cas13d
R26-(Cas9) NM-KI-00120 Cas9 gene editing, gene modification
R26-(CAG-LNL-Cas9-IRES-Luciferase-pA)1 NM-KI-18002 Cas9 Cas9,gene editing
R26-(Cas9) NM-KI-00038 Cas9 gene editing, gene modification
Casp1-KO NM-KO-190443 Casp1 Inflammation and cell death
Casp4-KO NM-KO-190763 Casp4 Apoptosis, Alzheimer's Disease related
Casp4-CKO NM-CKO-190061 Casp4 cell pyroptosis, cell apoptosis
Casp7-KO NM-KO-190929 Casp7 Apoptosis, immunity, cancer
Casp8-KO NM-KO-190440 Casp8 cancer research,Apoptosis
Casp8-CKO NM-CKO-190003 Casp8 cancer research,Apoptosis
Cav1-KO NM-KO-190930 Cav1 Tumor suppression, vascular system, fibrosis, Berardinelli-Seip congenital lipodystrophy
Cbl-KO NM-KO-190007 Cbl Immune-related
Cblb-KO NM-KO-190008 Cblb Immune-related
Cblif-KO NM-KO-190089 Cblif Immune-related
Cbx7-CKO NM-CKO-00114 Cbx7
Ccdc103-KO NM-KO-191135 Ccdc103 Primary ciliary dyskinesia
Ccdc3-CKO NM-CKO-00082 Ccdc3 mortality/aging,nervous system
Ccdc42-KO NM-KO-190764 Ccdc42
Cckbr-KO NM-KO-190609 Cckbr This gene encodes a G-protein coupled receptor for gastrin and cholecystokinin (CCK), regulatory peptides of the brain and gastrointestinal tract. This protein is a type B gastrin receptor, which has a high affinity for both sulfated and nonsulfated CCK analogs and is found principally in the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. A misspliced transcript variant including an intron has been observed in cells from colorectal and pancreatic tumors.
Ccl1-KO NM-KO-190009 Ccl1 Immune-related
Ccl11-KO NM-KO-191181 Ccl11 This eosinophil-specific chemokine is thought to be involved in eosinophilic inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma and parasitic infections.
Ccl11-KO NM-KO-190519 Ccl11 Involved in immunoregulatory and inflammatory processes.This eosinophil-specific chemokine is thought to be involved in eosinophilic inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma and parasitic infections.
Ccl12-KO NM-KO-190765 Ccl12 may contribute to tumor-associated leukocyte infiltration and to the antiviral state against HIV infection.
Ccl17-KO NM-KO-190010 Ccl17 Immune-related
Ccl19-KO NM-KO-190011 Ccl19 Immune-related
Ccl20-KO NM-KO-190012 Ccl20 Immune-related
Ccl22-KO NM-KO-190013 Ccl22 Immune-related
Ccl24-KO NM-KO-190520 Ccl24 This gene belongs to the subfamily of small cytokine CC genes.Cytokines are a family of secreted proteins involved in immunoregulatory and inflammatory processes.
Ccl25-KO NM-KO-190015 Ccl25 Immune-related
Ccl28-KO NM-KO-00166 Ccl28
Ccl3-KO NM-KO-190014 Ccl3 Immune-related
Ccl4-KO NM-KO-190016 Ccl4 Immune-related
Ccl5-KO NM-KO-190017 Ccl5 Immune-related
Ccl7-KO NM-KO-190766 Ccl7 This gene encodes monocyte chemotactic protein 3, a secreted chemokine which attracts macrophages during inflammation and metastasis.
Ccl8-KO NM-KO-191182 Ccl8 may contribute to tumor-associated leukocyte infiltration and to the antiviral state against HIV infection.
Ccl8-KO NM-KO-190521 Ccl8 Chemokines
Ccnd1-KO NM-KO-190767 Ccnd1 Mutations, amplification and overexpression of this gene, which alters cell cycle progression, are observed frequently in a variety of tumors and may contribute to tumorigenesis.
Ccnd3-KO NM-KO-190726 Ccnd3 cell cycle related
Ccne1-KO NM-KO-190931 Ccne1 Cell cycle, tumor
Ccne2-KO NM-KO-190932 Ccne2 Cell cycle, tumor, male fertility
Ccng2-KO NM-KO-191082 Ccng2 Cell cycle; cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer
Ccny-CKO NM-CKO-00071 Ccny
CCR1-HU NM-HU-190067 Ccr1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ccr1-KO NM-KO-190768 Ccr1 Knockout studies of the mouse homolog suggested the roles of this gene in host protection from inflammatory response, and susceptibility to virus and parasite.
Ccr10-KO NM-KO-190019 Ccr10 Immune-related
Ccr2-KO NM-KO-190018 Ccr2 Immune-related
CCR2-HU NM-HU-18026 Ccr2 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Ccr3-KO NM-KO-190020 Ccr3 Immune-related
Ccr4-KO NM-KO-191195 Ccr4 Immune-related
CCR4-HU NM-HU-190054 Ccr4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ccr5-KO NM-KO-190021 Ccr5 Immune-related
Ccr6-KO NM-KO-190022 Ccr6 Immune-related
Ccr7-KO NM-KO-190023 Ccr7 Immune-related
Ccr8-KO NM-KO-190024 Ccr8 Immune-related
Ccr9-KO NM-KO-190025 Ccr9 Immune-related
Cct4-KO NM-KO-190254 Cct4 Immune-related
Cd14-KO NM-KO-190026 Cd14 Immune-related
CD160-HU NM-HU-190057 Cd160 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd163-KO NM-KO-190027 Cd163 Immune-related
Cd19-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190042 Cd19 DTR mouse
CD19&CD3E-HU NM-HU-190027 Cd19,Cd3e Immune-related
CD19-KO NM-KO-18001 Cd19
CD19-HU NM-HU-00110 Cd19 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd1d1-KO NM-KO-190769 Cd1d1 This gene encodes a divergent member of the CD1 family of transmembrane glycoproteins, which are structurally related to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins and form heterodimers with beta-2-microglobulin.
Cd1d2-KO NM-KO-190770 Cd1d2 This gene encodes a divergent member of the CD1 family of transmembrane glycoproteins, which are structurally related to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins and form heterodimers with beta-2-microglobulin.
Cd2-KO NM-KO-191183 Cd2 The protein encoded by this gene is a surface antigen found on all peripheral blood T-cells. The encoded protein interacts with LFA3 (CD58) on antigen presenting cells to optimize immune recognition.
Cd2-KO NM-KO-190028 Cd2 Immune-related
Cd2-(2A-CreERT2-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18017 Cd2 Cre recombinase tool
Cd200-KO NM-KO-190029 Cd200 Immune-related
Cd207-KO NM-KO-190030 Cd207 Immune-related
Cd209a-KO NM-KO-190255 Cd209a Immune-related
Cd244a-KO NM-KO-190032 Cd244a Immune-related
Cd24a-KO NM-KO-190031 Cd24a Immune-related
CD27-HU NM-HU-190035 Cd27 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd27-KO NM-KO-190033 Cd27 Immune-related
PD-L1-HU NM-HU-190039 Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&SEMA4D-HU NM-HU-190034 Cd274,Sema4d Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&GITR-HU NM-HU-190015 Cd274,Tnfrsf18 Immune-related
PD-L1&CD40-HU NM-HU-18024 Cd274,Cd40 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd274-KO NM-KO-18044 Cd274 inflammatory,immune system
PD-L1&LAG3-HU NM-HU-00137 Cd274,Lag3 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&TIGIT-HU NM-HU-18013 Cd274,Tigit Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&OX40-HU NM-HU-00111 Cd274,Tnfrsf4 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
PD-L1-HU NM-HU-00062 Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&TIM3-HU NM-HU-190056 Cd274, Havcr2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd276-KO NM-KO-18039 Cd276 inflammation, autoimmunity
Cd28-KO NM-KO-191199 Cd28 Immune-related
CD28-HU NM-HU-190011 Cd28 Immune-related
Cd28-KO NM-KO-190034 Cd28 Immune-related
Cd34-KO NM-KO-190035 Cd34 Immune-related
Cd36-KO NM-KO-190771 Cd36 this protein may have important functions as a cell adhesion molecule,Mutations in this gene cause platelet glycoprotein deficiency.
CD36-HU NM-HU-00112 Cd36 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CD38-HU NM-HU-190059 Cd38 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd38-KO NM-KO-190036 Cd38 Immune-related
Cd3d-KO NM-KO-190719 Cd3d Immune related
Cd3e-KO NM-KO-190727 Cd3e Immune related
CD3E-HU NM-HU-00114 Cd3e Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd3g-KO NM-KO-190720 Cd3g Immune related
Cd4-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190121 Cd4 DTR mouse
Cd4-KO NM-KO-190441 Cd4 immune system, immunodeficiency
Cd4-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190030 Cd4 Dre recombinase tool
Cd4-KO NM-KO-18023 Cd4 immune system, immunodeficiency
CD4-HU NM-HU-00115 Cd4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd40-KO NM-KO-190038 Cd40 Immune-related
CD40-HU NM-HU-00076 Cd40 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd40lg-KO NM-KO-190540 Cd40lg TNF Receptor Superfamily Members,Allergy and Asthma
Cd44-KO NM-KO-190039 Cd44 Immune-related
R26-(SA-CD46-IRES-tdTomato) NM-KI-190087 CD46 Immune-related
Cd46-KO NM-KO-190040 Cd46 Immune-related
Cd47-KO NM-KO-190041 Cd47 Immune-related
CD47-HU NM-HU-00050 Cd47 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd48-KO NM-KO-190734 Cd48 Immune related
Cd5-KO NM-KO-190042 Cd5 Immune-related
Cd5l-KO NM-KO-191204 Cd5l Immune-related
Cd6-KO NM-KO-190043 Cd6 Immune-related
Cd63-KO NM-KO-190044 Cd63 Immune-related
Cd68-KO NM-KO-190045 Cd68 Immune-related
Cd69-KO NM-KO-190046 Cd69 Immune-related
Cd7-KO NM-KO-190047 Cd7 Immune-related
Cd70-KO NM-KO-190048 Cd70 Immune-related
Cd74-KO NM-KO-190772 Cd74 The protein encoded by this gene associates with class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and is an important chaperone that regulates antigen presentation for immune response.
Cd79a-KO NM-KO-191179 Cd79a Immune related
Cd79a-KO NM-KO-190049 Cd79a Immune-related
Cd80-KO NM-KO-190184 Cd80 Immune-related
CD80-HU NM-HU-00074 Cd80 cancer research,immune system
Cd81-KO NM-KO-190733 Cd81 Immune related
CD81-HU NM-HU-190041 Cd81 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd83-KO NM-KO-190051 Cd83 Immune-related
Cd86-KO NM-KO-18041 Cd86 immune system
CD86-HU NM-HU-00045 Cd86 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd8a-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190045 Cd8a DTR mouse
Cd8a-KO NM-KO-190181 Cd8a Immune-related
Cd8a-(V5-IRES-luci-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-18030 Cd8a gene tracing
Cd8b1-KO NM-KO-190183 Cd8b1 Immune-related
Cd9-KO NM-KO-191125 Cd9 Cancer, reproductive system, female infertility
Cdc27-KO NM-KO-190933 Cdc27 Cell cycle, mitosis
Cdh1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190031 Cdh1 Dre recombinase tool
Cdh1-CKO NM-CKO-18016 Cdh1
Cdh8-KO NM-KO-190934 Cdh8 Nervous system, CNS synaptic transmission
Cdk12-CKO NM-CKO-190059 Cdk12 Cancer
Cdk2-KO NM-KO-190052 Cdk2 Immune-related
Cdk4-KO NM-KO-190614 Cdk4 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the Ser/Thr protein kinase family.It is a catalytic subunit of the protein kinase complex that is important for cell cycle G1 phase progression. The activity of this kinase is restricted to the G1-S phase, which is controlled by the regulatory subunits D-type cyclins and CDK inhibitor p16(INK4a). This kinase was shown to be responsible for the phosphorylation of retinoblastoma gene product (Rb).
Cdk5r1-KO NM-KO-190256 Cdk5r1 Immune-related
Cdk5rap2-CKO NM-CKO-00055 Cdk5rap2 Hertwig's anemia.
Cdk9-KO NM-KO-190053 Cdk9 Immune-related
Cdkl1-KO NM-KO-190773 Cdkl1 Cell Cycle
Cdkn1a-KO NM-KO-190774 Cdkn1a Mice that lack this gene have the ability to regenerate damaged or missing tissue.
Cdkn2a-KO NM-KO-190633 Cdkn2a cancer
Cdkn2a-(Luc-tdTomato-CreERT2) NM-KI-18039 Cdkn2a
Cdkn2b-KO NM-KO-190621 Cdkn2b This gene lies adjacent to the tumor suppressor gene CDKN2A in a region that is frequently mutated and deleted in a wide variety of tumors. This gene encodes a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, which forms a complex with CDK4 or CDK6, and prevents the activation of the CDK kinases, thus the encoded protein functions as a cell growth regulator that controls cell cycle G1 progression.
Cdkn3-KO NM-KO-190622 Cdkn3 The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the dual specificity protein phosphatase family. It was identified as a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, and has been shown to interact with, and dephosphorylate CDK2 kinase, thus prevent the activation of CDK2 kinase. This gene was reported to be deleted, mutated, or overexpressed in several kinds of cancers. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.
Ceacam1-KO NM-KO-190054 Ceacam1 Immune-related
CEACAM1-HU NM-HU-00116 Ceacam1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cela1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190094 Cela1 Dre recombinase tool, pancreatic acinar cells
Cenpx-KO NM-KO-191189 Cenpx Epigenetic
Cenpx-CKO NM-CKO-190056 Cenpx Epigenetic
Cers2-CKO NM-CKO-00052 Cers2
Cfhr1-KO NM-KO-190775 Cfhr1 Mutations in this gene are associated with an increased risk of atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome.
Cgn-KO NM-KO-190055 Cgn Immune-related
Chd3-CKO NM-CKO-00037 Chd3
Chek1-KO NM-KO-190561 Chek1 cancer research
Chgb-KO NM-KO-190935 Chgb Adrenal chromaffin cell function, catecholamine secretion, Parkinson's disease
Chia1-KO NM-KO-190776 Chia1 The variations in this gene can lead to asthma susceptibility.
Chid1-KO NM-KO-00029 Chid1 immune system,metabolism
Chil1-KO NM-KO-190777 Chil1  The protein is thought to play a role in the process of inflammation and tissue remodeling.
Chrm1-KO NM-KO-191175 Chrm1 The muscarinic cholinergic receptor 1 is involved in mediation of vagally-induced bronchoconstriction and in the acid secretion of the gastrointestinal tract.
Chrm4-KO NM-KO-191176 Chrm4 G protein-coupled receptors
Chrm5-KO NM-KO-191177 Chrm5 G protein-coupled receptors,mouse studies link its function to adenylyl cyclase inhibition.
Chrna4-KO NM-KO-190567 Chrna4 Mutations in this gene cause nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy type 1.
Chrna5-KO NM-KO-190568 Chrna5 Defects in this gene have been linked to susceptibility to lung cancer type 2 (LNCR2).
Chrna6-KO NM-KO-190569 Chrna6 Single nucleotide polymorphisms in this gene have been associated with both nicotine and alcohol dependence.
Chrna7-Fan1-KO NM-KO-18062 Chrna7,Fan1
Chrnb1-KO NM-KO-190936 Chrnb1 Nervous system, slow channel congenital muscle weakness syndrome
Chsy1-KO NM-KO-190704 Chsy1 Involved in many biological processes including cell proliferation and morphogenesis.
Ciita-KO NM-KO-191207 Ciita Immune-related
Ciita-KO NM-KO-190056 Ciita Immune-related
Cirbp-KO NM-KO-190257 Cirbp Immune-related
Clca3a1-KO NM-KO-190778 Clca3a1
Clca3a2-KO NM-KO-190779 Clca3a2
Clca3b-KO NM-KO-190780 Clca3b
Clec10a-KO NM-KO-190221 Clec10a Immune-related
Clec12a-KO NM-KO-190222 Clec12a Immune-related
Clec12b-KO NM-KO-190223 Clec12b Immune-related
Clec18a-CKO NM-CKO-00006 Clec18a
Clec1b-KO NM-KO-190229 Clec1b Immune-related
Clec3b-KO NM-KO-00169 Clec3b
Clec4a2-KO NM-KO-190214 Clec4a2 Immune-related
Clec4b2-KO NM-KO-190781 Clec4b2 cell adhesion, cell-cell signalling, glycoprotein turnover, and roles in inflammation and immune response
Clec4e-KO NM-KO-190215 Clec4e Immune-related
Clec4n-KO NM-KO-190217 Clec4n Immune-related
Clec5a-KO NM-KO-190205 Clec5a Immune-related
Clec7a-KO NM-KO-190219 Clec7a Immune-related
Clec9a-KO NM-KO-190204 Clec9a Immune-related
Clic1-KO NM-KO-190937 Clic1 Platelet, coagulation
Clic4-KO NM-KO-190938 Clic4 Female fertility, immune system, angiogenesis
Clic5-KO NM-KO-190939 Clic5 Ciliated cell lesions, cataracts, glomerular defects, fat and energy metabolism
Clta-KO NM-KO-190057 Clta Immune-related
Cltc-KO NM-KO-190940 Cltc Intracellular transport and endocytosis
Clu-KO NM-KO-190782 Clu Tumor progression,neurodegenerative disorders
Cma1-KO NM-KO-190783 Cma1 Hematopoietic, immune
CMV-GFP NM-TG-00006 CMV-GFP Reporter mice,EGFP
Cnga1-KO NM-KO-190941 Cnga1 Phototransduction, autosomal recessive inheritance (ARRP) disease of retinitis pigmentosa
Cnga3-KO NM-KO-190942 Cnga3 Visual, cones, color blindness (rod monochromatic) and color blindness, smell
Cnga4-KO NM-KO-190943 Cnga4 Olfactory, odor adaptation
Cngb3-KO NM-KO-190944 Cngb3 Vision, cones, color blindness 3, progressive cone dystrophy and juvenile macular degeneration (also known as Stargardt disease)
Cnr1-KO NM-KO-190945 Cnr1 Nervous system, behavior, depression, epilepsy
Col10a1-KO NM-KO-190258 Col10a1 Immune-related
Col2a1-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-18029 Col2a1 Cre recombinase tool
Commd4-KO NM-KO-191136 Commd4
Cop1-KO NM-KO-190058 Cop1 Immune-related
Cort-KO NM-KO-190059 Cort Immune-related
Cpa3-KO NM-KO-190784 Cpa3 Hematopoietic, immune
Cpd-KO NM-KO-190670 Cpd Wnt signaling pathway
Cpe-KO NM-KO-190671 Cpe type 2 diabetes
Cpm-KO NM-KO-190060 Cpm Immune-related
Cpt1a-CKO NM-CKO-00056 Cpt1a Circadian Clock,Fatty acid metabolism,Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase IA Deficiency
Cptp-KO NM-KO-190061 Cptp Immune-related
Cr2-KO NM-KO-190185 Cr2 Immune-related
Crabp1-M2rtTA NM-KI-190118 Crabp1 Tool Mice
Crb1-KO NM-KO-190946 Crb1 Visual, retinopathy, photoreceptor cell development
Creb1-KO NM-KO-190947 Creb1 Nervous system, circadian rhythm, long-term memory, fear, sensory neurons, etc.
Crebbp-CKO NM-CKO-190016 Crebbp Epigenetic
Crem-KO NM-KO-190062 Crem Immune-related
Crlf2-KO NM-KO-190785 Crlf2 Hematopoietic, immune
CSF1-HU NM-HU-190043 Csf1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Csf1-KO NM-KO-190063 Csf1 Immune-related
CSF1R-HU NM-HU-190074 Csf1r Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Csf1r-KO NM-KO-190786 Csf1r Hodgkin lymphoma
Csf1r-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-190026 Csf1r Cre recombinase tool
Csf2-KO NM-KO-190532 Csf2 Growth Factors,NF-KB pathway,Allergy and Asthma,
CSF2-HU NM-HU-190046 Csf2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Csf2rb-KO NM-KO-190787 Csf2rb Respiratory system
Csf3-KO NM-KO-190533 Csf3 Growth Factors,NF-KB pathway,Allergy and Asthma,
CSF3-HU NM-HU-190006 Csf3 Immune-related
Csf3r-KO NM-KO-190788 Csf3r Congenital neutropenia
Csnk1e-KO NM-KO-190948 Csnk1e Nervous system, circadian rhythm
Cspg4-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190038 Cspg4 Dre recombinase tool
Ctcfl-KO NM-KO-190259 Ctcfl Immune-related
Ctf1-KO NM-KO-190546 Ctf1
Cth-(Luc) NM-KI-00004 Cth homeostasis,liver,renal function related research and Cystathioninuria study
CTLA4-HU NM-HU-190078 CTLA4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CTLA4-HU NM-HU-190038 Ctla4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CTLA4-HU NM-HU-00014 Ctla4 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening;
PD-L1&CTLA4-HU NM-HU-00102 Ctla4,Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ctnnb1-KO NM-KO-190634 Ctnnb1 colorectal cancer (CRC), pilomatrixoma (PTR), medulloblastoma (MDB), and ovarian cancer
Ctsc-KO NM-KO-190789 Ctsc Papillon-Lefevre syndrome
Ctsk-(2A-Cre) NM-KI-190019 Ctsk Cre recombinase tool
Cul2-KO NM-KO-190949 Cul2
Cx3cl1-KO NM-KO-190064 Cx3cl1 Immune-related
Cx3cr1-KO NM-KO-190065 Cx3cr1 Immune-related
Cxcl10-KO NM-KO-190066 Cxcl10 Immune-related
Cxcl11-KO NM-KO-190522 Cxcl11 Chemokines
Cxcl12-KO NM-KO-190523 Cxcl12 Cytokines, embryogenesis, immune surveillance, inflammation response, tissue homeostasis, and tumor growth and metastasis.
Cxcl13-KO NM-KO-190067 Cxcl13 Immune-related
Cxcl16-KO NM-KO-190524 Cxcl16 Chemokines
Cxcl5-KO NM-KO-190525 Cxcl5 Chemokines, lung inflammation
Cxcl9-KO NM-KO-190069 Cxcl9 Immune-related
Cxcr1-KO NM-KO-190068 Cxcr1 Immune-related
Cxcr2-KO NM-KO-190070 Cxcr2 Immune-related
CXCR2-HU NM-HU-18025 Cxcr2 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Cxcr3-KO NM-KO-190071 Cxcr3 Immune-related
Cxcr4-KO NM-KO-190072 Cxcr4 Immune-related
Cxcr5-KO NM-KO-191180 Cxcr5 Immune related
Cxcr5-KO NM-KO-190073 Cxcr5 Immune-related
Cyba-KO NM-KO-191171 Cyba Mutations in this gene are associated with autosomal recessive chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)
Cybb-KO NM-KO-18031 Cybb CGD, inflammatory
Cyp1a1-Cyp1a2-KO NM-KO-18018 Cyp1a1,Cyp1a2
Cyp2c cluster-KO NM-KO-18019 Cyp2c cluster drug development
R26-(Liver-CYP3A4) NM-KI-18032 CYP3A4 metabolism
R26-(Gut-CYP3A4) NM-KI-18033 CYP3A4 metabolism
Cyp3a-KO NM-KO-190427 Cyp3a57
Cyp3a-KO NM-KO-18056 Cyp3a57
Cysltr1-KO NM-KO-190790 Cysltr1 Asthma,cancer
R26-(CAG-LSL-Avi-dCas9-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-18031 dCas9
R26-(CAG-LSL-dCas9-VPR-IRES-EGFP-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18004 dCas9 gene regulation tool,CRISPRa
R26-e(CAG-LSL-KRAB-dCas9-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-18007 dCas9 CRISPRi,gene regulation tool
CAG-LSL-dCas9-SPH NM-TG-00025 dCas9 gene regulation tool,CRISPRa
Col1a1-(TRE3G-dCas9-VPR-eGFP-pA) NM-KI-00123 dCas9 gene regulation tool,CRISPRa
Dct-KO NM-KO-190074 Dct Immune-related
R26-(ddCas9) NM-KI-00063 ddCas9 gene editing, gene modification
H11-(ddCre) NM-KI-00086 ddCre
Ddit4-KO NM-KO-191072 Ddit4 Vision, retina; disc degeneration (IDD); cancer
Ddit4l-KO NM-KO-191105 Ddit4l Autophagy, nervous system, muscle energy metabolism
Ddx58-KO NM-KO-18063 Ddx58
Defb1-KO NM-KO-191137 Defb1 Defensin, cystic fibrosis, immune system
Dennd3-KO NM-KO-190260 Dennd3 Immune-related
Dennd4a-KO NM-KO-191138 Dennd4a may be involved in regulating the v-myc avian myelocytomatosis viral (MYC) oncogene.
Deptor-KO NM-KO-191106 Deptor Metabolism, cancer, immunity
Des-KO NM-KO-190261 Des Immune-related
Dexi-KO NM-KO-190262 Dexi Immune-related
Dgcr2-Hira-KO NM-KO-18060 Dgcr2,Hira behavior, cardiovascular, mortality/aging, nervous system
Dgka-KO NM-KO-190714 Dgka Immune related, T cell development related.
Dgkz-KO NM-KO-190715 Dgkz They may be useful for studying the role of diacylglycerol in T cell development and function.
Dhodh-KO NM-KO-190263 Dhodh Immune-related
Dhtkd1-(Y485X) NM-KI-00005 Dhtkd1
Diaph2-KO NM-KO-190950 Diaph2 Heart development, brain development
Dkk3-KO NM-KO-190674 Dkk3 Cancer-related genes
Dlg4-KO NM-KO-190951 Dlg4 Nervous system, pain, space learning, depression
Dmd-(c.C2983T) NM-KI-18026 Dmd
Dnmt1-CKO NM-CKO-190046 Dnmt1 Epigenetic
Dnmt3a-CKO NM-CKO-190047 Dnmt3a Epigenetic
Dnmt3b-CKO NM-CKO-190017 Dnmt3b Epigenetic
Dnmt3l-CKO NM-CKO-190018 Dnmt3l Epigenetic
Dock6-KO NM-KO-190264 Dock6 Immune-related
Dpp4-KO NM-KO-190791 Dpp4 Endocrine
DPP4-HU NM-HU-190042 Dpp4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Dpp8-CKO NM-CKO-00047 Dpp8
Dppa3-(Cre) NM-KI-00040 Dppa3 Cre recombinase tool
Dpysl4-KO NM-KO-191139 Dpysl4
Dr1-KO NM-KO-190075 Dr1 Immune-related
Drd1-(2A-CreERT2-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18016 Drd1 Cre recombinase tool
Drd2-KO NM-KO-190265 Drd2 Immune-related
Drd3-KO NM-KO-190952 Drd3 Nervous system,hereditary primary tremor 1
CAG-Dre NM-TG-00026 Dre Dre recombinase tool
R26-(CAG-LSL-RSR-tdTomato-2A-DTR) NM-KI-190086 DTR Dre and Dre reporter
Dtx1-KO NM-KO-190077 Dtx1 Immune-related
R26-(Dusp12) NM-KI-18038 Dusp12
Dusp12-KO NM-KO-18054 Dusp12
Dusp4-KO NM-KO-190792 Dusp4 hematopoietic, immune
Dvl1-KO NM-KO-190675 Dvl1 Cancer-related genes
Dyrk4-KO NM-KO-190266 Dyrk4 Immune-related
E2f1-KO NM-KO-190623 E2f1 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the E2F family of transcription factors. The E2F family plays a crucial role in the control of cell cycle and action of tumor suppressor proteins and is also a target of the transforming proteins of small DNA tumor viruses. This protein binds preferentially to retinoblastoma protein pRB in a cell-cycle dependent manner. It can mediate both cell proliferation and p53-dependent/independent apoptosis.
E330021D16Rik-KO NM-KO-190267 E330021D16Rik Immune-related
Eapp-KO NM-KO-190560 Eapp Transcription and proliferation.
Ebf1-CKO NM-CKO-00065 Ebf1 not clear
Ebi3-KO NM-KO-190076 Ebi3 Immune-related
Eda2r-KO NM-KO-191162 Eda2r The protein encoded by this gene is a type III transmembrane protein of the TNFR (tumor necrosis factor receptor) superfamily
Edc4-KO NM-KO-191130 Edc4 Pro-mRNA degradation
Eed-CKO NM-CKO-190019 Eed Epigenetic
Egf-KO NM-KO-190630 Egf certain cancers
H11-(EGFP) NM-KI-00066 EGFP gene tracing,Reporter mice, EGFP
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR(T790M) -IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190070 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR-IRES-luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190066 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR (L858R-T790M-C797S)-IRES-luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190067 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR (L858R-T790M)-IRES-luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190068 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR(L858R)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190069 EGFR cancer research
Egfr-KO NM-KO-190268 Egfr Immune-related
Egfr-CKO NM-CKO-00133 Egfr cancer research, EGFR fuction study
Egln2-KO NM-KO-191064 Egln2 Hypoxia-inducible factor-related protein, tumor, breast cancer
Ehd4-KO NM-KO-190269 Ehd4 Immune-related
Ehmt1-CKO NM-CKO-190020 Ehmt1 Epigenetic
Ehmt2-CKO NM-CKO-190048 Ehmt2 Epigenetic
Eif4b-KO NM-KO-191114 Eif4b cancer
Eif4e-KO NM-KO-191115 Eif4e Tumor, proto-oncogene
Eif4ebp1-KO NM-KO-191088 Eif4ebp1 Tumor development, tumor hypoxia; metabolism
Eif4ebp2-KO NM-KO-191121 Eif4ebp2 Cell proliferation and differentiation, viral infection, nervous system, synaptic transmission, autism, muscle homeostasis
Eif5b-KO NM-KO-191140 Eif5b
Elf1-KO NM-KO-190270 Elf1 Immune-related
Elk1-KO NM-KO-190615 Elk1 This gene is a member of the Ets family of transcription factors and of the ternary complex factor (TCF) subfamily. Proteins of the TCF subfamily form a ternary complex by binding to the the serum response factor and the serum response element in the promoter of the c-fos proto-oncogene.
Elmo1-KO NM-KO-190953 Elmo1 Male germ cells support cell phagocytosis
Eloa-CKO NM-CKO-190070 Eloa
Emc10-CKO NM-CKO-00084 Emc10 cancer,nervous system
Emid1-KO NM-KO-190558 Emid1
Eml1-KO NM-KO-190793 Eml1 Usher syndrome
R26-(CAG-LSL-EML4-ALK-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190072 EML4-ALK cancer research
ENPP1-HU NM-HU-190063 Enpp1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Enpp6-KO NM-KO-00020 Enpp6 Ether lipid metabolism
Entpd1-KO NM-KO-190078 Entpd1 Immune-related
Ep300-CKO NM-CKO-190021 Ep300 Epigenetic
Epcam-(CreERT2) NM-KI-00084 Epcam
Epha1-KO NM-KO-191127 Epha1 Nervous system, cancer
Ephb2-KO NM-KO-190271 Ephb2 Immune-related
Ephx2-KO NM-KO-190954 Ephx2 Endocrine and metabolic systems, blood pressure, arachidonic acid metabolism
Epx-KO NM-KO-190794 Epx Eosinophil peroxidase deficiency
Epx-(iCre) NM-KI-190104 Epx Cre recombinase tool
R26-(CAG-LSL-ERBB2(exon20 insertion)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190071 ERBB2 cancer research
Ern1-CKO NM-CKO-00077 Ern1
Ero1l-KO NM-KO-191073 Ero1l Endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis, cell response to hypoxia
Esr1-KO NM-KO-190631 Esr1 breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and osteoporosis
Esrra-CKO NM-CKO-00039 Esrra Metabolism,Metabolism of lipids and lipoproteins,Mitochondrial biogenesis
Ets1-KO NM-KO-190795 Ets1 Hematopoietic, immune
Exoc6b-CKO NM-CKO-00138 Exoc6b
R26-(CAG-LSL-EZH2(Y646N)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190073 EZH2 cancer research
Ezh2-CKO NM-CKO-190022 Ezh2 Epigenetic
F8-KO NM-KO-191184 F8
F8-KO NM-KO-00012 F8 Hemophilia A;HEMA
F9-KO NM-KO-18046 F9 factor IX (F9) function and gene therapy
Faap100-KO NM-KO-190272 Faap100 Immune-related
Faf1-KO NM-KO-191163 Faf1 Interaction of Fas ligand (TNFSF6) with the FAS antigen (TNFRSF6) mediates programmed cell death, also called apoptosis, in a number of organ systems.
Fah-KO NM-KO-191202 Fah Tyrosinemia type I research
Fam162a-KO NM-KO-191090 Fam162a Apoptosis, tumor
Fam19a2-KO NM-KO-00045 Fam19a2
Fam220a-KO NM-KO-190273 Fam220a Immune-related
Fap-KO NM-KO-190079 Fap Immune-related
Fas-KO NM-KO-191206 Fas Immune-related
Fas-KO NM-KO-190080 Fas Immune-related
Fasl-KO NM-KO-190541 Fasl Cancer related;systemic lupus erythematosus related
Fat2-KO NM-KO-190955 Fat2 Cell adhesion molecule, cell proliferation, cerebellar development
Fat3-KO NM-KO-190956 Fat3 Visual, nervous system
Fau-CKO NM-CKO-00048 Fau
Fbln5-KO NM-KO-190274 Fbln5 Immune-related
Fbln7-CKO NM-CKO-00120 Fbln7
Fbp1-KO NM-KO-190796 Fbp1 Hypoglycemia and metabolic acidosis
Fbxl16-KO NM-KO-190797 Fbxl16 Mouse Aging
Fbxo9-KO NM-KO-190957 Fbxo9
Fbxw11-KO NM-KO-190696 Fbxw11 phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination
Fcer1a-KO NM-KO-190798 Fcer1a allergic response
Fcer1g-KO NM-KO-190187 Fcer1g Immune-related
Fcer2a-KO NM-KO-190799 Fcer2a immune related
Fcgr1-KO NM-KO-18033 Fcgr1 immunodeficiency, immune system
Fcgr2b/Fcgr3/Fcgr4-KO NM-KO-18037 Fcgr2b,Fcgr3,Fcgr4 inflammation,autoimmunity
Fcgr2b-KO NM-KO-00130 Fcgr2b immune system
Fcgr3-KO NM-KO-190562 Fcgr3 Immune-related
Fcgr3-KO NM-KO-190189 Fcgr3 Immune-related
FcRn-HU NM-HU-190070 Fcgrt Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
FcRn-HU NM-HU-00109 Fcgrt cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
R26-(hFcRn) NM-KI-00081 FCGRT cancer research;Immunotherapy,drug screening
Fcgrt-KO NM-KO-00133 Fcgrt Immunotherapy,drug screening
Fcrl5-KO NM-KO-190081 Fcrl5 Immune-related
Fem1b-KO NM-KO-191164 Fem1b mediating apoptosis
R26-Fen1 NM-KI-00126 Fen1
Fgf12-KO NM-KO-190958 Fgf12 Fibroblast growth factor, VSMC lineage differentiation
Fgf21-KO NM-KO-190275 Fgf21 Immune-related
Fgf21-CKO NM-CKO-00136 Fgf21
Fgf4-KO NM-KO-190701 Fgf4 Cancer-related genes
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2(S320C)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190079 FGFR2 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2(K659N)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190078 FGFR2 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2(W290C)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190080 FGFR2 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR3(K562E)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190081 FGFR3 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR3(S249C)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190082 FGFR3 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR3-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190083 FGFR3 cancer research
Fhit-KO NM-KO-190624 Fhit The protein encoded by this gene is a P1-P3-bis(5'-adenosyl) triphosphate hydrolase involved in purine metabolism.  In fact, aberrant transcripts from this gene have been found in about half of all esophageal, stomach, and colon carcinomas. The encoded protein is also a tumor suppressor, as loss of its activity results in replication stress and DNA damage.
Fjx1-KO NM-KO-190959 Fjx1 Nervous system, hippocampal neuron dendritic complexity
Fkbp5-KO NM-KO-190276 Fkbp5 Immune-related
Flt3-DreERT2 NM-KI-190115 Flt3 Tool Mice
Flt3-KO NM-KO-190082 Flt3 Immune-related
Fmod-KO NM-KO-190277 Fmod Immune-related
Fndc5-KO NM-KO-190278 Fndc5 Immune-related
Fos-(2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190048 Fos fluorescent reporter mice
Fos-(2A-Venus-luci) NM-KI-190049 Fos fluorescent reporter mice
Fos-KO NM-KO-190083 Fos Immune-related
Fos-(Venus-Luci) NM-KI-18044 Fos
Foxl1-CreERT2 NM-KI-00135 Foxl1
Foxn1-KO(M-NSG) NM-KO-190422 Foxn1 Immune-related,immunodeficiency,immune system,transplantation research
Foxn1-KO NM-KO-00052 Foxn1 immune system
Foxo3-KO NM-KO-190084 Foxo3 Immune-related
Foxp3-(IRES-tdTomato-2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-190120 Foxp3 Cre tool mouse
Foxp3-(tdTomato-2A-iCre) NM-KI-190119 Foxp3 Tool Mice
Foxp3-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190046 Foxp3 DTR mouse
Foxp3-(V5-Avi tag-IRES-luci-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-18034 Foxp3 gene tracing
Frat1-KO NM-KO-190676 Frat1 Cancer-related genes
Frzb-KO NM-KO-190697 Frzb Female-specific osteoarthritis (OA) related
Fst-KO NM-KO-190279 Fst Immune-related
Fto-CKO NM-CKO-190005 Fto Epigenetic
R26-(CAG-LSL-3xFLAG-Fto-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190055 Fto mRNA methylation
Fzd1-KO NM-KO-190677 Fzd1
Fzd4-KO NM-KO-190678 Fzd4 positive regulator of the Wingless type MMTV integration site signaling pathway
Fzd6-KO NM-KO-190679 Fzd6 Cancer-related genes
Fzd7-KO NM-KO-190680 Fzd7 Cancer-related genes
Fzd8-KO NM-KO-190681 Fzd8 Cancer-related genes
Fzd9-KO NM-KO-190682 Fzd9 Williams syndrome related
G6pd2-KO NM-KO-190800 G6pd2
Gaa-KO NM-KO-190085 Gaa Immune-related
Gabbr2-KO NM-KO-190960 Gabbr2 Nervous system, thermal or mechanical stimulation of epilepsy, pain, anxiety and depression
Gabra1-KO NM-KO-190570 Gabra1 Epilepsy research related
Gabra2-KO NM-KO-190571 Gabra2
Gabra4-KO NM-KO-190572 Gabra4 Autism research related
Gabra5-KO NM-KO-190573 Gabra5
Gabra6-KO NM-KO-190574 Gabra6
Gabrb1-KO NM-KO-190575 Gabrb1 Related to schizophrenia research
Gabre-KO NM-KO-190576 Gabre This gene encodes the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptor which is a multisubunit chloride channel that mediates the fastest inhibitory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.
Gabrg2-KO NM-KO-190577 Gabrg2 This gene encodes a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor. GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammlian brain, where it acts at GABA-A receptors, which are ligand-gated chloride channels. Mutations in this gene have been associated with epilepsy and febrile seizures.
Gabrg3-KO NM-KO-190578 Gabrg3 This gene encodes a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor. GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian brain where it acts at GABA-A receptors, which are ligand-gated chloride channels.
Gabrq-KO NM-KO-190579 Gabrq This gene encodes the theta subunit of the GABA A receptor,The GABA A receptor is a multisubunit chloride channel that mediates the fastest inhibitory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.
Gabrr1-KO NM-KO-190580 Gabrr1 GABRR1 is a member of the rho subunit family.
Gabrr2-KO NM-KO-190581 Gabrr2 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the rho subunit family and is a component of the GABA type A receptor complex. This gene exists on chromosome 6q next to the gene encoding the rho 1 subunit of the GABA type A receptor, in a region thought to be associated with susceptibility for psychiatric disorders and epilepsy. Polymorphisms in this gene may also be associated with alcohol dependence, and general cognitive ability.
Gadd45b-KO NM-KO-190801 Gadd45b NF-KB pathway
Gal-KO NM-KO-190086 Gal Immune-related
Galnt5-KO NM-KO-191141 Galnt5
Galr1-KO NM-KO-190637 Galr1 nervous system
Ganab-KO NM-KO-190280 Ganab Immune-related
Garnl3-CKO NM-CKO-00007 Garnl3
Gast-KO NM-KO-190087 Gast Immune-related
Gba-(D427V) NM-KI-18060 Gba
Gchfr-KO NM-KO-190961 Gchfr Liver phenylalanine metabolism, production of biogenic amine neurotransmitters and nitric oxide
Gdi2-KO NM-KO-190281 Gdi2 Immune-related
Gfap-KO NM-KO-190802 Gfap Mouse Aging,Alexander disease
Gfap-(IRES-Venus-Luciferase) NM-KI-190022 Gfap nervous system
Col1a1-e(TetO-GFPCre-M2rtTA) NM-KI-18014 GFPCre Cre recombinase tool
Gh-KO NM-KO-190648 Gh Cardiovascular diseases
Ghr-KO NM-KO-190649 Ghr Cardiovascular diseases
Ghrl-KO NM-KO-190645 Ghrl metabolic disease
Ghsr-KO NM-KO-00007 Ghsr digestive system,metabolism
Gjb6-KO NM-KO-190962 Gjb6 Auditory, auditory hair cell degeneration and intra-cochlear potential
Gjc3-KO NM-KO-190282 Gjc3 Immune-related
Gkn2-CKO NM-CKO-00080 Gkn2 homeostasis/metabolism
Glp1r-KO NM-KO-190803 Glp1r Diabetes
Glud1-KO NM-KO-191156 Glud1 Activating mutations in this gene are a common cause of congenital hyperinsulinism.
Glul-KO NM-KO-191157 Glul this gene was observed in some primary liver cancer samples.
Glyat-KO NM-KO-190088 Glyat Immune-related
Gnao1-KO NM-KO-190804 Gnao1 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gnaq-KO NM-KO-190963 Gnaq Platelet activation and aggregation, pigmentation
Gnb2-KO NM-KO-190805 Gnb2 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gnb4-KO NM-KO-190806 Gnb4 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng10-KO NM-KO-190807 Gng10 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng11-KO NM-KO-190808 Gng11 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng4-KO NM-KO-190809 Gng4 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng7-KO NM-KO-190810 Gng7 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng8-KO NM-KO-190811 Gng8 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gngt1-KO NM-KO-190812 Gngt1 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gngt2-KO NM-KO-190813 Gngt2 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gpam-KO NM-KO-190283 Gpam Immune-related
Gpc5-KO NM-KO-190964 Gpc5 Cell division and growth regulation, tumor
Gpd1-KO NM-KO-190814 Gpd1 Diabetes
Gpi1-KO NM-KO-190534 Gpi1 neurotrophic factor,lymphokine
Gpr1-KO NM-KO-00057 Gpr1
Gpr142-KO NM-KO-00058 Gpr142
Gpr152-KO NM-KO-190284 Gpr152 Immune-related
Gpr156-CKO NM-CKO-00099 Gpr156
Gpr160-KO NM-KO-00061 Gpr160
Gpr183-KO NM-KO-190285 Gpr183 Immune-related
Gpr26-KO NM-KO-00053 Gpr26 immune system
Gpr37-KO NM-KO-190965 Gpr37 Nervous system, endocrine
Gpr61-KO NM-KO-00060 Gpr61
Gpr83-KO NM-KO-190090 Gpr83 Immune-related
Gpr89-Prkab2-KO NM-KO-18055 Gpr89,Prkab2
Gprc6a-CKO NM-CKO-00098 Gprc6a nervous system
Gpx1-KO NM-KO-190966 Gpx1 Oxidative stress, ischemia/reperfusion and cold-induced brain injury
Gria1-KO NM-KO-190582 Gria1 Glutamate receptors are the predominant excitatory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian brain and are activated in a variety of normal neurophysiologic processes.This gene belongs to a family of alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionate (AMPA) receptors.
Gria3-KO NM-KO-190967 Gria3 Nervous system, LTP action, epilepsy
Grik1-KO NM-KO-190583 Grik1 This gene product belongs to the kainate family of glutamate receptors, which are composed of four subunits and function as ligand-activated ion channels.
Grik2-KO NM-KO-190584 Grik2 This gene product belongs to the kainate family of glutamate receptors, which are composed of four subunits and function as ligand-activated ion channels.Glutamate receptors are the predominant excitatory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian brain and are activated in a variety of normal neurophysiologic processes.
Grik4-KO NM-KO-190585 Grik4 This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the glutamate-gated ionic channel family. Glutamate functions as the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system through activation of ligand-gated ion channels and G protein-coupled membrane receptors. The protein encoded by this gene forms functional heteromeric kainate-preferring ionic channels with the subunits encoded by related gene family members.
Grik5-KO NM-KO-190586 Grik5 This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the glutamate-gated ionic channel family. Glutamate functions as the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system through activation of ligand-gated ion channels and G protein-coupled membrane receptors. The protein encoded by this gene forms functional heteromeric kainate-preferring ionic channels with the subunits encoded by related gene family members.
Grin2a-KO NM-KO-190968 Grin2a Nervous system, LTP action, dopamine and serotonin metabolism
Grin2c-KO NM-KO-190587 Grin2c This gene encodes a subunit of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor, which is a subtype of ionotropic glutamate receptor. NMDA receptors are found in the central nervous system, are permeable to cations and have an important role in physiological processes such as learning, memory, and synaptic development.
Grm1-KO NM-KO-190588 Grm1 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor that functions by activating phospholipase C. This gene may be associated with many disease states, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and breast cancer.
Grm3-KO NM-KO-190589 Grm3 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm4-KO NM-KO-190590 Grm4 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm5-KO NM-KO-190969 Grm5 Endocrine, corticosteroid synergism
Grm6-KO NM-KO-190591 Grm6 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm7-KO NM-KO-190592 Grm7 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm8-KO NM-KO-190593 Grm8 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grp-KO NM-KO-190651 Grp lung, colon, stomach, pancreas, breast, and prostate cancer
Grpr-KO NM-KO-190286 Grpr Immune-related
Gsdmd-CKO NM-CKO-190060 Gsdmd cell pyroptosis,cell apoptosis
Gsk3a-KO NM-KO-190815 Gsk3a Alzheimer's Disease related
R26-(CAG-LSL-HA-GiDREADD(hM4Di)-mCitrine) NM-KI-190093 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Chemical Genetics studies.The inhibitory GiDREADD(hM4Di) could silence the activity of neurons following administration of CNO.
R26-(SA-2xpA-CAG-EGFP) NM-KI-190088 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice, EGFP
R26-(CAG-EGFP)1 NM-KI-190089 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice, EGFP
R26-(CAG-EGFP)2 NM-KI-190090 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice, EGFP
R26-(CAG-LSL-3xFLAG-Mettl14-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190017 Gt(ROSA)26Sor mRNA methylation
R26-(CAG-LSL-3xFLAG-Ythdf2-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190018 Gt(ROSA)26Sor mRNA methylation
R26-(TetO-Dre-IRES-BFP) NM-KI-190020 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Dre recombinase tool
R26-(CAG-LSL-Avi-EGFP-Rpl10a) NM-KI-190005 Gt(ROSA)26Sor ribosome
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR-del19) NM-KI-190004 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2-luciferase-EGFP) NM-KI-190007 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(CAG-LSL-HER2-luciferase-EGFP) NM-KI-190008 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR T790M-del19-luciferase-tdTomato) NM-KI-190009 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(CAG-LSL-EML4-ALK(F1174L)-luciferase-tdTomato) NM-KI-190010 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(Alb-TK-luc-EGFP) NM-KI-18040 Gt(ROSA)26Sor
R26-(SA-EGFP-polyA) NM-KI-18024 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice,EGFP
R26-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00087 Gt(ROSA)26Sor gene tracing
R26-(Renilla-Luc) NM-KI-00091 Gt(ROSA)26Sor
R26-(PB-V5) NM-KI-00065 Gt(ROSA)26Sor gene editing, gene modification
R26-(PhiC31) NM-KI-00088 Gt(ROSA)26Sor
R26-(CaMPARI) NM-KI-00090 Gt(ROSA)26Sor nervous system
Gzma-KO NM-KO-190188 Gzma Immune-related
Gzmb-KO NM-KO-190091 Gzmb Immune-related
H19-KO NM-KO-18045 H19 H19 gene function
H2-Ab1/H2-Ea-ps-KO(M-NSG) NM-NSG-003 H2-Ab1,H2-Ea-ps immunodeficiency,immune system,transplantation research
H2-Ab1/H2-Ea-ps-KO(Nod-Scid) NM-KO-18057 H2-Ab1,H2-Ea-ps immune system
H2-Ab1/H2-Ea-ps-KO NM-KO-18032 H2-Ab1,H2-Ea-ps immune system
H2-DMa-KO NM-KO-190816 H2-DMa immune related
H2-Eb1-KO NM-KO-191128 H2-Eb1 Immune system, inflammation
Havcr2-KO NM-KO-18049 Havcr2
TIM3-HU NM-HU-00054 Havcr2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Hbp1-KO NM-KO-190092 Hbp1 Immune-related
Hc-KO NM-KO-190191 Hc Immune-related
Hcrt-KO NM-KO-190639 Hcrt sleep and arousal
Hcrtr1-KO NM-KO-190640 Hcrtr1 sleep and arousal
Hcrtr2-KO NM-KO-190610 Hcrtr2 The protein encoded by this gene is a G-protein coupled receptor involved in the regulation of feeding behavior.
Hdac10-CKO NM-CKO-00127 Hdac10 cancer research
Hdac11-KO NM-KO-00086 Hdac11 immune system,HDAC gene function research, epigenetic research, etc.
Hdac2-CKO NM-CKO-00123 Hdac2
Hdac4-KO NM-KO-00075 Hdac4 cancer research,HDAC function study, epigenetic research
Hdac5-CKO NM-CKO-00132 Hdac5 cancer research
Hdac6-CKO NM-CKO-18013 Hdac6
Hdac6-KO NM-KO-18009 Hdac6 HDAC gene function research, epigenetic research, etc.
Hdac9-KO NM-KO-190709 Hdac9 Epigenetic modifications related
Hdac9-CKO NM-CKO-00125 Hdac9
Hebp1-CKO NM-CKO-00137 Hebp1
Hes2-KO NM-KO-190287 Hes2 Immune-related
HGF-HU NM-HU-190062 Hgf Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Hif1a-CKO NM-CKO-190065 Hif1a Hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha,Metabolism and cancer research
Hif1an-KO NM-KO-190288 Hif1an Immune-related
Hif3a-KO NM-KO-191062 Hif3a Hypoxia-inducible factor, lung remodeling
Hint2-CKO NM-CKO-00086 Hint2
Hip1-KO NM-KO-190970 Hip1 Nervous system, Huntington's disease
Hipk2-KO NM-KO-190971 Hipk2 Nervous system, tumor
Hmcn1-KO NM-KO-190972 Hmcn1 Age-related macular degeneration,
Hmgb2-CKO NM-CKO-190073 Hmgb2 Apoptotic cleavage of cellular proteins and Granzyme Pathway related
R26-(CAG-LNL-Hmgb2-3xFlag) NM-KI-190130 Hmgb2 Apoptotic cleavage of cellular proteins and Granzyme Pathway related
Hnf4a-CKO NM-CKO-190062 Hnf4a Transcriptional regulator, insulin secretion related
Hopx-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190035 Hopx Dre recombinase tool
Hoxb5-(2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190047 Hoxb5 fluorescent reporter mice
Hpca-KO NM-KO-190973 Hpca Nervous system, hippocampus and cortical neurodegeneration
Hpse-KO NM-KO-190289 Hpse Immune-related
Hras-KO NM-KO-191092 Hras Costello syndrome; tumors, including bladder cancer, follicular thyroid cancer, and oral squamous cell carcinoma
Hrh1-KO NM-KO-190599 Hrh1 The protein encoded by this gene is an integral membrane protein and belongs to the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily. It mediates the contraction of smooth muscles, the increase in capillary permeability due to contraction of terminal venules, the release of catecholamine from adrenal medulla, and neurotransmission in the central nervous system. It has been associated with multiple processes, including memory and learning, circadian rhythm, and thermoregulation. It is also known to contribute to the pathophysiology of allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, asthma, anaphylaxis and allergic rhinitis.
Hrh4-KO NM-KO-190600 Hrh4 This gene encodes a histamine receptor that is predominantly expressed in haematopoietic cells. The protein is thought to play a role in inflammation and allergy reponses.
Hsd17b10-KO NM-KO-190817 Hsd17b10 Alzheimer's disease research related
Hsf1-KO NM-KO-190818 Hsf1 regulation of lifespan
Hsp90aa1-KO NM-KO-190731 Hsp90aa1 An inducible molecular chaperone
Hspa12a-KO NM-KO-190705 Hspa12a molecular chaperone
Hspa13-CKO NM-CKO-00092 Hspa13 nervous system,neurological,vestibular,aging related research
Hspa4l-KO NM-KO-190974 Hspa4l Sperm maturity and vitality, male infertility
Hspbap1-KO NM-KO-191142 Hspbap1 intractable epilepsy
Htr1a-KO NM-KO-190594 Htr1a This gene encodes a G protein-coupled receptor for 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin), and belongs to the 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor subfamily. Serotonin has been implicated in a number of physiologic processes and pathologic conditions. Inactivation of this gene in mice results in behavior consistent with an increased anxiety and stress response. Mutation in the promoter of this gene has been associated with menstrual cycle-dependent periodic fevers.
Htr1d-KO NM-KO-190595 Htr1d
Htr1f-KO NM-KO-190596 Htr1f
Htr2a-KO NM-KO-190975 Htr2a Nervous system, intestinal epithelial cells
Htr3a-KO NM-KO-190597 Htr3a The product of this gene belongs to the ligand-gated ion channel receptor superfamily. This gene encodes subunit A of the type 3 receptor for 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin), a biogenic hormone that functions as a neurotransmitter, a hormone, and a mitogen.
Htr4-KO NM-KO-190290 Htr4 Immune-related
Htr7-KO NM-KO-190598 Htr7 The serotonin receptor encoded by this gene belongs to the superfamily of G protein-coupled receptors and the gene is a candidate locus for involvement in autistic disorder and other neuropsychiatric disorders.
Iapp-KO NM-KO-190664 Iapp type 1 and advanced type 2 diabetes
Icam1-KO NM-KO-190819 Icam1 immune system
Icam2-KO NM-KO-190820 Icam2 immune system
ICOS-HU NM-HU-190030 Icos Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Icos-KO NM-KO-190093 Icos Immune-related
ICOS&ICOSL-HU NM-HU-18018 Icos,Icosl Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
ICOS-HU NM-HU-00052 Icos Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Icosl-KO NM-KO-190721 Icosl Immune related
ICOSL-HU NM-HU-00095 Icosl Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ide-KO NM-KO-190821 Ide Alzheimer's disease research related
R26-(CAG-LSL-IDH1(R132H)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190074 IDH1 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-IDH2(R172K)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190076 IDH2 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-IDH2(R140Q)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190075 IDH2 cancer research
PD-1&PD-L1&IDO1-HU NM-HU-00120 Ido1,Pdcd1,Cd274 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
IDO1-HU NM-HU-00061 Ido1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ier3-KO NM-KO-191079 Ier3 Cardiovascular system; tumor
Ifi44-KO NM-KO-190094 Ifi44 Immune-related
Ifih1-KO NM-KO-190225 Ifih1 Immune-related
Ifna2-KO NM-KO-190527 Ifna2 Interferons
Ifnar1-KO NM-KO-18038 Ifnar1 immune system
Ifnar2-KO NM-KO-190291 Ifnar2 Immune-related
Ifnb1-KO NM-KO-190822 Ifnb1 immune system
Ifng-(Venus-Luci) NM-KI-18041 Ifng
IFNGR1-HU NM-HU-190076 Ifngr1 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Ifngr1-KO NM-KO-190432 Ifngr1 immune system
Ifngr1-KO NM-KO-18020 Ifngr1 immune system
Ifngr1&Ifnar1-KO NM-KO-190425 Ifngr1;Ifnar1 immune system
Igfbp3-KO NM-KO-191083 Igfbp3 Insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP); metabolic system, glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism; cancer
Igfbp5-KO NM-KO-190823 Igfbp5
Ighj4-KO NM-KO-191197 Ighj4 Immune-related
Ighm-KO NM-KO-18024 Ighm immune system,immunodeficiency
Igkj-KO NM-KO-191196 Igkj Immune-related
Igl-KO NM-KO-191198 Igl Immune-related
Ikzf4-KO NM-KO-190096 Ikzf4 Immune-related
Il10-KO NM-KO-190426 Il10 immune system
Il10ra-KO NM-KO-190451 Il10ra Interleukin 10 receptor subunit alpha.Immune system related.
Il10rb-KO NM-KO-190452 Il10rb Belong to the cytokine receptor family.Immune system related.
Il11-KO NM-KO-190293 Il11 Immune-related
Il11-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00036 Il11 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il11ra1-KO NM-KO-190453 Il11ra1 A member of the hematopoietic cytokine receptor family.Immune system related.
Il12a-KO NM-KO-190454 Il12a Immune system related.This cytokine is required for the T-cell-independent induction of interferon (IFN)-gamma, and is important for the differentiation of both Th1 and Th2 cells.
Il12a-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00024 Il12a Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il12b-KO NM-KO-190455 Il12b Immune system and multiple sclerosis(MS) related.
Il12b-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00025 Il12b Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il12rb1-KO NM-KO-191208 Il12rb1 Immune-related
Il12rb1-KO NM-KO-190294 Il12rb1 Immune-related
Il12rb2-KO NM-KO-190456 Il12rb2 Immune system related.The up-regulation of this gene is found to be associated with a number of infectious diseases, such as Crohn's disease and leprosy.
IL13-HU NM-HU-190069 Il13 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il13-KO NM-KO-00124 Il13 immune system
Il13ra1-KO NM-KO-190457 Il13ra1 Immune system related.
Il13ra2-KO NM-KO-190458 Il13ra2 Immune system related.
Il15-KO NM-KO-190459 Il15 Inflammation and immune system related.
Il15-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00027 Il15 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il15ra-KO NM-KO-190460 Il15ra Immune system and cell proliferation related.
Il16-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00028 Il16 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
IL17A-HU NM-HU-00042 Il17a Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il17a-(CreERT2) NM-KI-00059 Il17a Immune system
Il17a-KO NM-KO-00131 Il17a immune system
Il17b-KO NM-KO-190461 Il17b Immune system related.T cell related.
Il17b-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00029 Il17b Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il17c-KO NM-KO-190462 Il17c Immune system related.T cell related.
Il17c-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00030 Il17c Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il17d-KO NM-KO-190463 Il17d Immune system related.
Il17f-KO NM-KO-190464 Il17f Immune system related.T cell related.
IL17F-HU NM-HU-190007 Il17f Immune-related
Il17f-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00031 Il17f Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il17ra-KO NM-KO-190465 Il17ra Immune system related.T-lymphocytes and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases related.
IL17RA-HU NM-HU-190049 Il17ra Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il17rb-KO NM-KO-190466 Il17rb Immune system related.
Il17rc-KO NM-KO-190467 Il17rc Immune system related.
Il17rd-KO NM-KO-190468 Il17rd Immune system related.
Il17re-KO NM-KO-190295 Il17re Immune-related
Il18-KO NM-KO-190469 Il18 Immune system related.
Il18-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00032 Il18 Inflammation and immunity,gene tracing
Il18bp-KO NM-KO-190470 Il18bp Immune system related.
Il18r1-KO NM-KO-190471 Il18r1 Cytokine receptor.Immune system related.
Il18rap-KO NM-KO-190472 Il18rap Proinflammatory cytokine.Immune system related.
Il19-KO NM-KO-190473 Il19 Immune system related.
Il19-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00033 Il19 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il1a-KO NM-KO-190474 Il1a Immune system related.Rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer's disease research related.
Il1a-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00009 Il1a Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il1b-KO NM-KO-190475 Il1b Immune system related.
IL1B-HU NM-HU-190047 Il1b Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il1b-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00010 Il1b Inflammation and immunity,gene tracing
Il1b-Luc NM-TG-00001 Il1b anti-inflammatory,inflammatory process
Il1bos-KO NM-KO-190476 Il1bos
Il1f10-KO NM-KO-190566 Il1f10 immune system
Il1f10-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00060 Il1f10 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il1f10-KO NM-KO-00103 Il1f10 immune system
Il1f5-KO NM-KO-190477 Il1f5 Immune system related.
Il1f6-KO NM-KO-00097 Il1f6 immune system
Il1f6-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00017 Il1f6 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il1f8-KO NM-KO-190478 Il1f8 Immune system related.
Il1f9-KO NM-KO-190479 Il1f9
Il1f9-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00018 Il1f9 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il1r1-KO NM-KO-191194 Il1r1 Immune-related
Il1r1-KO NM-KO-190480 Il1r1 Immune and inflammatory responses related.
Il1r2-KO NM-KO-190481 Il1r2 immune system;Cancer-related genes
Il1rap-KO NM-KO-191201 Il1rap Cancer Research, Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research. Alzheimer's disease related
Il1rap-KO NM-KO-190445 Il1rap Cancer Research, Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research. Alzheimer's disease related
Il1rapl1-KO NM-KO-190482 Il1rapl1 immune system;Disease related genes
Il1rapl2-KO NM-KO-190483 Il1rapl2 immune system
Il1rl1-KO NM-KO-190296 Il1rl1 Immune-related
Il1rl2-KO NM-KO-190484 Il1rl2 immune system
Il1rn-KO NM-KO-190485 Il1rn immune system;Cancer-related genes Candidate cardiovascular disease genes Disease related genes
Il2-KO NM-KO-190486 Il2 immune system
IL2-HU NM-HU-190048 Il2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il2-(Venus-Luci) NM-KI-18057 Il2 Gene tracing
Il2-CKO NM-CKO-00108 Il2
Il20-KO NM-KO-190487 Il20 immune system
Il20ra-KO NM-KO-190488 Il20ra immune system
Il20rb-KO NM-KO-190489 Il20rb immune system
Il21-KO NM-KO-18040 IL21 immune system
Il21r-KO NM-KO-190490 Il21r immune system;Cancer-related genes;Disease related genes
Il22-KO NM-KO-190491 Il22 Immune System;Intestinal Diseases
Il22ra1-KO NM-KO-190492 Il22ra1 IL22 receptor;Immune System
Il22ra2-KO NM-KO-190493 Il22ra2 Immune System; Regulation of Tumorigenesis in the Colon
IL23A-HU NM-HU-18030 Il23a Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Il23a-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00057 Il23a Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il23r-KO NM-KO-190097 Il23r Immune-related
Il24-KO NM-KO-190494 Il24 Induced terminal differentiation of melanoma cells;Induce apoptosis in various cancer cells.
Il25-KO NM-KO-00113 Il25 immune system
Il27-KO NM-KO-190495 Il27 Drive rapid expansion of naive CD4(+) T cells;trigger interferon gamma (IFNG) production of naive CD4(+) T cells
Il27ra-KO NM-KO-190496 Il27ra glycosylated transmembrane protein;Immune System
IL2RA-HU NM-HU-190064 Il2ra Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il2ra-KO NM-KO-190098 Il2ra Immune-related
Il2rb-KO NM-KO-190497 Il2rb Immune System
M-NSG NM-NSG-001 Il2rg Immune and hematopoietic research
IL3&CSF2-HU NM-HU-190065 Il3, Csf2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il3-KO NM-KO-190498 Il3 Support the proliferation of hematopoietic cell types; Possess neurotrophic activity
IL3-HU NM-HU-190045 Il3 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
IL3-HU NM-HU-190009 Il3 Immune-related
Il3-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00020 Il3 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il31-KO NM-KO-190499 Il31 promote allergic skin disorders;asthma
Il31ra-KO NM-KO-190500 Il31ra IL31 receptor;Immune System
Il33-KO NM-KO-190436 Il33 immune
Il33-KO NM-KO-00099 Il33 immune system
Il34-KO NM-KO-190501 Il34 Promotes the differentiation of monocytes and macrophages
Il34-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00035 Il34 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il3ra-KO NM-KO-190502 Il3ra IL3 receptor;Immune System
IL4-HU NM-HU-190071 Il4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il4-KO NM-KO-190503 Il4 Immune System;pleiotropic cytokine
Il4-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00021 Il4 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il4ra-KO NM-KO-190504 Il4ra IL4 receptor;Immune System
IL4RA-HU NM-HU-190008 Il4ra Immune-related
Il5-KO NM-KO-190505 Il5 Regulate eosinophil formation, maturation, recruitment and survival
IL5-HU NM-HU-190001 Il5 Immune-related
Il5-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00022 Il5 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il5ra-KO NM-KO-190506 Il5ra IL5 receptor;Immune System
IL5RA-HU NM-HU-190055 Il5ra Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
IL6&IL6R-HU NM-HU-190025 Il6,Il6ra Immune-related
Il6-KO NM-KO-18029 Il6 immune system,immunodeficiency
Il6-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00011 Il6 Inflammation and immunity,gene tracing
Il6ra-KO NM-KO-190507 Il6ra myeloma,prostate cancer,autoimmune diseases
Il6ra-KO NM-KO-18042 Il6ra inflammatory, immune system
IL6R-HU NM-HU-00044 Il6ra Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il6st-KO NM-KO-190508 Il6st Immune System;Regulate myocyte apoptosis
Il7-KO NM-KO-191178 Il7 Immune related
IL7-HU NM-HU-190031 Il7 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Il7-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00092 Il7 Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Il7-KO NM-KO-00098 Il7 immune system
Il7r-KO NM-KO-190509 Il7r Immune System;Severe combined immunodeficiency
Il9-KO NM-KO-190510 Il9 Asthma;Bronchial hyperresponsiveness disease
IL9-HU NM-HU-18029 Il9 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Il9-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00023 Il9 Immune system
Il9r-KO NM-KO-190511 Il9r Genetic studies suggested an association of this gene with the development of asthma.
Ildr2-KO NM-KO-18034 Ildr2 Metabolism, endocrine
Ilf2-KO NM-KO-190512 Ilf2 The protein encoded by this gene is a transcription factor required for T-cell expression of the interleukin 2 gene.
Ilf3-KO NM-KO-190513 Ilf3 Gene expression and mRNAs stabilization related.
Iltifb-KO NM-KO-190514 Iltifb
Inpp4b-KO NM-KO-190297 Inpp4b Immune-related
Inppl1-KO NM-KO-190824 Inppl1 Cancer related;diabetes related
Ins1-KO NM-KO-190825 Ins1 diabetes related
Ins2-(C96Y) NM-KI-190096 Ins2 Diabetes related.
Ins2-(DreERT2) NM-KI-190039 Ins2 Dre recombinase tool
Irak1-KO NM-KO-190298 Irak1 Immune-related
Irak1bp1-KO NM-KO-190515 Irak1bp1
Irak2-KO NM-KO-190516 Irak2 IRAK2 is reported to participate in the IL1-induced upregulation of NF-kappaB.
Irak3-KO NM-KO-190517 Irak3 Mutations in this gene are associated with a susceptibility to asthma.
Irak4-KO NM-KO-190518 Irak4 The protein is essential for most innate immune responses.Mutations in this gene result in IRAK4 deficiency and recurrent invasive pneumococcal disease.
Irf1-KO NM-KO-190099 Irf1 Immune-related
Irf4-KO NM-KO-190100 Irf4 Immune-related
Irf7-KO NM-KO-190826 Irf7 inflammatory response system
Irf8-KO NM-KO-190101 Irf8 Immune-related
Irs1-KO NM-KO-190827 Irs1 diabetes related
Isl1-(CreERT2) NM-KI-00013 Isl1 Cre recombinase tool
Itch-KO NM-KO-190716 Itch Immune related, syndromic multisystem autoimmune disease.
Itga1-KO NM-KO-190717 Itga1 Inflammation and fibrosis reseach.
Itgax-(tdTomato-luci) NM-KI-190116 Itgax Tool Mice
Itgax-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190032 Itgax Dre recombinase tool
Itgax-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190043 Itgax DTR mouse
Itgb2-KO NM-KO-190828 Itgb2 immune system
Itgbl1-KO NM-KO-190299 Itgbl1 Immune-related
Itk-KO NM-KO-190102 Itk Immune-related
R26-(CAG-LSL-Itpr1-Flag-tdTomato) NM-KI-18046 Itpr1
Itpr2-KO NM-KO-190976 Itpr2 Calcium signaling, endocrine sweat
Jak3-KO NM-KO-190712 Jak3 Immune related
Jmy-CKO NM-CKO-00022 Jmy
Jph3-KO NM-KO-191143 Jph3 this gene have been associated with Huntington disease-like 2 (HDL2).
Jtb-KO NM-KO-190300 Jtb Immune-related
Kank1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190040 Kank1 Dre recombinase tool
Kat2a-CKO NM-CKO-190023 Kat2a Epigenetic
Kat6b-CKO NM-CKO-190024 Kat6b Epigenetic
Katnal2-KO NM-KO-191190 Katnal2 Autism research related
Kcnab1-KO NM-KO-190977 Kcnab1 Potassium channel, nuclear cataract, nervous system, epilepsy
Kcnab2-KO NM-KO-190978 Kcnab2 Potassium ion channel
Kcnc3-KO NM-KO-190979 Kcnc3 Voltage-dependent excitable membrane potassium ion permeability, nervous system, type 13 spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA13), alcohol hypersensitivity
Kcnip1-KO NM-KO-191144 Kcnip1 in response to changes in the concentration of intracellular calcium.
Kcnma1-KO NM-KO-190557 Kcnma1 BK channel activation research
Kcnmb1-KO NM-KO-191191 Kcnmb1
Kcp-KO NM-KO-190301 Kcp Immune-related
Kctd20-KO NM-KO-190302 Kctd20 Immune-related
Kdm1a-CKO NM-CKO-190025 Kdm1a Epigenetic
Kdm3a-CKO NM-CKO-190026 Kdm3a Epigenetic
Kdm4b-KO NM-KO-190303 Kdm4b Immune-related
Kdm4d-KO NM-KO-190304 Kdm4d Immune-related
Kdm5a-CKO NM-CKO-190027 Kdm5a Epigenetic
Kdm5a-KO NM-KO-190305 Kdm5a Immune-related
Kdm6a-CKO NM-CKO-190054 Kdm6a Epigenetic
Kdr-HU NM-HU-00098 Kdr Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
kif18A-KO NM-KO-00008 kif18A male infertility,orchiatrophy,azoospermia
Kit-(V831M) NM-KI-190023 Kit hematopoieticstem cell 
Kitl-KO NM-KO-190829 Kitl Allergy and Asthma related.
Klb-CKO NM-CKO-00135 Klb
Klf14-KO NM-KO-190306 Klf14 Immune-related
Klf9-KO NM-KO-190307 Klf9 Immune-related
Klrc1-KO NM-KO-190126 Klrc1 Immune-related
Klrg1-KO NM-KO-190103 Klrg1 Immune-related
KLRK1-HU NM-HU-190005 Klrk1 Immune-related
Kmt2a-CKO NM-CKO-190028 Kmt2a Epigenetic
Kmt2b-CKO NM-CKO-190029 Kmt2b Epigenetic
Kmt2d-CKO NM-CKO-190030 Kmt2d Epigenetic
Kng1-KO NM-KO-190980 Kng1 Coagulation, thrombosis/thrombosis; tumor, glioma,
Kpna2-KO NM-KO-190308 Kpna2 Immune-related
Kras-(LSL-G12D) NM-KI-190003 Kras cancer research
Kremen1-KO NM-KO-190698 Kremen1 Modulates canonical WNT signaling
Krt14-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190125 Krt14 Dre tool mouse
Krt14-(CreERT2) NM-KI-190024 Krt14 Cre recombinase tool
Krt14-KO NM-KO-00072 Krt14 skin
Krt5-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-190016 Krt5 Cre recombinase tool
Kynu-CKO NM-CKO-00059 Kynu
LAG3&CTLA4-HU NM-HU-190018 Lag3,Ctla4 Immune-related
Lag3-KO NM-KO-18048 Lag3
LAG3-HU NM-HU-00049 Lag3 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Lap3-KO NM-KO-190104 Lap3 Immune-related
Layn-KO NM-KO-190105 Layn Immune-related
Lck-KO NM-KO-190722 Lck Immune related
Lcn2-CKO NM-CKO-00134 Lcn2
Lcn6-CKO NM-CKO-00109 Lcn6 Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome(AIS),Obesity,Diabetes Mellitus,Noninsulin-Dependent(NIDDM),Prostate Cancer
Ldlr-KO NM-KO-190559 Ldlr Cardiovascular research; lipid metabolism related research
Ldlr-(T541C) NM-KI-00043 Ldlr Metabolic and cardiovascular disease research
Ldlr-KO NM-KO-00102 Ldlr Cardiovascular research; lipid metabolism related research
Lep-KO NM-KO-00034 Lep Insulin resistance,obesity,and type 2 diabetes etc.
Lepr-KO NM-KO-190663 Lepr obesity
Lepr-(109052G>T) NM-KI-00001 Lepr Leptin resistance,insulin resistance,obesity,and type 2 diabetes etc.
Lgals1-KO NM-KO-190106 Lgals1 Immune-related
Lgals3-KO NM-KO-190107 Lgals3 Immune-related
Lgals3bp-KO NM-KO-190309 Lgals3bp Immune-related
Lgmn-CKO NM-CKO-00103 Lgmn cardiovascular system,nervous system,Developmental Biology
Lif-KO NM-KO-190108 Lif Immune-related
Limd1-KO NM-KO-190981 Limd1 Osteoclasts
Lix1l-KO NM-KO-190982 Lix1l RNA binding protein, tumor
Llgl2-KO NM-KO-190983 Llgl2 Proper polarization invasion and effective branch morphogenesis during placental development
Lor-KO NM-KO-190109 Lor Immune-related
Lpo-KO NM-KO-190110 Lpo Immune-related
Lpp-KO NM-KO-190984 Lpp Tumor growth, female fertility
Lrat-(2A-Cre) NM-KI-190097 Lrat Cre recombinase tool
Lrp10-KO NM-KO-190905 Lrp10 uptake of apolipoprotein E-containing lipoproteins,alpha-synucleinopathies, Ingestion of apolipoprotein E, alpha-synucleinopathy
Lrp5-KO NM-KO-190683 Lrp5 Negative regulator of the Wnt-beta-catenin-Tcf signaling pathway.
Lrp8-KO NM-KO-190830 Lrp8 Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Lrrc32-KO NM-KO-190111 Lrrc32 Immune-related
Lrrk2-KO NM-KO-190985 Lrrk2 Parkinson disease-8
Lsm5-KO NM-KO-190831 Lsm5 RNA Binding, aging related.
Lta-KO NM-KO-190542 Lta lymphatic system;leprosy type 4, myocardial infarction, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and psoriatic arthritis and other related diseases
Ltb-KO NM-KO-190543 Ltb inflammatory response system
Ltb4r1-KO NM-KO-190832 Ltb4r1 Asthma related
Ltb4r2-KO NM-KO-190310 Ltb4r2 Immune-related
Ltf-CKO NM-CKO-00042 Ltf
Lum-KO NM-KO-190112 Lum Immune-related
Ly6a-(2A-iCre) NM-KI-190028 Ly6a Cre recombinase tool
Ly6g-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190036 Ly6g Dre recombinase tool
Lyar-KO NM-KO-190311 Lyar Immune-related
Lyar-CKO NM-CKO-00032 Lyar
Lyg1-KO NM-KO-00017 Lyg1
Lyl1-KO NM-KO-190113 Lyl1 Immune-related
Lyn-KO NM-KO-190833 Lyn Cytokine Receptors,Dendritic Cell Differentiation related.
Lyz1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190033 Lyz1 Dre recombinase tool
Lyz2-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190041 Lyz2 DTR mouse
Lyz2-(CreERT2-EGFP) NM-KI-18047 Lyz2 Cre recombinase activity in myeloid cells
Lyz2-(2A-CreERT2-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18018 Lyz2 Cre recombinase tool
Lyzl4-KO NM-KO-00006 Lyzl4 Reproductive system related research
H11-(CAG-LSL-M2rtTA-FRT-IRES-tdtomato-FRT) NM-KI-190064 M2rtTA tetracycline,M2rtTA mice
Macrod2-CKO NM-CKO-190058 Macrod2 Cancer
Mag-KO NM-KO-191126 Mag Nervous system, CNS myelination
Mal-KO NM-KO-00037 Mal nervous system
R26-(CAG-LSL-mCherry-EGFP-LC3-pA) NM-KI-00124 Map1lc3a
Map2-KO NM-KO-190834 Map2 Cytoskeleton Regulators
Map2-(CreERT2) NM-KI-00037 Map2 Cre recombinase tool of mature neurons,nervous system
Map2k6-KO NM-KO-190835 Map2k6 Stress Responses,Apoptosis related
Map3k10-KO NM-KO-190986 Map3k10 Nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced neuronal apoptosis
Map3k9-KO NM-KO-190317 Map3k9 Immune-related
Mapk10-KO NM-KO-190987 Mapk10 Nervous system, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease
Mapk3-KO NM-KO-191093 Mapk3 Cell proliferation, differentiation and cell cycle progression; immune system, T cells; cancer, liver cancer, glioma
Mapk8-KO NM-KO-190836 Mapk8 Signal Transduction, Diabetes related
Mapk9-KO NM-KO-190988 Mapk9 Immune system, T cell function
Mapt-KO NM-KO-190837 Mapt Cytoskeleton Regulators, Apoptosis related.
Mavs-KO NM-KO-190198 Mavs Immune-related
Mbd1-CKO NM-CKO-190031 Mbd1 Epigenetic
Mbd2-KO NM-KO-190114 Mbd2 Immune-related
Mbd3-CKO NM-CKO-190049 Mbd3 Epigenetic
Mbd5-CKO NM-CKO-00035 Mbd5
Mbp-KO NM-KO-190115 Mbp Immune-related
Mc3r-KO NM-KO-190652 Mc3r obesity
Mcam-KO NM-KO-190312 Mcam Immune-related
Mchr1-KO NM-KO-190638 Mchr1 nervous system
Mdm4-(C462A) NM-KI-00007 Mdm4
Mecp2-CKO NM-CKO-190001 Mecp2 Rett syndrome, autism
Megf9-KO NM-KO-190313 Megf9 Immune-related
Mettl14-CKO NM-CKO-190007 Mettl14 Epigenetic
Mettl16-KO NM-KO-190314 Mettl16 Immune-related
Mettl21a-KO NM-KO-190315 Mettl21a Immune-related
R26-(CAG-LSL-3xFLAG-Mettl3-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190056 Mettl3 mRNA methylation
Mgmt-KO NM-KO-190625 Mgmt colorectal cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma and glioblastoma
Mid1-KO NM-KO-190316 Mid1 Immune-related
Mip-KO NM-KO-190116 Mip Immune-related
Mir125a-KO NM-KO-00040 Mir125a
Mir126-CKO NM-CKO-00030 Mir126
Mir21a-KO NM-KO-00159 Mir21a microRNA
Mir21a-CKO NM-CKO-00051 Mir21a
Mir29a-Mir29b1-KO NM-KO-00081 Mir29a,Mir29b-1 microRNA,mir29 gene function study
Mir29b2-Mir29c-KO NM-KO-00080 Mir29b-2,Mir29c microRNA,Mir29 gene function study
Mirc34-KO NM-KO-00164 Mir449a,Mir449b,Mir449c microRNA
Mlc1-KO NM-KO-190117 Mlc1 Immune-related
Mlh1-KO NM-KO-190626 Mlh1 hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer (HNPCC)
Mmp7-KO NM-KO-190699 Mmp7 Cancer-related genes
Mmp9-KO NM-KO-190838 Mmp9 Asthma related
Mog-KO NM-KO-190118 Mog Immune-related
Mos-KO NM-KO-190616 Mos MOS is a serine/threonine kinase that activates the MAP kinase cascade through direct phosphorylation of the MAP kinase activator MEK (MAP2K1; MIM 176872)
Mpdz-KO NM-KO-190989 Mpdz Nervous system, alcohol dependence, congenital hydrocephalus disease
Mptx1-KO NM-KO-190318 Mptx1 Immune-related
Mr1-KO NM-KO-190119 Mr1 Immune-related
Mrc1-KO NM-KO-190228 Mrc1 Immune-related
Mrc2-KO NM-KO-190216 Mrc2 Immune-related
Mreg-KO NM-KO-190121 Mreg Immune-related
Mrgprf-KO NM-KO-00050 Mrgprf
CD20-HU NM-HU-190068 Ms4a1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ms4a1-KO NM-KO-190732 Ms4a1 Immune related. The development and differentiation of B-cells into plasma cells research.
Ms4a2-KO NM-KO-190839 Ms4a2 Mast Cells, Allergy and Asthma related.
Mst1-KO NM-KO-190990 Mst1 Hepatocyte, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Mstn-KO NM-KO-190535 Mstn Growth Factors,skeletal muscle cell proliferation and differentiation。
Mt1-KO NM-KO-00161 Mt1 Antioxidation, intracellular metal homeostasis, oxidative stress
Mterf1a-KO NM-KO-190840 Mterf1a
Mtfp1-KO NM-KO-190706 Mtfp1 A mitochondrial protein,which plays a role in cell viability and mitochondrial dynamics.
Mtnr1b-KO NM-KO-190319 Mtnr1b Immune-related
Mtrex-KO NM-KO-190370 Mtrex Immune-related
Mtss1-KO NM-KO-190707 Mtss1 Synaptic function and neurodegeneration related.
Muc1-KO NM-KO-190120 Muc1 Immune-related
Muc1-CKO NM-CKO-00061 Muc1
Muc5ac-KO NM-KO-190841 Muc5ac Asthma related
Mxd4-KO NM-KO-190320 Mxd4 Immune-related
Mxi1-KO NM-KO-191084 Mxi1 Tumor research; spleen, benign prostatic hyperplasia, renal degenerative disease
Myb-KO NM-KO-190617 Myb This gene encodes a protein with three HTH DNA-binding domains that functions as a transcription regulator. This protein plays an essential role in the regulation of hematopoiesis. This gene may be aberrently expressed or rearranged or undergo translocation in leukemias and lymphomas, and is considered to be an oncogene.
H11-(Myc) NM-KI-00039 Myc tumor-bearing model,cancer research
H11-(CAG-LSL-HA tag-Nmyc-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190084 Mycn cancer research
Mycn-(TRE-EGFP) NM-KI-00008 Mycn cancer research, nervous system research
Myd88-KO NM-KO-190192 Myd88 Immune-related
Mydgf-CKO NM-CKO-00021 Mydgf
Myh11-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190037 Myh11 Dre recombinase tool
Myh6-(Cre) NM-KI-00083 Myh6 Cre recombinase tool of heart
Mylk2-KO NM-KO-190991 Mylk2 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent enzyme, skeletal muscle
Myo1c-KO NM-KO-191120 Myo1c Intracellular vesicle transport, hematopoietic system
Myom2-KO NM-KO-190321 Myom2 Immune-related
Naa20-KO NM-KO-190322 Naa20 Immune-related
Naalad2-KO NM-KO-00039 Naalad2
Nae1-KO NM-KO-190842 Nae1 Apoptosis, Cell Cycle,Alzheimer's disease research related
Naip1-KO NM-KO-190203 Naip1 Immune-related
Nav2-KO NM-KO-190708 Nav2 Nervous System related
Ncapg-KO NM-KO-190323 Ncapg Immune-related
Ncf1-KO NM-KO-190123 Ncf1 Immune-related
Nck1-KO NM-KO-190723 Nck1 Cancer related
Ncoa1-KO NM-KO-190992 Ncoa1 Endocrine and metabolism, bone remodeling and the effects of sex hormones on bones, obesity; nervous system, Purkinje cell development
Ncoa2-CKO NM-CKO-190032 Ncoa2 Epigenetic
Ncoa3-CKO NM-CKO-190033 Ncoa3 Epigenetic
Ncr1-(2A-iCre) NM-KI-190027 Ncr1 Cre recombinase tool
Ncr1-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190044 Ncr1 DTR mouse
Ndrg1-KO NM-KO-191071 Ndrg1 Stress response, hormonal response, cell growth and differentiation; peripheral nerve demyelinating disease; cancer
Ndufb11-KO NM-KO-190843 Ndufb11 Aging, Mitochondrial Dysfunction,
Ndufs7-KO NM-KO-190324 Ndufs7 Immune-related
Nfatc2-KO NM-KO-190124 Nfatc2 Immune-related
Nfe2l2-KO NM-KO-190433 Nfe2l2 transcription factor
R26-(CAG-LSL-NFE2L2(G81S)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190077 NFE2L2 cancer research
Nfil3-KO NM-KO-190125 Nfil3 Immune-related
Nfkb1-KO NM-KO-190844 Nfkb1 Transcription Factors,T cell function,immune system
Tg(Nfkb2 pro-Luc) NM-TG-190003 Nfkb2 Tool Mice
Ngef-KO NM-KO-190993 Ngef Retinal ganglion cell
Ngf-KO NM-KO-191166 Ngf Mutations in this gene have been associated with hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy, type 5 (HSAN5), and dysregulation of this gene's expression is associated with allergic rhinitis.
Nhlh2-KO NM-KO-190713 Nhlh2 May serve as DNA-binding protein and may be involved in the control of cell-type determination, possibly within the developing nervous system.
Nipbl-CKO NM-CKO-00067 Nipbl nervous system
Nkd1-KO NM-KO-190684 Nkd1 Bone density related diseases
Nkg7-KO NM-KO-190127 Nkg7 Immune-related
Nkx3-1-(CreERT2) NM-KI-18036 Nkx3-1 Cre recombinase tool
Nlrc3-KO NM-KO-190220 Nlrc3 Immune-related
Nlrc4-KO NM-KO-190226 Nlrc4 Immune-related
Nlrc5-KO NM-KO-00042 Nlrc5 immune system
Nlrp10-KO NM-KO-190199 Nlrp10 Immune-related
Nlrp12-KO NM-KO-190200 Nlrp12 Immune-related
Nlrp14-KO NM-KO-190201 Nlrp14 Immune-related
Nlrp1a-KO NM-KO-190227 Nlrp1a Immune-related
Nlrp2-KO NM-KO-190206 Nlrp2 Immune-related
Nlrp3-CKO NM-CKO-190002 Nlrp3 Immune-related
Nlrp3-KO NM-KO-190428 Nlrp3 Immune-related
Nlrp3-KO NM-KO-190230 Nlrp3 Immune-related
Nlrp4c-KO NM-KO-190207 Nlrp4c Immune-related
Nlrp4e-KO NM-KO-190325 Nlrp4e Immune-related
Nlrp5-KO NM-KO-190209 Nlrp5 Immune-related
Nlrp6-KO NM-KO-190211 Nlrp6 Immune-related
Nmb-KO NM-KO-190653 Nmb hunger, weight gain and obesity
Nmbr-KO NM-KO-190654 Nmbr hunger, weight gain and obesity
Nmu-KO NM-KO-190326 Nmu Immune-related
Nmur1-KO NM-KO-190650 Nmur1 cardiovascular
Nod1-KO NM-KO-190208 Nod1 Immune-related
Nod2-KO NM-KO-190210 Nod2 Immune-related
Nodal-KO NM-KO-190536 Nodal Growth Factors,early embryonic development.
Nos2-KO NM-KO-18027 Nos2 inflammatory
Nos3-KO NM-KO-18022 Nos3
Nosip-KO NM-KO-190994 Nosip Nitric oxide production
Nostrin-KO NM-KO-190995 Nostrin Angiogenesis, endothelial cell migration
Notch3-KO NM-KO-190129 Notch3 Immune-related
Nox1-KO NM-KO-191172 Nox1
Nox4-KO NM-KO-191173 Nox4 The ROS generated by this protein have been implicated in numerous biological functions including signal transduction, cell differentiation and tumor cell growth.
Npb-KO NM-KO-190130 Npb Immune-related
Npc1-(I1060T) NM-KI-18059 Npc1
Npffr2-KO NM-KO-190327 Npffr2 Immune-related
Nphp4-KO NM-KO-190996 Nphp4 Vision, retinopathy, photoreceptor cell degeneration; oligozoospermia, male sterility
Nphs2-CreERT2 NM-KI-00128 Nphs2
Nppb-KO NM-KO-190997 Nppb Fibrotic ventricular lesion
Nppc-KO NM-KO-190998 Nppc Endochondral ossification
Npr3-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190015 Npr3 Dre recombinase tool
Npy-KO NM-KO-190641 Npy metabolic and cardiovascular diseases
Npy1r-KO NM-KO-190999 Npy1r Endocrine and metabolic, obesity, hyperinsulinemia; nervous system, pain
Npy2r-KO NM-KO-190601 Npy2r
Npy5r-KO NM-KO-190602 Npy5r The protein encoded by this gene is a receptor for neuropeptide Y and peptide YY. The encoded protein appears to be involved in regulating food intake, with defects in this gene being associated with eating disorders. Also, the encoded protein is involved in a pathway that protects neuroblastoma cells from chemotherapy-induced cell death, providing a possible therapeutic target against neuroblastoma.
Nqo1-KO NM-KO-190845 Nqo1 Apoptosis, Endocrine, fat metabolism, apoptosis
Nr1h4-KO NM-KO-190328 Nr1h4 Immune-related
Nr2e1-KO NM-KO-00163 Nr2e1
Nr6a1-CKO NM-CKO-00054 Nr6a1
Nras-KO NM-KO-190618 Nras This is an N-ras oncogene encoding a membrane protein that shuttles between the Golgi apparatus and the plasma membrane. The encoded protein, which has intrinsic GTPase activity, is activated by a guanine nucleotide-exchange factor and inactivated by a GTPase activating protein. Mutations in this gene have been associated with somatic rectal cancer, follicular thyroid cancer, autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome, Noonan syndrome, and juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia.
Nrip2-KO NM-KO-190329 Nrip2 Immune-related
Nsd1-CKO NM-CKO-190050 Nsd1 Epigenetic
Nsf-KO NM-KO-190846 Nsf Diabetes, Receptors, Transporters & Channels,
Nsg1-KO NM-KO-191000 Nsg1 Apoptosis, receptor endocytosis, recycling
Ntrk2-KO NM-KO-191001 Ntrk2 Nervous system, follicle formation
Nts-KO NM-KO-190655 Nts nervous system
Ntsr1-KO NM-KO-190656 Ntsr1 nervous system
Ntsr2-KO NM-KO-190611 Ntsr2 The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the G protein-coupled receptor family that activate a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system. Binding and pharmacological studies demonstrate that this receptor binds neurotensin as well as several other ligands already described for neurotensin NT1 receptor.
OCLN-HU NM-HU-190072 Ocln HCV infection research
Olfr1404-KO NM-KO-191145 Olfr1404 Olfactory research related
Olr1-KO NM-KO-190330 Olr1 Immune-related
Oosp1-KO NM-KO-00030 Oosp1
Oprk1-KO NM-KO-190642 Oprk1 alcohol dependence and opiate addiction
Oprm1-KO NM-KO-190643 Oprm1 dopamine system
Orai1-KO NM-KO-190131 Orai1 Immune-related
Osbpl2-KO NM-KO-190331 Osbpl2 Immune-related
Osm-KO NM-KO-190537 Osm Growth Factors,leukemia.
Otub2-KO NM-KO-190332 Otub2 Immune-related
Otud3-KO NM-KO-190333 Otud3 Immune-related
Oxtr-KO NM-KO-190612 Oxtr The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the G-protein coupled receptor family and acts as a receptor for oxytocin. Its activity is mediated by G proteins which activate a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system. The oxytocin-oxytocin receptor system plays an important role in the uterus during parturition.
P2rx4-KO NM-KO-191002 P2rx4 Hypertension, NO homeostasis, vascular remodeling, vasodilation
P4hb-KO NM-KO-191065 P4hb Immune system, neutrophils; cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, diffuse glioma
Pacsin1-KO NM-KO-191003 Pacsin1 Nervous system, synaptic vesicle formation, synaptic transmission, neural network activity
Padi4-KO NM-KO-190334 Padi4 Immune-related
Palld-KO NM-KO-00009 Palld Research on embryonic development, nervous system, hematopoietic system, etc.
Panx1-KO NM-KO-190847 Panx1 Inflammatory Response,macrophage, retinal ganglion cell ,, Inflammatory response, macrophages, nervous system, optic ganglion cells
Pappa-KO NM-KO-190132 Pappa Immune-related
Paqr4-KO NM-KO-00044 Paqr4
Paqr4-CKO NM-CKO-00069 Paqr4
Paqr9-KO NM-KO-00062 Paqr9
Pard6g-KO NM-KO-191004 Pard6g Epithelial cell proliferation regulation, trabecular formation in neonatal hearts
Park2-KO NM-KO-191005 Park2 Parkinson disease and autosomal recessive juvenile Parkinson disease
Park7-KO NM-KO-191006 Park7 a sensor for oxidative stress, autosomal recessive early-onset Parkinson disease 7
Parp1-KO NM-KO-190848 Parp1 Diabetes, Metabolic Enzymes, Auditory, neurotoxicity, renal ischemic injury
Parp2-KO NM-KO-191146 Parp2
Pax4-KO NM-KO-190849 Pax4 Transcription Factors, Insulin and somatostatin secretion
Pax7-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190124 Pax7 Dre tool mouse
Pcbp2-KO NM-KO-190336 Pcbp2 Immune-related
PCSK9-HU NM-HU-00075 Pcsk9 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1-HU NM-HU-190079 PD1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Pdap1-KO NM-KO-190337 Pdap1 Immune-related
Pdc-KO NM-KO-190133 Pdc Immune-related
PD-1&PD-L1&PDCD1LG2-HU NM-HU-190060 Pdcd1, Cd274, Pdcd1lg2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&SEMA4D-HU NM-HU-190033 Pdcd1,Sema4d Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&CD40-HU NM-HU-190017 Pdcd1,Cd40 Immune-related
PD-1&SIRPA-HU NM-HU-190022 Pdcd1,Sirpa Immune-related
PD-1&TLR9-HU NM-HU-190023 Pdcd1,Tlr9 Immune-related
PD-1&PD-L1&LAG3-HU NM-HU-190028 Pdcd1,Cd274,Lag3 Immune-related
PD-1&GITR-HU NM-HU-190014 Pdcd1,Tnfrsf18 Immune-related
PD-1&TIGIT&TIM3-HU NM-HU-190029 Pdcd1,Tigit,Havcr2 Immune-related
Pdcd1-KO NM-KO-190423 Pdcd1 Immune-related
PD-1&CD3e-HU NM-HU-18021 Pdcd1,Cd3e Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&PD-L1-HU NM-HU-00100 Pdcd1,Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&TIM3-HU NM-HU-00103 Pdcd1,Havcr2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&LAG3-HU NM-HU-00101 Pdcd1,Lag3 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&TIGIT-HU NM-HU-00104 Pdcd1,Tigit Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&OX40-HU NM-HU-00108 Pdcd1,Tnfrsf4 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
PD-1&CTLA4-HU NM-HU-00079 Pdcd1,Ctla4 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
PD-1-HU NM-HU-00015 Pdcd1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Pdcd10-CKO NM-CKO-00079 Pdcd10
Pdcd1lg2-KO NM-KO-190728 Pdcd1lg2 These mice may be useful for studying self tolerance, Th1 and Th2 immune responses.
PDCD1LG2-HU NM-HU-190061 Pdcd1lg2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PDCD1LG2-HU NM-HU-190050 Pdcd1lg2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Pdcd6-KO NM-KO-190850 Pdcd6 Apoptosis,
Pde3a-KO NM-KO-191007 Pde3a Cardiovascular system, platelet aggregation, vascular smooth muscle relaxation, congestive heart failure, oocyte development, female sterility
Pde3b-KO NM-KO-191008 Pde3b Lipid metabolism, energy metabolism, obesity
Pde5a-KO NM-KO-191009 Pde5a Cardiovascular system, vascular smooth muscle cells, tumor
Pde7a-KO NM-KO-190134 Pde7a Immune-related
Pdgfd-KO NM-KO-190338 Pdgfd Immune-related
Pdk1-KO NM-KO-191074 Pdk1 Mitochondrial multienzyme complex, cancer
Pdx1-(Avi-CreERT2) NM-KI-18042 Pdx1
Pecam1-KO NM-KO-190339 Pecam1 Immune-related
Per1-KO NM-KO-191063 Per1 Nervous system, circadian rhythm; tumor
Pf4-KO NM-KO-190135 Pf4 Immune-related
Pfkfb4-KO NM-KO-191075 Pfkfb4 Cancer, small cell lung cancer, melanoma, colon cancer
Pfkl-KO NM-KO-191076 Pfkl Glucose metabolism (glycolysis)
Pfkp-KO NM-KO-191187 Pfkp Glycolysis, cancer, clear cell renal cell carcinoma and bladder cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer
Pfkp-KO NM-KO-190555 Pfkp Glycolysis regulation, metabolism and cancer research
Pgam5-KO NM-KO-190340 Pgam5 Immune-related
Pgf-KO NM-KO-191069 Pgf Growth factor, angiogenesis
Pgk1-KO NM-KO-191010 Pgk1 Glycolysis enzyme, tumor, hemolytic anemia, neurological dysfunction
Pgp-KO NM-KO-190136 Pgp Immune-related
Phf3-KO NM-KO-190851 Phf3 Transcriptional Regulation,
Phf6-KO NM-KO-190341 Phf6 Immune-related
Pias2-KO NM-KO-190342 Pias2 Immune-related
Pidd1-KO NM-KO-191165 Pidd1 The expression of the mouse counterpart of this gene has been found to be positively regulated by the tumor suppressor p53 and to induce cell apoptosis in response to DNA damage, which suggests a role for this gene as an effector of p53-dependent apoptosis.
Piezo1-(CreERT2) NM-KI-18048 Piezo1 Mechanically sensitive ion channel Cre tool mouse
Piezo2-KO NM-KO-190343 Piezo2 Immune-related
Pik3c2a-KO NM-KO-190632 Pik3c2a hematopoietic,immune,
R26-(CAG-LSL-PIK3CA(H1047R)-IRES-luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190065 PIK3CA cancer research
Pik3cd-KO NM-KO-190852 Pik3cd Signal Transduction, T cell B cell antibody receptor signal transduction, inflammatory bowel disease, immune system
Pik3cg-KO NM-KO-191094 Pik3cg Immune system, thymocyte development, T cells, neutrophils; cancer
Pim1-KO NM-KO-191080 Pim1 Blood system, red blood cells; cancer, hematopoietic malignancies, prostate cancer
Pink1-KO NM-KO-191011 Pink1 mitochondrial homeostasis, autosomal recessive early-onset Parkinson disease
Pkp4-KO NM-KO-190853 Pkp4 Cytoskeleton Regulators,
Plat-KO NM-KO-190854 Plat Alzheimer's Disease , Beta-Amyloid Generation, Oligomerization, Clearance & Degradation, Nervous system, behavior, CNS synaptic transmission
Plau-KO NM-KO-190855 Plau Alzheimer's Disease ,Beta-Amyloid Generation, Oligomerization, Clearance & Degradation, immune system,
Plcb4-KO NM-KO-191012 Plcb4 Nervous system, ataxia, vision, circadian rhythm
Plce1-KO NM-KO-190344 Plce1 Immune-related
Plcg2-KO NM-KO-191013 Plcg2 Immune system, B cell, NK cell function, spontaneous inflammation, antibody deficiency, immune disorder syndrome, familial cold spontaneous inflammation syndrome 3
Pld1-KO NM-KO-191095 Pld1 Signal transduction and subcellular transport; tumor research, angiogenesis, autophagy, platelet function, thrombosis, ischemic brain damage
Pld2-KO NM-KO-191096 Pld2 Cytoskeletal organization, cell cycle control, transcriptional regulation and/or regulation of secretion; nervous system, Alzheimer's disease; tumor
Plin1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190034 Plin1 Dre recombinase tool
Plod2-KO NM-KO-191014 Plod2 Brooke syndrome
Pmch-(Pmch(CDS)) NM-KI-190117 Pmch Obesity and insulin resistance research
Pmel-KO NM-KO-190137 Pmel Immune-related
Pml-KO NM-KO-190619 Pml The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the tripartite motif (TRIM) family. This phosphoprotein localizes to nuclear bodies where it functions as a transcription factor and tumor suppressor. Its expression is cell-cycle related and it regulates the p53 response to oncogenic signals. The gene is often involved in the translocation with the retinoic acid receptor alpha gene associated with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL).
Pnliprp1-KO NM-KO-00005 Pnliprp1 Diabetes and Obesity
Pnpla3-KO NM-KO-00051 Pnpla3
Polrmt-KO NM-KO-190856 Polrmt Genomic Instability,Mitochondrial Dysfunction,
Pomc-KO NM-KO-190658 Pomc early onset obesity, adrenal insufficiency, and red hair pigmentation
Ppara-KO NM-KO-190345 Ppara Immune-related
Ppard-CKO NM-CKO-190068 Ppard NASH(nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) research
Pparg-CKO NM-CKO-190071 Pparg Insulin resistance, scarring alopecia, pulmonary arterial hypertension, osteoclastogenesis and milk production (inflammatory milk), and vascular nitric oxide production and endothelial cell dysfunction research.
Ppbp-KO NM-KO-190526 Ppbp Chemokines,DNA synthesis、mitosis、glycolysis、intracellular cAMP accumulation、prostaglandin E2 secretion、and synthesis of hyaluronic acid and sulfated glycosaminoglycan
Ppid-KO NM-KO-191015 Ppid Mitochondrial function, endothelial cell antioxidant
Ppp1r13b-KO NM-KO-190346 Ppp1r13b Immune-related
Ppp2cb-KO NM-KO-191016 Ppp2cb Tumor, cell cycle, viral infection
Ppp2r2b-KO NM-KO-191122 Ppp2r2b Spinocerebellar ataxia 12 (SCA12)
Ppp2r2d-KO NM-KO-191017 Ppp2r2d Tumor
Ppp2r5e-KO NM-KO-190347 Ppp2r5e Immune-related
Ppp3ca-KO NM-KO-191018 Ppp3ca Immune system, T cells; nervous system, epilepsy, neurodevelopmental diseases
Ppp6c-CKO NM-CKO-00115 Ppp6c
Prdm2-CKO NM-CKO-190034 Prdm2 Epigenetic
Prdx2-KO NM-KO-191019 Prdx2 Immune system, T cell; blood system, hemolytic anemia; tumor
Prf1-KO NM-KO-190193 Prf1 Immune-related
Prg2-KO NM-KO-190857 Prg2 Allergy and Asthma,Eosinophils, Eosinophil fine structure changes
Prkaa1-KO NM-KO-191107 Prkaa1 Cellular energy sensor, metabolism, hematopoiesis
Prkaa2-KO NM-KO-191108 Prkaa2 Cellular energy sensor, metabolism, systemic insulin sensitivity, maintaining myocardial energy homeostasis during ischemia
Prkab2-KO NM-KO-191109 Prkab2 Metabolism, nervous system, sleep disorders, schizophrenia
Prkag1-KO NM-KO-191110 Prkag1 Hematopoietic, hemolytic anemia; cancer
Prkag2-KO NM-KO-191111 Prkag2 Metabolism, obesity, Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, cardiac glycogen storage
Prkag3-KO NM-KO-191112 Prkag3 Metabolism, skeletal muscle energy metabolism
Prkca-KO NM-KO-190858 Prkca Alzheimer's Disease , Apoptosis,Cell Cycle,Protein Kinases, Cardiomyocyte function
Prkcb-KO NM-KO-190859 Prkcb Alzheimer's Disease,Protein Kinases,Intracellular Signaling, Immune system, B cell function, vascular wound healing
Prkcd-KO NM-KO-190860 Prkcd Alzheimer's Disease,Intracellular Signaling, Immune system, neutrophils, B cells, acute inflammation
Prkce-KO NM-KO-190861 Prkce Alzheimer's Disease,Intracellular Signaling, Acute behavioral studies of the nervous system, alcohol and activated GABA(A) receptor drugs, anxiety and stress hormones
Prkcg-KO NM-KO-190862 Prkcg Alzheimer's Disease,Intracellular Signaling, Nervous system, spatial learning and situational reflex, post-injury neuropathic pain, anxiety
Prkcq-KO NM-KO-190863 Prkcq Alzheimer's Disease,Intracellular Signaling, Immune system, T cell function, IL2
Prkcz-KO NM-KO-190864 Prkcz Alzheimer's Disease,Intracellular Signaling, Immune system, B cells, secondary lymphoid organs,
Prkdc-Il2rg-KO NM-KO-00158 Prkdc,Il2rg Immune and cancer research,drug screening
Prkg2-KO NM-KO-191020 Prkg2 Dwarfism, skeletal development, renin secretion
Prkn-KO NM-KO-190335 Prkn Immune-related
Prlhr-KO NM-KO-190657 Prlhr pancreatic cancer
Prmt1-CKO NM-CKO-190051 Prmt1 Epigenetic
Prmt2-CKO NM-CKO-190035 Prmt2 Epigenetic
Prmt3-KO NM-KO-190348 Prmt3 Immune-related
Prmt7-KO NM-KO-190349 Prmt7 Immune-related
Procr-(2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190051 Procr fluorescent reporter mice
Prpf40a-KO NM-KO-191021 Prpf40a Nervous system, Rett syndrome and Huntington's disease
Prrt2-CKO NM-CKO-00140 Prrt2
Prrx1-KO NM-KO-00165 Prrx1
Prrx2-KO NM-KO-190350 Prrx2 Immune-related
Prss29-CKO NM-CKO-00087 Prss29 Metabolism of proteins,nervous system development
Prss37-KO NM-KO-00016 Prss37 genital system
Prss54-KO NM-KO-00014 Prss54 genital system
Prss55-KO NM-KO-00013 Prss55 genital system
Psen2-KO NM-KO-190865 Psen2 Notch Signaling,Alzheimer's Disease,Intracellular Signaling, Alzheimer's Disease , Secretases,Apoptosis, Pulmonary Fibrosis
Ptch1-CKO NM-CKO-18015 Ptch1
Pten-CKO NM-CKO-18004 Pten
Pten-KO NM-KO-18002 Pten cancer research
Ptgdr2-KO NM-KO-190866 Ptgdr2 Allergy and Asthma, Th2 Cytokines & Related Genes, Immune system, IL5, IgE-mediated skin inflammation
Ptger2-KO NM-KO-190710 Ptger2 Associated with aspirin-induced susceptibility to asthma.
Ptgir-KO NM-KO-191022 Ptgir Cardiovascular system, thrombosis and vascular proliferation
Ptgis-KO NM-KO-190351 Ptgis Immune-related
Ptpn1-KO NM-KO-190867 Ptpn1 Diabetes, Cytokines & Growth Factors, Metabolic system, obesity
Ptpn14-KO NM-KO-191023 Ptpn14 Cell growth, differentiation, mitotic cycle, cancer, lymphatic development, lymphedema - bile duct atresia
Pvalb-KO NM-KO-190352 Pvalb Immune-related
Pvr-KO NM-KO-191147 Pvr The protein encoded by this gene is a transmembrane glycoprotein belonging to the immunoglobulin superfamily.
PVR-HU NM-HU-190012 Pvr Immune-related
Pycr1-KO NM-KO-190353 Pycr1 Immune-related
Pygl-KO NM-KO-190868 Pygl Diabetes, Metabolic Enzymes,
Pyy-KO NM-KO-190662 Pyy obesity,anorexia nervosa
R3hcc1-CKO NM-CKO-00019 R3hcc1
Rab25-KO NM-KO-191148 Rab25 This gene has been found to be a tumor suppressor and an oncogene,
Rab4a-KO NM-KO-190869 Rab4a Diabetes, Receptors, Transporters & Channels,
Rab5a-KO NM-KO-190354 Rab5a Immune-related
Rab7-KO NM-KO-190355 Rab7 Immune-related
Rag1-KO NM-KO-00069 Rag1 Immunodeficiency,tumor-bearing model
Rag2-KO NM-KO-190429 Rag2 Immunodeficiency,tumor-bearing model
Rag2-KO NM-KO-00070 Rag2 Immunodeficiency,tumor-bearing model
Ramp3-KO NM-KO-190665 Ramp3
Rap1a-KO NM-KO-190870 Rap1a Aging, Telomere Attrition, Leukocyte migration, angiogenesis
Rassf1-KO NM-KO-190627 Rassf1 pathogenesis of a variety of cancers
Rassf2-KO NM-KO-191024 Rassf2 Tumor, bone, hematopoietic system
Rassf4-KO NM-KO-191025 Rassf4 Tumor
Rb1-CKO NM-CKO-18012 Rb1 cancer research, aging
Rbck1-KO NM-KO-190356 Rbck1 Immune-related
Rbfox3-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190103 Rbfox3 Dre recombinase tool
Rdh13-KO NM-KO-00024 Rdh13 nervous system,metabolism
Reg3b-CKO NM-CKO-00128 Reg3b cancer research
Reg4-KO NM-KO-190357 Reg4 Immune-related
Reg4-CKO NM-CKO-00025 Reg4
Tg(Rel pro-Luc) NM-TG-190002 Rel Tool Mice
Rel-KO NM-KO-190138 Rel Immune-related
Rela-KO NM-KO-190139 Rela Immune-related
Resp18-(V5) NM-KI-18019 Resp18
Resp18-KO NM-KO-00022 Resp18 Aging,nervous system related research
Resp18-CKO NM-CKO-00083 Resp18
Rest-CKO NM-CKO-00001 Rest Neurodegenerative diseases (such as Huntington's disease)
Retn-KO NM-KO-190871 Retn Diabetes, Cytokines & Growth Factors, Glucose metabolism, gluconeogenesis
Retnlg-KO NM-KO-190872 Retnlg Alternatively Activated Macrophages,
Rfpl4-KO NM-KO-190358 Rfpl4 Immune-related
Rgsl2-KO NM-KO-190360 Rgsl2 Immune-related
Rhbdf2-CKO NM-CKO-00073 Rhbdf2 immune system,
Rilp-KO NM-KO-191026 Rilp Tumor, HCV
Ripk2-KO NM-KO-191155 Ripk2 It is a potent activator of NF-kappaB and inducer of apoptosis in response to various stimuli.
Ripk3-KO NM-KO-190140 Ripk3 Immune-related
Rnase2a-KO NM-KO-190873 Rnase2a Allergy and Asthma, Eosinophils,
Rnase2b-KO NM-KO-190874 Rnase2b Allergy and Asthma, Eosinophils,
Rnf128-KO NM-KO-190718 Rnf128 Immune related
Rnf144b-KO NM-KO-190875 Rnf144b Proteostasis,
Rnf19b-KO NM-KO-190361 Rnf19b Immune-related
Robo3-CKO NM-CKO-00093 Robo3
Rorc-KO NM-KO-190141 Rorc Immune-related
Ros1-KO NM-KO-190620 Ros1 This proto-oncogene, highly-expressed in a variety of tumor cell lines, belongs to the sevenless subfamily of tyrosine kinase insulin receptor genes. The protein encoded by this gene is a type I integral membrane protein with tyrosine kinase activity. The protein may function as a growth or differentiation factor receptor.
Rp1-KO NM-KO-190142 Rp1 Immune-related
Rph3a-KO NM-KO-191027 Rph3a Nervous system, release of neurotransmitters and transport of synaptic vesicles; lymphocyte funnel pituitary (LINH)
Rps5-CKO NM-CKO-00143 Rps5
Rps6-KO NM-KO-191116 Rps6 Cell cycle, cancer
Rps6ka1-KO NM-KO-191097 Rps6ka1 Cell growth and differentiation; cancer
Rps6ka2-KO NM-KO-191098 Rps6ka2 Cardiovascular system; cancer
Rps6ka5-KO NM-KO-191099 Rps6ka5 Nervous system, cocaine response; cancer
Rps6ka5-CKO NM-CKO-190036 Rps6ka5 Epigenetic
Rps6ka6-KO NM-KO-190362 Rps6ka6 Immune-related
Rps6kb1-KO NM-KO-191117 Rps6kb1 mTOR signaling, endocrine and metabolism, cancer
Rps6kb2-KO NM-KO-191118 Rps6kb2 Protein synthesis and cell proliferation, cancer
Rragb-KO NM-KO-191100 Rragb mTORC1 transfer / activation
Rragc-KO NM-KO-190363 Rragc Immune-related
Rragd-KO NM-KO-191101 Rragd Cancer, tumor growth
Rsad2-KO NM-KO-190364 Rsad2 Immune-related
Rtn1-KO NM-KO-191028 Rtn1 Nervous system, cancer, tumor
S100a10-KO NM-KO-190365 S100a10 Immune-related
S100a7a-KO NM-KO-191149 S100a7a
S100a9-KO NM-KO-190143 S100a9 Immune-related
S100b-KO NM-KO-191029 S100b Nervous system, glial cells, spatial memory, LTP action, epilepsy, nervous system damage
Samd12-KO NM-KO-18005 Samd12
Samhd1-KO NM-KO-190144 Samhd1 Immune-related
Scn2b-KO NM-KO-190876 Scn2b Neurodegeneration & Synaptic Transmission, Sodium ion channel study, pilocarpine-induced epilepsy, glucose tolerance
Sdc3-KO NM-KO-190366 Sdc3 Immune-related
Sele-KO NM-KO-190877 Sele Pro-Inflammatory Genes, immune system
Selenos-KO NM-KO-190412 Selenos Immune-related
Sell-KO NM-KO-190878 Sell Diabetes, Receptors, Transporters & Channels, Immune system, tumor
PSGL-1-HU NM-HU-00046 Selplg Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Sema3g-CKO NM-CKO-00068 Sema3g
SEMA4D-HU NM-HU-00117 Sema4d Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Sept5-KO NM-KO-191030 Sept5 Cell division cycle regulatory protein,nervous system,leukemia,platelet
Serpina3c-KO NM-KO-190879 Serpina3c Alzheimer's Disease ,Protease Inhibitors,
Setd2-CKO NM-CKO-190069 Setd2 Epigenetic
Setd2-CKO NM-CKO-00126 Setd2
Setd4-KO NM-KO-190367 Setd4 Immune-related
Setdb1-CKO NM-CKO-190052 Setdb1 Epigenetic
Sfrp1-KO NM-KO-190685 Sfrp1 Cancer-related genes
Sfrp4-KO NM-KO-190686 Sfrp4 Apoptosis related gene
Sftpc-(Avitag-IRES-V5-M2rtTA-WPRE-polyA) NM-KI-18043 Sftpc
Sftpc-(IRES-CreERT2) NM-KI-18020 Sftpc Cre recombinase tool
Sgk1-KO NM-KO-190145 Sgk1 Immune-related
Sh3rf2-KO NM-KO-190449 Sh3rf2 Autism
Sh3rf2-CKO NM-CKO-190057 Sh3rf2 Autism
Shisa5-CKO NM-CKO-190072 Shisa5 Diseases associated with SHISA5 include Vasculopathy, Retinal, With Cerebral Leukodystrophy and Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome 1.
Sidt2-CKO NM-CKO-00041 Sidt2 Glucose homeostasis,regulation of insulin secretion
Siglec15-KO NM-KO-191192 Siglec15 Immune-related
SIGLEC15-HU NM-HU-190037 Siglec15 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Sigmar1-KO NM-KO-190644 Sigmar1 endocrine, immune, and nervous systems
SIRPA&CD47&PD-1-HU NM-HU-190026 Sirpa,Cd47,Pdcd1 Immune-related
SIRPA&CD47-HU NM-HU-190019 Sirpa,Cd47 Immune-related
SIRPA-HU NM-HU-18015 Sirpa Immunotherapy,drug screening
SIRPA-HU NM-HU-00119 Sirpa Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Sirt1-CKO NM-CKO-190037 Sirt1 Epigenetic
Sirt2-CKO NM-CKO-190038 Sirt2 Epigenetic
Sirt3-CKO NM-CKO-190039 Sirt3 Epigenetic
Sirt3-KO NM-KO-190368 Sirt3 Immune-related
Sirt5-KO NM-KO-190369 Sirt5 Immune-related
Skp1a-KO NM-KO-191031 Skp1a Immune system, antiviral; nervous system, Parkinson's disease
Skp2-KO NM-KO-190687 Skp2 Protooncogene; lymphoma-associated
Slamf1-KO NM-KO-190146 Slamf1 Immune-related
SLAMF7-HU NM-HU-18028 Slamf7 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Slc10a1-KO NM-KO-190371 Slc10a1 Immune-related
Slc14a1-KO NM-KO-191032 Slc14a1 Urea transport, tumor
Slc14a2-KO NM-KO-190880 Slc14a2 Diabetes, Receptors, Transporters & Channels, Urea permeability, urine osmotic pressure
Slc16a3-KO NM-KO-191070 Slc16a3 Monocarboxylate transporter (MCT)
Slc17a6-(CreERT2) NM-KI-190011 Slc17a6 Tool Mice
Slc22a1&Slc22a2-KO NM-KO-18014 Slc22a1,Slc22a2
Slc25a23-KO NM-KO-190372 Slc25a23 Immune-related
Slc25a4-KO NM-KO-191033 Slc25a4 Mitochondrial energy metabolism, autosomal dominant progressive progressive external eye muscle paralysis, familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Slc2a10-KO NM-KO-190373 Slc2a10 Immune-related
Slc45a2-KO NM-KO-190374 Slc45a2 Immune-related
Slc47a1-KO NM-KO-18006 Slc47a1
Slc6a1-(S295L) NM-KI-190014 Slc6a1 nervous system,immune system
Slc6a1-KO NM-KO-00002 Slc6a1 nervous system,immune system
Slc6a11-KO NM-KO-00046 Slc6a11 nervous system
Slc6A12-KO NM-KO-00047 Slc6A12 immune system
Slc6a13-KO NM-KO-00048 Slc6a13 immune system
Slc6a3-KO NM-KO-191034 Slc6a3 Dwarfism, nervous system, dopamine regulation, epilepsy, ADHD, alcohol and cocaine dependence, Parkinson's disease, nicotine dependence
Slc7a2-KO NM-KO-190375 Slc7a2 Immune-related
Slc9a5-KO NM-KO-00049 Slc9a5
Slco1b2-Slco1a5-KO NM-KO-18030 Slco1b2,Slco1a5
Slco4a1-KO NM-KO-190376 Slco4a1 Immune-related
Sln-KO NM-KO-190147 Sln Immune-related
Smad3-KO NM-KO-190149 Smad3 Immune-related
Smad4-CKO NM-CKO-18011 Smad4
Smad5-CKO NM-CKO-18017 Smad5
Smarca2-CKO NM-CKO-190040 Smarca2 Epigenetic
Smarca4-CKO NM-CKO-190041 Smarca4 Epigenetic
Smarcb1-CKO NM-CKO-190042 Smarcb1 Epigenetic
Smarcc1-CKO NM-CKO-190053 Smarcc1 Epigenetic
Smyd3-KO NM-KO-190379 Smyd3 Immune-related
Snap25-CKO NM-CKO-00091 Snap25
Snca-KO NM-KO-191185 Snca Anti-Apoptotic, Nervous system, dopamine level regulation
Snca-KO NM-KO-190380 Snca Immune-related
Sncb-KO NM-KO-190881 Sncb Lipid & Lipoprotein Metabolism,
Snd1-KO NM-KO-190381 Snd1 Immune-related
Snx10-KO NM-KO-00035 Snx10
Snx16-KO NM-KO-18016 Snx16
Snx16-CKO NM-CKO-00058 Snx16
Soat1-CKO NM-CKO-190064 Soat1 atherosclerosis research
Soat2-CKO NM-CKO-18009 Soat2
Socs2-KO NM-KO-190148 Socs2 Immune-related
Socs3-KO NM-KO-190150 Socs3 Immune-related
Sod1-KO NM-KO-190151 Sod1 Immune-related
Sod3-KO NM-KO-190382 Sod3 Immune-related
Sort1-KO NM-KO-190659 Sort1 myocardial infarction
Sox9-Flp NM-KI-00131 Sox9 recombinase tool
Spag11a-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00071 Spag11a gene tracing
Spata19-KO NM-KO-00015 Spata19
Spata2-KO NM-KO-191150 Spata2
Spem2-KO NM-KO-190383 Spem2 Immune-related
Sphk1-KO NM-KO-191188 Sphk1 Unknown
Sphk1-KO NM-KO-191035 Sphk1 Immune system, inflammation, anti-apoptosis, TNF-α signaling and NF-κB activation pathway
Sphk2-KO NM-KO-191036 Sphk2 Cell migration, proliferation and apoptosis; angiogenesis, tumorigenesis, cancer, breast cancer
Spink7-KO NM-KO-190384 Spink7 Immune-related
Spns2-KO NM-KO-190385 Spns2 Immune-related
Spp1-KO NM-KO-190547 Spp1
Srsf10-CKO NM-CKO-18010 Srsf10
Srsf7-KO NM-KO-191037 Srsf7 Pre-mRNA splicing factor, exporting mRNA from the nucleus and participating in translation
Sst-(IRES-Cre) NM-KI-190091 Sst Cre tool mouse, somatostatin-expressing neurons
Sstr1-KO NM-KO-190603 Sstr1 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the superfamily of somatostatin receptors having seven transmembrane segments. Somatostatin receptors form homodimers and heterodimers with other members of the superfamily as well as with other G-protein coupled receptors and receptor tyrosine kinases.
Sstr2-KO NM-KO-190604 Sstr2 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the superfamily of somatostatin receptors having seven transmembrane segments and is expressed in highest levels in cerebrum and kidney.
Sstr4-KO NM-KO-190605 Sstr4 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the superfamily of somatostatin receptors having seven transmembrane segments and is expressed in highest levels in fetal and adult brain and lung.
Stat4-KO NM-KO-190153 Stat4 Immune-related
Stat5a-KO NM-KO-190154 Stat5a Immune-related
Stat5b-KO NM-KO-190882 Stat5b Acute Inflammation,Anti-Apoptotic,Innate Immunity,Lymphoid Differentiation & Development,Myeloid Differentiation & Development,Transcription Factors, Milk protein secretion during lactation
Stat6-KO NM-KO-190155 Stat6 Immune-related
Stc1-KO NM-KO-190386 Stc1 Immune-related
Stk11-CKO NM-CKO-18014 Stk11
Stk3-KO NM-KO-191038 Stk3 Growth inhibition, apoptosis, tumorigenesis, cancer
Stk38l-CKO NM-CKO-00060 Stk38l
Stk4-KO NM-KO-191039 Stk4 Immune system, T cells; apoptosis, cancer
Stoml1-KO NM-KO-190378 Stoml1 Immune-related
Stradb-KO NM-KO-191113 Stradb Anti-apoptosis
Stxbp4-KO NM-KO-190883 Stxbp4 Diabetes, Receptors, Transporters & Channels,
Sucnr1-KO NM-KO-190387 Sucnr1 Immune-related
Sult1b1-KO NM-KO-190388 Sult1b1 Immune-related
Sumf2-CKO NM-CKO-00017 Sumf2 Metabolism of lipids and lipoproteins,Metabolism of proteins,Sphingolipid metabolism
Suz12-CKO NM-CKO-190044 Suz12 Epigenetic
Sv2b-KO NM-KO-191040 Sv2b Sv2a/Sv2b double gene function, synaptic vesicle transport and exocytosis, nervous system, glomerular filtration barrier
Sycp2-KO NM-KO-191151 Sycp2
Sympk-KO NM-KO-191041 Sympk Anemia, tumorigenesis, cancer
Syn1-KO NM-KO-191042 Syn1 Nervous system, CNS synapse formation and transmission, X-linked disease (such as Rett syndrome)
Syngr3-KO NM-KO-191043 Syngr3 Synaptic binding protein
Syt11-KO NM-KO-191044 Syt11 Nervous system, calcium sensor, synaptic tagged protein, Parkinson's disease
Syt7-KO NM-KO-190389 Syt7 Immune-related
Sytl1-KO NM-KO-190377 Sytl1 Immune-related
Tac1-KO NM-KO-191045 Tac1 Nervous system, pain, anxiety and depression, central nervous system lymphoma
Tacr1-KO NM-KO-190606 Tacr1 This gene encodes the receptor for the tachykinin substance P, also referred to as neurokinin 1. The encoded protein is also involved in the mediation of phosphatidylinositol metabolism of substance P.
Tacr2-KO NM-KO-00064 Tacr2
Tacr3-KO NM-KO-190607 Tacr3 This gene encodes the receptor for the tachykinin neurokinin 3, also referred to as neurokinin B.This gene belongs to a family of genes that function as receptors for tachykinins. Receptor affinities are specified by variations in the 5'-end of the sequence.
Tango2-KO NM-KO-190197 Tango2 Immune-related
Taok1-KO NM-KO-191046 Taok1 Breast cancer, liver fibrosis
Taok2-KO NM-KO-191047 Taok2 Cell Signaling, Microtubule Tissue and Stability, and Apoptosis, Alcohol Metabolism, Alcohol Dependence
Taok3-KO NM-KO-191048 Taok3 Positive adjustment of the TCR signal
TAP-1-KO NM-KO-190194 TAP-1 Immune-related
Tap2-KO NM-KO-190884 Tap2 Antigen Uptake, CD8+ T cells
Tapbp-KO NM-KO-190885 Tapbp Antigen Presentation, Immune system, T cell selection, NK cells, CD8+ T cells
Tat-KO NM-KO-190156 Tat Immune-related
Tbcb-CKO NM-CKO-00088 Tbcb homeostasis/metabolism,nervous system,
Tbx15-CKO NM-CKO-00141 Tbx15
Tbx21-KO NM-KO-190157 Tbx21 Immune-related
Tbxa2r-KO NM-KO-190390 Tbxa2r Immune-related
Tcf7-KO NM-KO-190688 Tcf7 Immune system related
Tcf7l1-KO NM-KO-190689 Tcf7l1 Immune system; Regulation of cell cycle genes and cellular senescence
Tchhl1-KO NM-KO-190554 Tchhl1 Hair morphogenesis
Tcrα-KO NM-KO-190434 Tcrα immune
Tcrβ-KO NM-KO-190437 Tcrβ immune
Tcrδ-KO NM-KO-190435 Tcrδ immune
Tdrp-KO NM-KO-00065 Tdrp genital system
Tead2-KO NM-KO-191049 Tead2 EMT and metastasis, no brain malformation
Tead3-KO NM-KO-191050 Tead3 Cardiovascular system, coronary heart disease, cardiomyocytes
Tec-KO NM-KO-190158 Tec Immune-related
Tef-KO NM-KO-190159 Tef Immune-related
Tert-(CreERT2) NM-KI-18037 Tert Cre recombinase tool
R26-(CAG-LSL-V5-TERT-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18035 TERT Telomerase
Tespa1-KO NM-KO-00036 Tespa1 hematopoietic system,immune system
Tet1-CKO NM-CKO-00075 Tet1
Tet2-CKO NM-CKO-190055 Tet2 Epigenetic
Tet2-KO NM-KO-00127 Tet2 hematopoietic research, cancer research
Tet3-CKO NM-CKO-18002 Tet3 Epigenetic,DNA demethylation study
Tet3-CKO NM-CKO-18003 Tet3 Epigenetic,DNA demethylation study
Tet3-KO NM-KO-18007 Tet3 Epigenetic,DNA demethylation study
Tex101-CKO NM-CKO-00090 Tex101 nervous system,Insulin secretion
Tfb2m-KO NM-KO-190886 Tfb2m Aging,Genomic Instability,Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Tfg-KO NM-KO-190160 Tfg Immune-related
Tfpi-CKO NM-CKO-00044 Tfpi
Tfpi2-CKO NM-CKO-00117 Tfpi2
Tfrc-KO NM-KO-191086 Tfrc Erythropoiesis, anemia, nervous system development
Tgfb1-CKO NM-CKO-00107 Tgfb1 homeostasis/metabolism,immune system,hematopoietic system
Tgfb2-KO NM-KO-190548 Tgfb2 Cancer research related;Disease related
Tgm2-KO NM-KO-191051 Tgm2 Apoptosis, glucose and aerobic energy metabolism, osteoclastogenesis and bone metabolism, tumors, nervous system
Themis-KO NM-KO-190161 Themis Immune-related
Thpo-KO NM-KO-190538 Thpo Growth Factors,leukemia.
Thrb-KO NM-KO-190672 Thrb thyroid hormone resistance
Thy1-KO NM-KO-190162 Thy1 Immune-related
Ticam2-KO NM-KO-190391 Ticam2 Immune-related
Tie1-(2A-Cre) NM-KI-18023 Tie1
TIGIT-HU NM-HU-190032 Tigit Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tigit-KO NM-KO-18043 Tigit immune system
TIGIT-HU NM-HU-00053 Tigit Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tlr1-KO NM-KO-190163 Tlr1 Immune-related
TLR2-HU NM-HU-190066 Tlr2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tlr2-KO NM-KO-18026 Tlr2 Immune-related
Tlr3-KO NM-KO-190431 Tlr3 Immune-related
Tlr3-KO NM-KO-190164 Tlr3 Immune-related
Tlr4-KO NM-KO-18052 Tlr4 Immune-related
Tlr5-KO NM-KO-190430 Tlr5 Immune-related
Tlr5-KO NM-KO-18059 Tlr5 Immune-related
TLR6-KO NM-KO-190195 TLR6 Immune-related
Tlr7-KO NM-KO-190166 Tlr7 Immune-related
TLR7-HU NM-HU-18027 Tlr7 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
TLR8-HU NM-HU-190044 Tlr8 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tlr8-KO NM-KO-190167 Tlr8 Immune-related
TLR9&OX40-HU NM-HU-190024 Tlr9,Tnfrsf4 Immune-related
Tlr9-KO NM-KO-190168 Tlr9 Immune-related
Tlr9-HU NM-HU-18016 Tlr9 drug screening
Tmcc2-KO NM-KO-190392 Tmcc2 Immune-related
Tmco3-KO NM-KO-190398 Tmco3 Immune-related
Tmed4-CKO NM-CKO-00018 Tmed4
Tmem123-KO NM-KO-191154 Tmem123 Tumor research related
Tmem135-KO NM-KO-190887 Tmem135 Inflammatory Response,
STING-HU NM-HU-190036 Tmem173 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tmem173-CKO NM-CKO-00014 Tmem173 Apoptotic process,interferon-beta production,immune response
Tmem184a-CKO NM-CKO-00142 Tmem184a
Tmem216-KO NM-KO-190393 Tmem216 Immune-related
Tmem233-CKO NM-CKO-190066 Tmem233 Pain related
Tmem33-KO NM-KO-190888 Tmem33 Inflammatory Response,
Tmem57-KO NM-KO-191152 Tmem57
Tmem63a-KO NM-KO-190394 Tmem63a Immune-related
Tmem63b-KO NM-KO-190395 Tmem63b Immune-related
Tmem63c-KO NM-KO-190396 Tmem63c Immune-related
Tmem94-KO NM-KO-190397 Tmem94 Immune-related
Tnf-(IRES-NanoLuc) NM-KI-190122 Tnf Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Tnf-(HiBiT) NM-KI-190123 Tnf Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Tnf-KO NM-KO-00100 Tnf Immune and cancer research
Tnfaip2-KO NM-KO-190399 Tnfaip2 Immune-related
Tnfrsf10b-KO NM-KO-191161 Tnfrsf10b
Tnfrsf11b-KO NM-KO-190400 Tnfrsf11b Immune-related
Opg-KO NM-KO-00004 Tnfrsf11b osteoporosis
Tnfrsf13c-KO NM-KO-190729 Tnfrsf13c Immune related, mature B-cell survival related.
Tnfrsf14-KO NM-KO-190439 Tnfrsf14 Immune-related
Tnfrsf17-KO NM-KO-191167 Tnfrsf17 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the TNF-receptor superfamily. This receptor is preferentially expressed in mature B lymphocytes, and may be important for B cell development and autoimmune response.
GITR-HU NM-HU-190051 Tnfrsf18 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tnfrsf18-KO NM-KO-190424 Tnfrsf18 Immune-related
GITR-HU NM-HU-00096 Tnfrsf18 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tnfrsf1a/Tnfrsf1b-KO NM-KO-18036 Tnfrsf1a,Tnfrsf1b
TNFRSF1B-HU NM-HU-190010 Tnfrsf1b Immune-related
Tnfrsf25-KO NM-KO-190169 Tnfrsf25 Immune-related
TNFRSF25-HU NM-HU-00097 Tnfrsf25 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tnfrsf4-KO NM-KO-190171 Tnfrsf4 Immune-related
OX40-HU NM-HU-00078 Tnfrsf4 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
OX40-HU NM-HU-00041 Tnfrsf4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-1&PD-L1&OX40-HU NM-HU-00122 Tnfrsf4,Pdcd1,Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
OX40&CTLA4-HU NM-HU-00105 Tnfrsf4,Ctla4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CD30-HU NM-HU-190058 Tnfrsf8 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
4-1BB-HU NM-HU-190077 Tnfrsf9 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Tnfrsf9-KO NM-KO-190173 Tnfrsf9 Immune-related
4-1BB-KO NM-KO-00088 Tnfrsf9 Immune and hematopoietic research
4-1BB-HU NM-HU-00099 Tnfrsf9 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tnfsf10-KO NM-KO-190401 Tnfsf10 Immune-related
Tnfsf13b-KO NM-KO-190544 Tnfsf13b immune system;B cell development
Tnfsf14-KO NM-KO-190170 Tnfsf14 Immune-related
Tnfsf15-KO NM-KO-191168 Tnfsf15 The protein encoded by this gene is a cytokine that belongs to the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ligand family. This protein is abundantly expressed in endothelial cells, but is not expressed in either B or T cells.
Tnfsf4-KO NM-KO-190889 Tnfsf4 Allergy and Asthma, Th2 Cytokines & Related Genes, Immune system, autoimmune diabetes
OX40L-HU NM-HU-00070 Tnfsf4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tnfsf8-KO NM-KO-190711 Tnfsf8 Immune related
4-1BBL-HU NM-HU-00048 Tnfsf9 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Tollip-KO NM-KO-190890 Tollip Apoptosis,Inflammatory Response, Immune system, cytokine production
Tppp3-CKO NM-CKO-00085 Tppp3
Tpsb2-KO NM-KO-190891 Tpsb2 Allergy and Asthma, Mast Cells & IgE, immune system
Tra2b-CKO NM-CKO-00066 Tra2b Cornelia de Lange syndrome.
Tradd-KO NM-KO-191169 Tradd death domain containing adaptor molecule
Traf1-KO NM-KO-190442 Traf1 Immune-related,allergic airway diseases and Rheumatoid arthritis
Traf2-KO NM-KO-190892 Traf2 Apoptosis,Adaptive Immunity, immune system
Trdmt1-CKO NM-CKO-190045 Trdmt1 Epigenetic
Trem2-CKO NM-CKO-190063 Trem2 Neurobiology Research, Alzheimer's disease related
Trem2-(R47H) NM-KI-190092 Trem2 Neurobiology Research,Alzheimer's disease related
Trem2-KO NM-KO-190402 Trem2 Immune-related
Trib1-KO NM-KO-190172 Trib1 Immune-related
Trib3-KO NM-KO-190893 Trib3 Diabetes, Cytokines & Growth Factors, Hypofunction, blood pressure, mast cells
Trim21-KO NM-KO-190403 Trim21 Immune-related
Trim24-KO NM-KO-190404 Trim24 Immune-related
Trim59-KO NM-KO-190405 Trim59 Immune-related
Trim67-KO NM-KO-190406 Trim67 Immune-related
Trmt6-KO NM-KO-190407 Trmt6 Immune-related
Trp53-KO NM-KO-191203 Trp53 Cancer research
P53-CKO NM-CKO-190067 Trp53 Cancer Research
Trp53-(R172H) NM-KI-18028 Trp53 cancer research
Trp53-(R270H) NM-KI-18027 Trp53 cancer research
P53-CKO NM-CKO-18005 Trp53 cancer research
P53-KO NM-KO-00011 Trp53 Tumorigenesis,aging,antineoplastic drug evaluation etc
Trp63-(DreERT2) NM-KI-190029 Trp63 Dre recombinase tool
Trp73-KO NM-KO-190628 Trp73
Trpa1-KO NM-KO-190446 Trpa1 neurobiological studies
Trpc6-CKO NM-CKO-00104 Trpc6 homeostasis/metabolism
Trpm8-(2A-Cre) NM-KI-190126 Trpm8 Cre tool mouse
Trpm8-(S966A) NM-KI-190101 Trpm8 Cation channel
Trpv1-KO NM-KO-18053 Trpv1
Trpv2-CKO NM-CKO-00023 Trpv2
Trpv4-KO NM-KO-190408 Trpv4 Immune-related
Trpv6-KO NM-KO-00168 Trpv6
Tslp-KO NM-KO-190174 Tslp Immune-related
Tspo-KO NM-KO-190613 Tspo Present mainly in the mitochondrial compartment of peripheral tissues, the protein encoded by this gene interacts with some benzodiazepines . The protein is a key factor in the flow of cholesterol into mitochondria to permit the initiation of steroid hormone synthesis.
Tspyl5-KO NM-KO-190409 Tspyl5 Immune-related
Ttk-CKO NM-CKO-00144 Ttk
Ttr-(G103R) NM-KI-00134 Ttr
Tubb4a-KO NM-KO-191131 Tubb4a Low myelinated leukocyte dystrophy 6, autosomal dominant tonic dystonia 4,
Tubb5-KO NM-KO-191052 Tubb5 Nervous system, microcephaly
Txlna-KO NM-KO-00123 Txlna immune system
Txlna-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00026 Txlna Inflammation and immunity, gene tracing
Txnip-KO NM-KO-190894 Txnip Aging, Proteostasis, Immune system, NK cell development and activity, lipid metabolism, coagulation
Txnl4b-KO NM-KO-191153 Txnl4b
Tyr-(CreERT2) NM-KI-18058 Tyr Melanocyte Cre tool mouse
Tyr-KO NM-KO-00132 Tyr
R26-(U6-gRNA-Apoe-Ldlr) NM-KI-18005 U6-gRNA-Apoe-Ldlr
Uba1-KO NM-KO-191053 Uba1 Ubiquitin activating enzyme, DNA repair
Ube2k-KO NM-KO-191054 Ube2k Alzheimer's disease, amyloid beta neurotoxicity, apoptosis
Ube2s-CKO NM-CKO-00102 Ube2s hematopoietic system,homeostasis/metabolism,immune system
Ubqln1-KO NM-KO-190895 Ubqln1 Beta-Amyloid Metabolism, Degradation of ubiquitinated proteins, brain damage and functional recovery caused by ischemia-reperfusion
Ucn-KO NM-KO-190660 Ucn mood disorders, neurodegeneration, and skeletal system disorders
Ucp1-KO NM-KO-190668 Ucp1 obesity,metabolic disease
Ucp1-(CreERT2) NM-KI-190102 Ucp1 Cre recombinase tool
Ucp1-(Cre) NM-KI-190105 Ucp1 Cre recombinase tool
Ucp2-KO NM-KO-191186 Ucp2 Diabetes, islet cell function, Toxoplasma infection
Ucp2-KO NM-KO-00038 Ucp2 nervous system,immune system
Uhrf1-CKO NM-CKO-00094 Uhrf1 metabolism,respiratory system
Ulk1-KO NM-KO-191123 Ulk1 Autophagy, brain development, axon guidance, tumor
Ulk2-KO NM-KO-191124 Ulk2 Brain development axon guidance, autophagy, nervous system, anxiety
Upk3b-KO NM-KO-00023 Upk3b
Uqcrc1-KO NM-KO-190896 Uqcrc1 Alzheimer's Disease,Oxidoreductases & Oxidative Stress,
Uqcrc2-KO NM-KO-190897 Uqcrc2 Alzheimer's Disease,Oxidoreductases & Oxidative Stress,Proteases,
Usp26-KO NM-KO-190410 Usp26 Immune-related
Usp34-KO NM-KO-191055 Usp34 Osteogenic differentiation, bone formation
Usp4-KO NM-KO-190411 Usp4 Immune-related
Uts2-KO NM-KO-191056 Uts2 Macrophages, hepatic cholesterol homeostasis, hypertension
Vamp3-KO NM-KO-190898 Vamp3 Diabetes, Receptors, Transporters & Channels, Vesicle-associated membrane protein 3
Vapa-KO NM-KO-190899 Vapa Diabetes, Receptors, Transporters & Channels,
Vav1-KO NM-KO-190724 Vav1 Immune related
Vcan-KO NM-KO-190564 Vcan Wagner syndrome type 1
Vdac3-KO NM-KO-191057 Vdac3 Male sterility
Vegfa-KO NM-KO-190539 Vegfa Growth Factors,Diabetes.
Vegfb-KO NM-KO-191119 Vegfb Endothelial uptake of fatty acids, cardiovascular system, nervous system, obesity
Virma-CKO NM-CKO-190008 Virma Epigenetic
R26-(CAG-LSL-Virma-3xFLAG-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190057 Virma mRNA methylation
Vps13c-KO NM-KO-190900 Vps13c Aging, Proteostasis,
Vps53-CKO NM-CKO-00036 Vps53
Vrtn-KO NM-KO-190413 Vrtn Immune-related
Vsir-KO NM-KO-18047 Vsir
VISTA-HU NM-HU-00118 Vsir Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Vstm2a-CKO NM-CKO-00010 Vstm2a
VTCN1-HU NM-HU-190075 Vtcn1 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
VTCN1-HU NM-HU-190004 Vtcn1 Immune-related
Vwa5a-KO NM-KO-190901 Vwa5a Aging, Cellular Senescence,
Vwc2l-CKO NM-CKO-00005 Vwc2l
Was-KO NM-KO-190725 Was Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome research.
Wdr47-CKO NM-CKO-00089 Wdr47
Wif1-KO NM-KO-190690 Wif1 Cancer-related genes
Wisp1-KO NM-KO-190700 Wisp1 Cancer-related genes
Wls-CKO NM-CKO-00027 Wls Signal Transduction,Signaling by Wnt
Wnt10a-KO NM-KO-190691 Wnt10a Cancer-related genes
Wnt2b-KO NM-KO-190692 Wnt2b Cancer-related genes; Cell growth and differentiation
Wnt6-KO NM-KO-190693 Wnt6 Cancer-related genes
Wnt7a-KO NM-KO-190414 Wnt7a Immune-related
Wnt8a-KO NM-KO-190694 Wnt8a Cancer-related genes
Wrn-KO NM-KO-190902 Wrn Aging, Cellular Senescence, Cancer research
Wtap-CKO NM-CKO-190009 Wtap Epigenetic
R26-(CAG-LSL-Wtap-3xFLAG-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190058 Wtap mRNA methylation
Wtip-KO NM-KO-191058 Wtip Cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, cervical cancer
Wwc1-KO NM-KO-191059 Wwc1 Nervous system, synaptic plasticity
Wwp1-KO NM-KO-190556 Wwp1 E3 ubiquitin-ligase molecules and regulate a wide variety of cellular functions such as protein degradation, transcription, and RNA splicing.
Wwp2-CKO NM-CKO-00078 Wwp2 Cerebral Cavernous Malformations 3(CCM3),cardiovascular system,embryogenesis,immune system,nervous system,mortality/aging
Xaf1-KO NM-KO-190415 Xaf1 Immune-related
Xcl1-KO NM-KO-191209 Xcl1 Immune-related
Xcl1-KO NM-KO-190175 Xcl1