Repository of Research-Ready GEM models

We offer 3000+ Research-Ready mouse models to jump start your mouse experiments. Browse the strain list by application, or directly search for the strain of your interest.

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We offer 3000+ Research-Ready mouse models to jump start your mouse experiments. Browse the strain list by application, or directly search for the strain of your interest.
Name Cat. NO. Gene Symbol Research Application
1190002N15Rik-CKO NM-CKO-00008 1190002N15Rik
1300017j02Rik-KO NM-KO-190231 1300017j02Rik Immune-related
1700007K13Rik-KO NM-KO-202002 1700007K13Rik
1700009J07Rik-KO NM-KO-200901 1700009J07Rik
1700045H11Rik-KO NM-KO-201362 1700045H11Rik
1700074P13Rik-KO NM-KO-00025 1700074P13Rik
1700094J05Rik-KO NM-KO-201363 1700094J05Rik
1700121C10Rik-KO NM-KO-190450 1700121C10Rik unknown
1810063I02Rik-KO NM-KO-200902 1810063I02Rik
2010300C02Rik-KO NM-KO-201364 2010300C02Rik
2310057M21Rik-KO NM-KO-190232 2310057M21Rik Immune-related
2610028H24Rik-KO NM-KO-201365 2610028H24Rik
2610528A11Rik-KO NM-KO-201366 2610528A11Rik
4930405D11Rik-KO NM-KO-201117 4930405D11Rik
4930483K19Rik-KO NM-KO-201367 4930483K19Rik
4930554H23Rik-KO NM-KO-200903 4930554H23Rik
4930556N13Rik-KO NM-KO-201118 4930556N13Rik
4930578C19Rik-CKO NM-CKO-00003 4930578C19Rik
5330417C22Rik-KO NM-KO-201368 5330417C22Rik
9430015G10Rik-KO NM-KO-191133 9430015G10Rik Immune system, nervous system, pain
A1bg-KO NM-KO-200806 A1bg
A2m-KO NM-KO-190549 A2m Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
A4galt-KO NM-KO-200001 A4galt Therapeutic antibody target
A4gnt-KO NM-KO-201369 A4gnt
Aak1-KO NM-KO-200002 Aak1 Therapeutic antibody target
Aamp-KO NM-KO-200807 Aamp
Aars2-KO NM-KO-201370 Aars2
Abca1-KO NM-KO-200628 Abca1 Studies on lipoprotein metabolism and the regulation of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) on lipid metabolism
Abca12-KO NM-KO-201234 Abca12
Abcb11-KO NM-KO-18010 Abcb11
Abcb1a-KO NM-KO-200904 Abcb1a
Abcb1a&Abcb1b-KO NM-KO-191211 Abcb1a,Abcb1b
Abcb4-KO NM-KO-200584 Abcb4 Diseases associated with ABCB4 include Cholestasis, Progressive Familial Intrahepatic, 3 and Gallbladder Disease 1. 
Abcb5-KO NM-KO-200003 Abcb5 Therapeutic antibody target
Abcc1-KO NM-KO-18012 Abcc1
Abcc10-KO NM-KO-202003 Abcc10
ABCC2-HU NM-HU-200254 Abcc2
Abcc2-KO NM-KO-18017 Abcc2
Abcc3-KO NM-KO-200004 Abcc3 Therapeutic antibody target
Abcc6-CKO NM-CKO-200075 Abcc6 Study on the relationship between NFE2L2 (NRF2) survival signal and glucose/energy metabolism induced by photodynamic therapy
Abcc6-KO NM-KO-200005 Abcc6 Therapeutic antibody target
Abcd2-KO NM-KO-201371 Abcd2
Abcd3-KO NM-KO-200905 Abcd3
Abce1-KO NM-KO-202004 Abce1
Abcg1-CKO NM-CKO-200285 Abcg1
Abcg2-KO NM-KO-18013 Abcg2
Abcg8-KO NM-KO-200906 Abcg8
Abhd11-KO NM-KO-201119 Abhd11
Abhd11os-KO NM-KO-201120 Abhd11os
Abhd12-KO NM-KO-200907 Abhd12
Abi3bp-CKO NM-CKO-00009 Abi3bp Cancer and stem cells research
Abtb1-KO NM-KO-00001 Abtb1 liver injury and regeneration
Acaca-CKO NM-CKO-200166 Acaca Studies on the metabolism of water-soluble vitamins and cofactors and the biosynthesis of fatty acyl-CoA
Acadl-KO NM-KO-201235 Acadl
Acadm-(E8-10 repeat) NM-KI-200239 Acadm Medium chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
Acadsb-KO NM-KO-190233 Acadsb Immune-related
Acadvl-KO NM-KO-200908 Acadvl
Acan-(IRES-CreERT2) NM-KI-200143 Acan Cre recombinase tool
Acap1-KO NM-KO-201372 Acap1
Ace-KO NM-KO-190550 Ace Cardiovascular diseases;diabetes related
ACE2-HU NM-HU-200218 Ace2 Corona virus related research
Ace2-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-200187 Ace2 Cre recombinase tool
Ace2-KO NM-KO-190906 Ace2 regulation of cardiovascular and renal function, as well as fertility , Cardiac contraction, colitis, cardiovascular and renal function, and fertility
Ache-CKO NM-CKO-200270 Ache
H11-(ACHE) NM-KI-00067 ACHE Cholinesterase related drug research
Ackr2-KO NM-KO-200808 Ackr2
Ackr4-KO NM-KO-201374 Ackr4
Acly-CKO NM-CKO-200315 Acly
Acly-CKO NM-CKO-200076 Acly Research on the innate immune system and fatty acyl-CoA biosynthesis
Acod1-CKO NM-CKO-200293 Acod1
Acot11-KO NM-KO-201375 Acot11
Acot7-CKO NM-CKO-00045 Acot7 Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids,Fatty acid elongation,fatty acid metabolism
Acox1-KO NM-KO-200909 Acox1
Acp1-KO NM-KO-201376 Acp1
Acp2-KO NM-KO-200006 Acp2 Therapeutic antibody target
Acp5-KO NM-KO-201377 Acp5
Acpp-KO NM-KO-200910 Acpp
Acsl6-KO NM-KO-201378 Acsl6
Acsm3-KO NM-KO-200809 Acsm3
Acta2-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200074 Acta2 Cre recombinase tool
Acta2-KO NM-KO-190907 Acta2 Vasoconstriction, blood pressure, retinal barrier permeability, retinal cone and rod function
Actin-(IRES-tdTomato) NM-KI-200032 Actb Red mice
Actrt2-KO NM-KO-201379 Actrt2
Acvr1c-CKO NM-CKO-200340 Acvr1c
Acvr1c-KO NM-KO-200701 Acvr1c
Acvr2a-KO NM-KO-200007 Acvr2a Therapeutic antibody target
Ada-KO NM-KO-202005 Ada
Adam15-KO NM-KO-200008 Adam15 Therapeutic antibody target
Adam28-KO NM-KO-200009 Adam28 Therapeutic antibody target
Adam33-KO NM-KO-190735 Adam33 Asthma related
Adam7-KO NM-KO-201380 Adam7
Adam8-KO NM-KO-200010 Adam8 Therapeutic antibody target
Adam9-KO NM-KO-190736 Adam9 Alzheimer's Disease related
Adamts1-KO NM-KO-200624 Adamts1 Breast cancer and Weill-Marchesani-like syndrome research
Adamts1-CKO NM-CKO-200023 Adamts1 Cancer research
Adamts13-KO NM-KO-200011 Adamts13 Therapeutic antibody target
Adamts2-KO NM-KO-200012 Adamts2 Therapeutic antibody target
Adamts3-KO NM-KO-202006 Adamts3
Adamts4-KO NM-KO-200013 Adamts4 Therapeutic antibody target
Adamts5-KO NM-KO-200014 Adamts5 Therapeutic antibody target
Adat2-KO NM-KO-200015 Adat2 Therapeutic antibody target
Adcy9-KO NM-KO-201381 Adcy9
Adcyap1r1-KO NM-KO-190669 Adcyap1r1 immune,nervous system
Add1-KO NM-KO-201236 Add1
Add2-KO NM-KO-201382 Add2
Adgra1-CKO NM-CKO-00100 Adgra1 cardiovascular system,nervous system
Adgra2-CKO NM-CKO-00101 Adgra2
Adgrd1-KO NM-KO-190234 Adgrd1 Immune-related
Adgrd1-CKO NM-CKO-00097 Adgrd1
Adgre1-KO NM-KO-200016 Adgre1 Therapeutic antibody target
Adgre1-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-190025 Adgre1 Cre recombinase tool
Adgre5-KO NM-KO-201383 Adgre5
Adgrf1-KO NM-KO-00059 Adgrf1
Adgrf4-KO NM-KO-00055 Adgrf4
Adgrf5-CKO NM-CKO-00095 Adgrf5 cardiovascular system,homeostasis/metabolism,aging
Adgrg2-KO NM-KO-200017 Adgrg2 Therapeutic antibody target
Adgrg3-KO NM-KO-00054 Adgrg3
Adgrg6-CKO NM-CKO-00096 Adgrg6
Adgrg7-KO NM-KO-00056 Adgrg7 Digestive system related.
Adh7-KO NM-KO-201121 Adh7
Adipoq-KO NM-KO-190438 Adipoq lipid metabolism
Adipor1-KO NM-KO-190666 Adipor1 obesity,diabetes
Adipor2-KO NM-KO-190667 Adipor2 obesity,diabetes
Adk-KO NM-KO-201237 Adk
Ado-KO NM-KO-190236 Ado Immune-related
Adora2a-KO NM-KO-200018 Adora2a Therapeutic antibody target
Adora2b-KO NM-KO-191066 Adora2b Immune system, inflammation
Adprh-KO NM-KO-201384 Adprh
Adra1a-KO NM-KO-190737 Adra1a Diabetes related
Adra1d-KO NM-KO-190908 Adra1d Nervous system, behavior, neuronal growth and cerebellar development, neurological and mental disorders
Adra2a-KO NM-KO-191174 Adra2a member of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily.
Adra2b-KO NM-KO-190635 Adra2b nervous system
Adrb2-KO NM-KO-190738 Adrb2 Asthma related
Adrb3-KO NM-KO-190739 Adrb3 Diabetes related
Adtrp-KO NM-KO-200019 Adtrp Therapeutic antibody target
Afap1l2-KO NM-KO-201385 Afap1l2
Afm-KO NM-KO-200810 Afm
Afp-KO NM-KO-200020 Afp Therapeutic antibody target
Afp-CreERT2 NM-TG-00009 Afp-CreERT2 Cre recombinase tool of liver
Aga-KO NM-KO-201100 Aga
Ager-KO NM-KO-200021 Ager Therapeutic antibody target
Agfg1-KO NM-KO-200911 Agfg1
Agk-CKO NM-CKO-00026 Agk
Agpat2-KO NM-KO-201122 Agpat2
Agr3-KO NM-KO-190237 Agr3 Immune-related
Agrp-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200163 Agrp Cre recombinase tool
Agrp-KO NM-KO-190636 Agrp late on-set obesity
Agrt1a-KO NM-KO-00041 Agrt1a cardiovascular system,nervous system
Agt-KO NM-KO-190740 Agt This gene is associated with susceptibility to essential hypertension, non-familial structural atrial fibrillation, and inflammatory bowel disease.
Agtr1a-KO NM-KO-190909 Agtr1a Renal morphology and function, xenobiotic response, hyperreninemia, drinking behavior, angiotensin II-related vascular and hemodynamic responses
Agtr1b-KO NM-KO-190910 Agtr1b Agtr1b/Agtr1a double gene function, blood pressure and kidney
Agtr2-KO NM-KO-190911 Agtr2 Angiotensin II response, pancreatitis, myocardial infarction; cardiovascular morphology and physiology, kidney and urine morphology and physiology; glucose and fat metabolism and balance; X-linked cognitive impairment
Ahcy-KO NM-KO-190238 Ahcy Immune-related
Ahi1-CKO NM-CKO-00053 Ahi1
Ahnak-KO NM-KO-190239 Ahnak Immune-related
AHR-HU NM-HU-200252 Ahr
Ahr-CKO NM-CKO-200060 Ahr Research on DAG and IP3 signal transduction and the development and heterogeneity of ILC family
Ahr-KO NM-KO-18008 Ahr
AI467606-KO NM-KO-200022 AI467606 Therapeutic antibody target
Aicda-(Cre) NM-KI-200160 Aicda Cre recombinase tool
Aicda-CKO NM-CKO-200043 Aicda Cancer research
Aif1l-KO NM-KO-201386 Aif1l
Aifm1-KO NM-KO-191170 Aifm1 Mutations in this gene cause combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency 6 (COXPD6), a severe mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, as well as Cowchock syndrome, also known as X-linked recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease-4 (CMTX-4), a disorder resulting in neuropathy, and axonal and motor-sensory defects with deafness and cognitive disability.
Aifm2-KO NM-KO-200811 Aifm2
Aim2-KO NM-KO-202007 Aim2
Aimp1-CKO NM-CKO-00064 Aimp1 immune system,hematopoietic system
Aipl1-KO NM-KO-200912 Aipl1
Aire-CKO NM-CKO-200061 Aire Primary immunodeficiency and ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis related research
Ajuba-KO NM-KO-190912 Ajuba Cancer, breast cancer, glioma
Akap1-CKO NM-CKO-200329 Akap1
Akap12-KO NM-KO-200609 Akap12 Cancer research
Akap13-KO NM-KO-202008 Akap13
Akt1-KO NM-KO-190741 Akt1 Pro-Inflammatory, Anti-Apoptotic and Stress Responses related.
Akt1s1-KO NM-KO-191102 Akt1s1 Ischemic brain injury; tumor
Akt2-KO NM-KO-190742 Akt2 Signal Transduction related
Akt3-KO NM-KO-191091 Akt3 Cell proliferation,differentiation,apoptosis,tumorigenesis,glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake; nervous system,brain development,epilepsy
Aktip-KO NM-KO-200812 Aktip
Alb-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200075 Alb Cre recombinase tool,Liver
Alb-(DreERT2) NM-KI-200076 Alb Dre recombinase tool
ALB-HU NM-HU-200003 Alb Drug screening
Alb-KO NM-KO-200023 Alb Therapeutic antibody target
Alb-(CreERT2) NM-KI-00002 Alb cre-mediated recombination system
Alcam-KO NM-KO-200787 Alcam
Alcam-KO NM-KO-200024 Alcam Therapeutic antibody target
Aldh3a1-KO NM-KO-201387 Aldh3a1
Aldh3a2-KO NM-KO-190743 Aldh3a2 Nervous System Differentiation & Development related
Aldh5a1-KO NM-KO-201238 Aldh5a1
Aldob-KO NM-KO-200602 Aldob Hereditary Fructose Intolerance research
Aldoc-KO NM-KO-191089 Aldoc Glycolysis enzyme, nervous system, schizophrenia
Alk-KO NM-KO-200025 Alk Therapeutic antibody target
Alkbh3-KO NM-KO-190240 Alkbh3 Immune-related
Alkbh5-KO NM-KO-190448 Alkbh5 mRNA methylation
R26-(CAG-LSL-ALKBH5-3xFLAG-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190054 Alkbh5 mRNA methylation
Alkbh5-CKO NM-CKO-190004 Alkbh5 Epigenetic
Alox15-CKO NM-CKO-200077 Alox15 Studies on the biosynthesis and metabolism of HETE and HPETE and IL4-mediated signaling pathways
Alox5ap-KO NM-KO-201388 Alox5ap
Alpl-KO NM-KO-18058 Alpl
Amacr-KO NM-KO-201239 Amacr
Ambra1-CKO NM-CKO-200059 Ambra1 Autophagy,cancer research
Amelx-KO NM-KO-200913 Amelx
Amfr-KO NM-KO-200813 Amfr
Amh-KO NM-KO-200026 Amh Therapeutic antibody target
Amhr2-KO NM-KO-200027 Amhr2 Therapeutic antibody target
Amotl1-KO NM-KO-190913 Amotl1 Peripheral permeability and maintenance of cell polarity, angiomotin-related,
Amotl2-KO NM-KO-190914 Amotl2 Angiotensin-related, endothelial cell function, embryonic aortic restriction
Ampd1-KO NM-KO-201389 Ampd1
Ampd3-KO NM-KO-201390 Ampd3
Amz2-KO NM-KO-201391 Amz2
Ang-KO NM-KO-201392 Ang
Angel2-KO NM-KO-190744 Angel2 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
ANGPT2-HU NM-HU-200247 Angpt2
Angpt2-KO NM-KO-202009 Angpt2
Angptl2-KO NM-KO-201393 Angptl2
ANGPTL3-HU NM-HU-200113 Angptl3 Cardiovascular research; drug screening
Angptl3-KO NM-KO-200028 Angptl3 Therapeutic antibody target
Angptl4-KO NM-KO-191067 Angptl4 Metabolic system, glucose homeostasis, lipid metabolism; tumor
Angptl6-KO NM-KO-201240 Angptl6
Angptl8-KO NM-KO-190241 Angptl8 Immune-related
Ank2-KO NM-KO-201241 Ank2
Ankfn1-KO NM-KO-201123 Ankfn1
Ankrd2-KO NM-KO-201394 Ankrd2
Ankrd27-KO NM-KO-201395 Ankrd27
Ankrd37-KO NM-KO-191087 Ankrd37 Hypoxia-induced HIF-1 target gene
Ankrd40-KO NM-KO-201124 Ankrd40
Anks1-KO NM-KO-201396 Anks1
Anp32b-CKO NM-CKO-00043 Anp32b
Anpep-KO NM-KO-200029 Anpep Therapeutic antibody target
Antxr1-KO NM-KO-200030 Antxr1 Therapeutic antibody target
Antxr2-KO NM-KO-202010 Antxr2
Anxa1-KO NM-KO-200681 Anxa1 Cancer related
Anxa10-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-200312 Anxa10
Anxa2-KO NM-KO-191068 Anxa2 Angiogenesis, thrombosis; osteoclast formation, bone resorption
Anxa3-KO NM-KO-190745 Anxa3 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
Anxa4-KO NM-KO-200814 Anxa4
Anxa5-KO NM-KO-190746 Anxa5 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
Aoah-KO NM-KO-190242 Aoah Immune-related
Aoc3-KO NM-KO-200031 Aoc3 Therapeutic antibody target
Apba1-KO NM-KO-190747 Apba1 Synaptic Formation and Alzheimer's Disease related
Apba3-KO NM-KO-190748 Apba3 Alzheimer's Disease related
Apbb1-KO NM-KO-190749 Apbb1 Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Apbb1ip-KO NM-KO-200032 Apbb1ip Therapeutic antibody target
Apbb2-KO NM-KO-190750 Apbb2 Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related;Synaptic Formation related.
Apc-KO NM-KO-200612 Apc Cancer research
Apc-CKO NM-CKO-200013 Apc Intestinal tumor research
Apc-(L850X) NM-KI-200001 Apc Heterozygotes of this strain are highly susceptible to spontaneous intestinal adenoma formation. Homozygous mice are not viable.
Apcdd1-KO NM-KO-200033 Apcdd1 Therapeutic antibody target
Apcs-KO NM-KO-190001 Apcs Immune-related
Apex1-KO NM-KO-202011 Apex1
Apex2-KO NM-KO-201397 Apex2
Apln-KO NM-KO-200034 Apln Therapeutic antibody target
Aplnr-DreERT2 NM-KI-00132 Aplnr recombinase tool
Aplp1-KO NM-KO-190751 Aplp1 Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Apoa1-KO NM-KO-190752 Apoa1 Cholesterol Metabolism related
Apoa2-KO NM-KO-200035 Apoa2 Therapeutic antibody target
Apob-(Q1388H) NM-KI-00056 Apob lipid metabolism studies, cardiovascular disease research
Apobec3-KO NM-KO-200697 Apobec3 Immune related
Apoc3-KO NM-KO-200036 Apoc3 Therapeutic antibody target
Apoc4-KO NM-KO-201398 Apoc4
Apoe-KO NM-KO-190565 Apoe Atherosclerosis,hyperlipidemia,hypercholesterolemia,cerebral infarction,AD,chronic hepatitis etc.
APOE2-HU NM-HU-190013 Apoe Immune-related
APOE4-HU NM-HU-190002 Apoe Cardiovascular disease
APOE3-HU NM-HU-190003 Apoe Cardiovascular disease
Apoh-KO NM-KO-200037 Apoh Therapeutic antibody target
AppNL-F-HU NM-HU-2000087 App Alzheimer's disease research
AppNL-G-F-HU NM-HU-2000088 App Alzheimer's disease research
App-KO NM-KO-190444 App neuronal differentiation/migration, synaptic regulation and Alzheimer's disease related
Appl1-CKO NM-CKO-00118 Appl1
Appl2-CKO NM-CKO-00112 Appl2
Aprt-KO NM-KO-201242 Aprt
Aqp1-KO NM-KO-190915 Aqp1 Aquaporin, eye movement imbalance, urine osmotic pressure
Aqp11-KO NM-KO-202012 Aqp11
Aqp12-KO NM-KO-201399 Aqp12
Aqp3-KO NM-KO-200914 Aqp3
Aqp4-KO NM-KO-190243 Aqp4 Immune-related
Aqp5-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-200313 Aqp5
Aqp5-(iCre) NM-KI-200062 Aqp5 Cre recombinase tool
Aqp5-KO NM-KO-190244 Aqp5 Immune-related
Ar-CKO NM-CKO-00110 Ar
Arc-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200101 Arc Cre recombinase tool
Areg-KO NM-KO-190002 Areg Immune-related
Arfip2-KO NM-KO-190916 Arfip2 NF-kappaB signaling, regulates aggregation of huntingtin proteins
Arg1-KO NM-KO-200629 Arg1 Innate immune system and IL4-mediated signal transduction events related research
Arg1-CKO NM-CKO-200062 Arg1 Innate immune system and IL4-mediated signal transduction events related research
Arg2-KO NM-KO-190917 Arg2 Nitric oxide and polyamine metabolism
Arhgap1-KO NM-KO-202013 Arhgap1
Arhgap15-KO NM-KO-201400 Arhgap15
Arhgap17-KO NM-KO-201401 Arhgap17
Arhgap32-KO NM-KO-200915 Arhgap32
Arhgdia-KO NM-KO-201243 Arhgdia
Arhgdib-KO NM-KO-201402 Arhgdib
Arhgef1-KO NM-KO-201403 Arhgef1
Arhgef16-KO NM-KO-201404 Arhgef16
Arhgef5-KO NM-KO-200038 Arhgef5 Therapeutic antibody target
Arhgef6-KO NM-KO-201405 Arhgef6
Arid1a-CKO NM-CKO-200078 Arid1a Respiratory electron transport, ATP synthesis produced by chemical permeation coupling, and heat produced by uncoupling proteins
Arid5a-KO NM-KO-201406 Arid5a
Arid5b-KO NM-KO-202014 Arid5b
Arih1-KO NM-KO-190245 arih1 Immune-related
Arl6ip6-KO NM-KO-190753 Arl6ip6 Proteostasis,aging related.
Arntl-CKO NM-CKO-200063 Arntl Studies on the regulation of lipid metabolism by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) and circadian rhythm-related genes
Arsa-KO NM-KO-200916 Arsa
Arsb-KO NM-KO-200917 Arsb
Art1-KO NM-KO-201407 Art1
Artn-KO NM-KO-200039 Artn Therapeutic antibody target
Asap3-CKO NM-CKO-00038 Asap3
Asb1-KO NM-KO-201408 Asb1
Asb4-KO NM-KO-200918 Asb4
Ascl1-CKO NM-CKO-200283 Ascl1
Ascl1-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200207 Ascl1 Cre tool mice
Ascl2-CKO NM-CKO-200235 Ascl2 Nervous system
Asgr1-KO NM-KO-190246 Asgr1 Immune-related
Asgr2-KO NM-KO-201409 Asgr2
Asic1-KO NM-KO-200040 Asic1 Therapeutic antibody target
Aspa-KO NM-KO-191129 Aspa NAA scavenger,Canavan disease,nervous system,auditory
Aspg-CKO NM-CKO-200260 Aspg
Asph-KO NM-KO-200041 Asph Therapeutic antibody target
Asphd1-KO NM-KO-201125 Asphd1
Astl-KO NM-KO-200042 Astl Therapeutic antibody target
Ate1-CKO NM-CKO-200079 Ate1 Research on Arginyltransferase
Atf4-KO NM-KO-200650 Atf4 Research on NGF pathway and Sertoli-Sertoli cell connection dynamics
Atf6-CKO NM-CKO-200080 Atf6 Research on signal transduction mediated by p38-alpha and p38-beta and Sertoli-Sertoli cell connection dynamics
Atg5-KO NM-KO-18004 Atg5
Atg5-CKO NM-CKO-00131 Atg5 Autophagy, Atg5 function study
Atg9a-KO NM-KO-202015 Atg9a
Atl2-KO NM-KO-201410 Atl2
Atm-CKO NM-CKO-200047 Atm Cancer research
Atp10a-KO NM-KO-201126 Atp10a
Atp13a2-KO NM-KO-200919 Atp13a2
Atp13a5-KO NM-KO-201411 Atp13a5
Atp2b2-KO NM-KO-190918 Atp2b2 Intracellular calcium homeostasis,hearing,deafness,cerebellar malformation,ear malformation
Atp2b4-KO NM-KO-201412 Atp2b4
Atp4b-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200240 Atp4b Cre tool mice
Atp5b-KO NM-KO-190247 Atp5b Immune-related
Atp5l-KO NM-KO-201413 Atp5l
Atp5md-KO NM-KO-201414 Atp5md
Atp6ap2-KO NM-KO-190919 Atp6ap2 Podocyte function, autophagy, nephrotic syndrome
Atp6v0d2-KO NM-KO-201415 Atp6v0d2
Atp6v1b2-KO NM-KO-201416 Atp6v1b2
Atp6v1e1-KO NM-KO-200815 Atp6v1e1
Atp6v1g2-KO NM-KO-191134 Atp6v1g2 Nervous system,synaptic vesicle acidification
Atp7b-KO NM-KO-201127 Atp7b
Atp7b-(H1071Q) NM-KI-18001 Atp7b
Atpaf1-KO NM-KO-190248 Atpaf1 Immune-related
Atpaf2-KO NM-KO-190249 Atpaf2 Immune-related
Atpif1-KO NM-KO-200816 Atpif1
Atr-CKO NM-CKO-200081 Atr Research on ERK signal transduction and human cytomegalovirus infection
Atrn-KO NM-KO-190646 Atrn Cardiovascular diseases
Atxn2-KO NM-KO-190920 Atxn2 Microsatellite augmentation disease, type I diabetes, obesity and hypertension, hepatic steatosis, sports learning related research
Atxn3-KO NM-KO-190921 Atxn3 Nervous system, spinocerebellar ataxia 3, exploratory behavior
AU021092-CKO NM-CKO-00111 AU021092
Aurkc-KO NM-KO-200669 Aurkc Cancer related
Avp-(IRES2-Cre) NM-KI-200142 Avp Cre recombinase tool
Avpr1a-KO NM-KO-200043 Avpr1a Therapeutic antibody target
Avpr1b-KO NM-KO-190922 Avpr1b Nervous system, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, epilepsy
AW121686-KO NM-KO-200785 AW121686
AW549877-KO NM-KO-201417 AW549877
Axin2-(DreERT2) NM-KI-200196 Axin2 Dre tool mice
Axin2-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200109 Axin2 Cre recombinase tool
Axin2-KO NM-KO-190673 Axin2 colorectal cancer
Axl-KO NM-KO-200044 Axl Therapeutic antibody target
Azgp1-KO NM-KO-201418 Azgp1
Azi2-KO NM-KO-201419 Azi2
B2m-KO(M-NSG) NM-NSG-002 B2m immunodeficiency,immune system,transplantation research
B2m-KO NM-KO-18021 B2m immune system
B3gnt5-KO NM-KO-202016 B3gnt5
B3gnt6-KO NM-KO-201420 B3gnt6
B4galnt1-KO NM-KO-200045 B4galnt1 Therapeutic antibody target
B4galnt2-KO NM-KO-201421 B4galnt2
B4galt1-KO NM-KO-201128 B4galt1
B4gat1-KO NM-KO-201129 B4gat1
Bace2-KO NM-KO-190754 Bace2 Alzheimer's Disease related
Bad-KO NM-KO-190730 Bad Cell apoptosis
Bahd1-KO NM-KO-201422 Bahd1
Bak1-KO NM-KO-200046 Bak1 Therapeutic antibody target
Bambi-KO NM-KO-200047 Bambi Therapeutic antibody target
Bank1-KO NM-KO-201423 Bank1
Bard1-KO NM-KO-201130 Bard1
Batf-KO NM-KO-201424 Batf
Batf3-KO NM-KO-190447 Batf3 Immune-related, CD8 deficiency
Baz1b-KO NM-KO-201244 Baz1b
Bbc3-KO NM-KO-201425 Bbc3
Bbip1-KO NM-KO-201245 Bbip1
Bbox1-KO NM-KO-190923 Bbox1 Schizophrenia
Bbs12-KO NM-KO-201426 Bbs12
Bbs2-KO NM-KO-200920 Bbs2
Bbs5-KO NM-KO-201427 Bbs5
BC028528-CKO NM-CKO-00012 BC028528
Bcas1-KO NM-KO-201428 Bcas1
Bcat1-KO NM-KO-190551 Bcat1 hypervalinemia and hyperleucine-isoleucinemia related
Bche-KO NM-KO-190755 Bche Beta-amyloid metabolism related;Alzheimer's disease research related
Bckdk-CKO NM-CKO-200310 Bckdk
Bcl2a1a-KO NM-KO-200700 Bcl2a1a
Bcl2a1c-KO NM-KO-200048 Bcl2a1c Therapeutic antibody target
Bcl2a1d-KO NM-KO-200666 Bcl2a1d cellular activities related
Bcl2l11-KO NM-KO-201429 Bcl2l11
Bcl3-KO NM-KO-200049 Bcl3 Therapeutic antibody target
Bcl6-KO NM-KO-190756 Bcl6 Allergy and Asthma related.
Bcl6b-KO NM-KO-200050 Bcl6b Therapeutic antibody target
Bcl7a-KO NM-KO-200051 Bcl7a Therapeutic antibody target
Bcl7b-KO NM-KO-200052 Bcl7b Therapeutic antibody target
Bcl7c-KO NM-KO-200053 Bcl7c Therapeutic antibody target
Bcl9-KO NM-KO-200054 Bcl9 Therapeutic antibody target
Bcl9l-KO NM-KO-200055 Bcl9l Therapeutic antibody target
Bco2-KO NM-KO-201430 Bco2
Bcr-KO NM-KO-190629 Bcr leukemia
Bdkrb1-KO NM-KO-190924 Bdkrb1 Pain, inflammatory response
Bdkrb2-KO NM-KO-190925 Bdkrb2 Vasodilation, edema, smooth muscle spasm and painful fiber irritation
Bdnf-CKO NM-CKO-200064 Bdnf Research on ERK signaling pathway and Ras signaling pathway
Becn1-KO NM-KO-18028 Becn1 autophagy, cancer research
Becn1-CKO NM-CKO-18008 Becn1 cancer research,Autophagy
Bex2-KO NM-KO-201431 Bex2
Bex6-KO NM-KO-201432 Bex6
Bglap-KO NM-KO-201433 Bglap
Bhlha15-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200158 Bhlha15 Cre recombinase tool
Bhlha15-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200080 Bhlha15 Cre recombinase tool, pancreatic acinar cells
Bhlhb9-KO NM-KO-201131 Bhlhb9
Bhlhe40-KO NM-KO-191085 Bhlhe40 Immune system,autoimmune disease; control of circadian rhythm,cell differentiation
Bicdl1-KO NM-KO-201434 Bicdl1
Bin1-KO NM-KO-202017 Bin1
Bin3-KO NM-KO-201435 Bin3
R26-(BirA) NM-KI-00085 BirA
Birc2-KO NM-KO-190757 Birc2 Stress Responses,Apoptosis related
Birc5-CKO NM-CKO-200082 Birc5 Research on Protein Metabolism and Hippo Signal Transduction Pathway
Blm-KO NM-KO-191081 Blm Anemia, Bloom syndrome, cancer
Blmh-KO NM-KO-202018 Blmh
Blnk-KO NM-KO-201436 Blnk
Bloc1s6-KO NM-KO-200817 Bloc1s6
Bmf-KO NM-KO-190003 Bmf Immune-related
Bmi1-(IRES-CreER) NM-KI-200095 Bmi1 Cre recombinase tool
Bmp1-CKO NM-CKO-200065 Bmp1 Research on Lipoprotein Metabolism and ERK Signal Transduction
Bmp2-KO NM-KO-190528 Bmp2 Growth Factors
Bmp3-KO NM-KO-190529 Bmp3 Growth Factors ,bone density,osteoblast differentiation
Bmp6-KO NM-KO-190530 Bmp6 Growth Factors, iron homeostasis, fat and bone development, and ovulation.
Bmp7-KO NM-KO-190531 Bmp7 Growth Factors,skeletal、 kidne developmental
Bmpr1b-KO NM-KO-200056 Bmpr1b Therapeutic antibody target
Bnip3-KO NM-KO-191077 Bnip3 Pro-apoptotic factor; cardiovascular system, post-ischemic ventricular remodeling; tumor
Bnip3l-KO NM-KO-191078 Bnip3l Pro-apoptotic factor; blood system, red blood cells; tumor
Bnipl-CKO NM-CKO-00062 Bnipl
Bod1-KO NM-KO-190702 Bod1
Bok-KO NM-KO-201437 Bok
Boll-KO NM-KO-190004 Boll Immune-related
Bpifa1-CKO NM-CKO-00074 Bpifa1 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression,nervous system
Braf-CKO NM-CKO-200073 Braf Study on the correlation between meiosis and RET signal transduction in oocytes
Braf-(flox-V600E) NM-KI-190053 Braf cancer research
Brca1-CKO NM-CKO-18007 Brca1 cancer research
Brca2-CKO NM-CKO-200014 Brca2 Breast Cancer research
Brd7-CKO NM-CKO-00034 Brd7
Brinp1-KO NM-KO-201132 Brinp1
Brs3-KO NM-KO-190608 Brs3 The protein encoded by this gene is a G protein-coupled membrane receptor that binds bombesin-like peptides. This binding results in activation of a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system, with physiological effects including regulation of metabolic rate, glucose metabolism, and hypertension.
CD147-HU NM-HU-2000021 Bsg Immunotherapy,drug screening
Bsn-KO NM-KO-201133 Bsn
Bst1-KO NM-KO-200057 Bst1 Therapeutic antibody target
Bst2-CKO NM-CKO-200083 Bst2 Research on Innate Immune System and Human Cytomegalovirus Infection
Bst2-KO NM-KO-200058 Bst2 Therapeutic antibody target
Btbd10-KO NM-KO-00043 Btbd10
Btbd16-KO NM-KO-201438 Btbd16
Btd-KO NM-KO-200630 Btd Metabolism and Metabolism Research of Water-soluble Vitamins and Cofactors
Btg2-KO NM-KO-200587 Btg2 Cancer research
Btk-KO NM-KO-190005 Btk Immune-related
BTLA-HU NM-HU-2000044 Btla Immunotherapy,drug screening
BTLA-HU NM-HU-190040 Btla Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Btla-KO NM-KO-18051 Btla
Btn1a1-KO NM-KO-200059 Btn1a1 Therapeutic antibody target
Btn2a2-KO NM-KO-200060 Btn2a2 Therapeutic antibody target
Btnl1-KO NM-KO-200061 Btnl1 Therapeutic antibody target
Btnl10-KO NM-KO-200062 Btnl10 Therapeutic antibody target
Btnl2-KO NM-KO-200063 Btnl2 Therapeutic antibody target
Btnl4-KO NM-KO-200064 Btnl4 Therapeutic antibody target
Btnl6-KO NM-KO-200065 Btnl6 Therapeutic antibody target
Btnl9-KO NM-KO-190250 Btnl9 Immune-related
Btrc-KO NM-KO-190695 Btrc phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination
Bud23-KO NM-KO-201134 Bud23
C1d-KO NM-KO-200818 C1d
C1QA-HU NM-KI-200285 C1qa
C1qa-CKO NM-CKO-200084 C1qa Complement pathways and pertussis related research
C1qb-KO NM-KO-190758 C1qb Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C1qc-KO NM-KO-190759 C1qc Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C1ql1-KO NM-KO-200066 C1ql1 Therapeutic antibody target
C1qtnf1-KO NM-KO-191210 C1qtnf1
R26-(LNL-C1qtnf1) NM-KI-190129 C1qtnf1
C1qtnf12-KO NM-KO-200067 C1qtnf12 Therapeutic antibody target
C1qtnf2-KO NM-KO-200068 C1qtnf2 Therapeutic antibody target
C1qtnf3-KO NM-KO-200069 C1qtnf3 Therapeutic antibody target
C1qtnf4-KO NM-KO-200070 C1qtnf4 Therapeutic antibody target
C1qtnf6-KO NM-KO-200071 C1qtnf6 Therapeutic antibody target
C1qtnf7-KO NM-KO-200072 C1qtnf7 Therapeutic antibody target
C1qtnf9-KO NM-KO-200073 C1qtnf9 Therapeutic antibody target
C1R-HU NM-HU-2000075 C1ra Immunotherapy,drug screening
C1S-HU NM-HU-2000077 C1s1 Immunotherapy,drug screening
C1s1-KO NM-KO-190760 C1s1 Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C1s2-KO NM-KO-200074 C1s2 Therapeutic antibody target
C2-KO NM-KO-190179 C2 Immune-related
C3-HU NM-HU-2000079 C3 Immunotherapy,drug screening
C3-KO NM-KO-191193 C3 Immune-related
C4b-KO NM-KO-190761 C4b Inflammatory Response, aging related.
C5-HU NM-HU-2000013 C5a Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
C5ar1-CKO NM-CKO-200282 C5ar1
C5AR1&C5AR2-HU NM-HU-2000018 C5ar1,C5ar2 Immunotherapy,drug screening
C5ar1-KO NM-KO-190180 C5ar1 Immune-related
C5ar2-KO NM-KO-201439 C5ar2
C6-KO NM-KO-200075 C6 Therapeutic antibody target
C9orf72-KO NM-KO-201246 C9orf72
Cab39-KO NM-KO-191103 Cab39 Cancer, tumorigenesis and development
Cab39l-KO NM-KO-191104 Cab39l Cancer, tumorigenesis and development
Cabin1-KO NM-KO-202019 Cabin1
Cabp2-KO NM-KO-200921 Cabp2
Cacna1a-(E1980A) NM-KI-200279 Cacna1a
Cacna1a-KO NM-KO-200076 Cacna1a Therapeutic antibody target
Cacna1c-KO NM-KO-190926 Cacna1c Endocrine and metabolic systems, insulin secretion, glucose tolerance; nervous system, anxiety, motor coordination
Cacna1i-KO NM-KO-201440 Cacna1i
Cacna2d1-KO NM-KO-200077 Cacna2d1 Therapeutic antibody target
Cacnb3-KO NM-KO-201441 Cacnb3
Cadm1-KO NM-KO-200593 Cadm1 Cancer research
Cadm2-KO NM-KO-200079 Cadm2 Therapeutic antibody target
Cadm4-KO NM-KO-190762 Cadm4
CAG-GFP NM-TG-00005 CAG-GFP Reporter mice,EGFP
Calb1-(2A-EGFP-Cre) NM-KI-200141 Calb1 Cre recombinase tool
Calb1-KO NM-KO-190927 Calb1 Nervous system, neurodegeneration and synaptic transmission, cerebellar Purkinje cells, motor coordination, aging
Calb2-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200102 Calb2 Cre recombinase tool
Calca-(iCre-2A) NM-KI-200302 Calca
Calca-KO NM-KO-190928 Calca Calcitonin and calcitonin gene-related peptide-α (CGRP-α), vascular and nervous system related studies, bone mineralization
Calcrl-KO NM-KO-202020 Calcrl
Calm1-KO NM-KO-190703 Calm1 The encoded protein acts as a calcium sensor and is involved in relaying signals to calcium-sensitive proteins, enzymes and ion channels. The protein-calcium complex binds target proteins to regulate several cellular processes, including smooth muscle contraction, inflammation, apoptosis and the immune response. Mutations in the human gene are associated with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia and long QT syndrome 14.
Calr3-KO NM-KO-200819 Calr3
Calr4-KO NM-KO-200820 Calr4
Camk2g-KO NM-KO-201442 Camk2g
Caml-KO NM-KO-202021 Caml
Camp-KO NM-KO-201443 Camp
Cand1-KO NM-KO-190252 Cand1 Immune-related
Capg-KO NM-KO-201444 Capg
Capn1-KO NM-KO-191158 Capn1
Capn3-KO NM-KO-191159 Capn3 Mutations in this gene are associated with limb-girdle muscular dystrophies type 2A.
Capn6-KO NM-KO-191160 Capn6 Calpains have been implicated in neurodegenerative processes
Capza2-KO NM-KO-201445 Capza2
Capza3-KO NM-KO-200080 Capza3 Therapeutic antibody target
Car10-KO NM-KO-201135 Car10
Car12-KO NM-KO-200081 Car12 Therapeutic antibody target
Car2-KO NM-KO-190006 Car2 Immune-related
Car4-(DreERT2) NM-KI-200193 Car4 Dre tool mice
Car6-KO NM-KO-200082 Car6 Therapeutic antibody target
Car9-KO NM-KO-200083 Car9 Therapeutic antibody target
Card9-KO NM-KO-201446 Card9
Carm1-CKO NM-CKO-190015 Carm1 Epigenetic
Carmil2-KO NM-KO-200084 Carmil2 Therapeutic antibody target
Cars-KO NM-KO-190253 Cars Immune-related
Cartpt-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200094 Cartpt Cre recombinase tool
Cartpt-KO NM-KO-190647 Cartpt obesity
R26-(CAG-LSL-Cas13d-IRES-tdTomato) NM-KI-190063 Cas13d RNA editing,Cas13d
R26-(Cas9) NM-KI-00120 Cas9 gene editing, gene modification
R26-(CAG-LNL-Cas9-IRES-Luciferase-pA)1 NM-KI-18002 Cas9 Cas9,gene editing
R26-(Cas9) NM-KI-00038 Cas9 gene editing, gene modification
Casp1-KO NM-KO-190443 Casp1 Inflammation and cell death
Casp2-KO NM-KO-201447 Casp2
Casp4-KO NM-KO-190763 Casp4 Apoptosis, Alzheimer's Disease related
Casp4-CKO NM-CKO-190061 Casp4 cell pyroptosis, cell apoptosis
Casp7-KO NM-KO-190929 Casp7 Apoptosis, immunity, cancer
Casp8-KO NM-KO-190440 Casp8 cancer research,Apoptosis
Casp8-CKO NM-CKO-190003 Casp8 cancer research,Apoptosis
Casp9-KO NM-KO-202022 Casp9
Casr-CKO NM-CKO-200085 Casr GPCR signal transduction and proton pump inhibitor pathway, pharmacodynamics related research
Cav1-KO NM-KO-190930 Cav1 Tumor suppression,vascular system,fibrosis,Berardinelli-Seip congenital lipodystrophy
Cav3-KO NM-KO-200922 Cav3
Cavin1-KO NM-KO-201136 Cavin1
Cbfa2t2-KO NM-KO-200623 Cbfa2t2 Hematopoietic differentiation and acute myeloid leukemia research
Cbfa2t2-CKO NM-CKO-200025 Cbfa2t2 Cancer research
Cbl-KO NM-KO-190007 Cbl Immune-related
Cblb-KO NM-KO-190008 Cblb Immune-related
Cblif-KO NM-KO-190089 Cblif Immune-related
Cbll1-KO NM-KO-200768 Cbll1
Cbx5-KO NM-KO-201448 Cbx5
Cbx7-CKO NM-CKO-00114 Cbx7
Cby1-KO NM-KO-201247 Cby1
Ccbe1-KO NM-KO-202023 Ccbe1
Ccdc103-KO NM-KO-191135 Ccdc103 Primary ciliary dyskinesia
Ccdc124-KO NM-KO-201449 Ccdc124
Ccdc151-KO NM-KO-201137 Ccdc151
Ccdc182-KO NM-KO-201138 Ccdc182
Ccdc27-KO NM-KO-201450 Ccdc27
Ccdc3-CKO NM-CKO-00082 Ccdc3 mortality/aging,nervous system
Ccdc36-KO NM-KO-200631 Ccdc36 Research on the role of DNA double-strand break (DSB) formation in unsynaptic regions during meiotic recombination
Ccdc42-KO NM-KO-190764 Ccdc42
Ccdc80-KO NM-KO-200795 Ccdc80
Ccdc86-KO NM-KO-202024 Ccdc86
Ccdc92-KO NM-KO-201451 Ccdc92
Cck-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200131 Cck Cre recombinase tool
Cckbr-KO NM-KO-190609 Cckbr This gene encodes a G-protein coupled receptor for gastrin and cholecystokinin (CCK), regulatory peptides of the brain and gastrointestinal tract. This protein is a type B gastrin receptor, which has a high affinity for both sulfated and nonsulfated CCK analogs and is found principally in the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. A misspliced transcript variant including an intron has been observed in cells from colorectal and pancreatic tumors.
CCL1-HU NM-HU-2000074 Ccl1 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Ccl1-KO NM-KO-190009 Ccl1 Immune-related
Ccl11-KO NM-KO-191181 Ccl11 This eosinophil-specific chemokine is thought to be involved in eosinophilic inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma and parasitic infections.
Ccl12-KO NM-KO-190765 Ccl12 may contribute to tumor-associated leukocyte infiltration and to the antiviral state against HIV infection.
Ccl17-KO NM-KO-190010 Ccl17 Immune-related
Ccl19-KO NM-KO-190011 Ccl19 Immune-related
Ccl2-CKO NM-CKO-200150 Ccl2 CCR5 pathway and ERK signal transduction in macrophages
Ccl20-KO NM-KO-190012 Ccl20 Immune-related
Ccl21b-KO NM-KO-200679 Ccl21b
Ccl22-KO NM-KO-190013 Ccl22 Immune-related
Ccl24-KO NM-KO-190520 Ccl24 This gene belongs to the subfamily of small cytokine CC genes.Cytokines are a family of secreted proteins involved in immunoregulatory and inflammatory processes.
Ccl25-KO NM-KO-190015 Ccl25 Immune-related
Ccl28-KO NM-KO-00166 Ccl28
Ccl3-KO NM-KO-190014 Ccl3 Immune-related
Ccl4-KO NM-KO-190016 Ccl4 Immune-related
Ccl5-KO NM-KO-190017 Ccl5 Immune-related
Ccl7-KO NM-KO-190766 Ccl7 This gene encodes monocyte chemotactic protein 3, a secreted chemokine which attracts macrophages during inflammation and metastasis.
Ccl8-KO NM-KO-190521 Ccl8 Chemokines
Ccm2-KO NM-KO-201248 Ccm2
Ccn1-KO NM-KO-201249 Ccn1
Ccn3-KO NM-KO-201452 Ccn3
Ccn4-KO NM-KO-200821 Ccn4
Ccna2-KO NM-KO-200085 Ccna2 Therapeutic antibody target
Ccnb2-KO NM-KO-201453 Ccnb2
Ccnd1-KO NM-KO-190767 Ccnd1 Mutations, amplification and overexpression of this gene, which alters cell cycle progression, are observed frequently in a variety of tumors and may contribute to tumorigenesis.
Ccnd3-KO NM-KO-190726 Ccnd3 cell cycle related
Ccne1-KO NM-KO-190931 Ccne1 Cell cycle, tumor
Ccne2-KO NM-KO-190932 Ccne2 Cell cycle, tumor, male fertility
Ccng2-KO NM-KO-191082 Ccng2 Cell cycle; cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer
Ccny-CKO NM-CKO-00071 Ccny
CCR1-HU NM-HU-190067 Ccr1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ccr1-KO NM-KO-190768 Ccr1 Knockout studies of the mouse homolog suggested the roles of this gene in host protection from inflammatory response, and susceptibility to virus and parasite.
Ccr10-KO NM-KO-190019 Ccr10 Immune-related
Ccr2-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-200023 Ccr2 Dre recombinase tool
Ccr2-KO NM-KO-190018 Ccr2 Immune-related
CCR2-HU NM-HU-18026 Ccr2 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Ccr3-KO NM-KO-190020 Ccr3 Immune-related
Ccr4-KO NM-KO-191195 Ccr4 Immune-related
CCR5-HU NM-HU-2000065 Ccr5 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Ccr5-KO NM-KO-190021 Ccr5 Immune-related
Ccr6-KO NM-KO-190022 Ccr6 Immune-related
Ccr7-KO NM-KO-190023 Ccr7 Immune-related
CCR8-HU NM-HU-2000048 Ccr8 Immunotherapy,drug screening
CCR8-HU NM-HU-2000054 Ccr8 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Ccr8-KO NM-KO-190024 Ccr8 Immune-related
Ccr9-KO NM-KO-190025 Ccr9 Immune-related
Ccsap-KO NM-KO-200086 Ccsap Therapeutic antibody target
Cct4-KO NM-KO-190254 Cct4 Immune-related
Cd101-KO NM-KO-201454 Cd101
Cd109-KO NM-KO-200087 Cd109 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd14-KO NM-KO-190026 Cd14 Immune-related
Cd151-KO NM-KO-200088 Cd151 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd160-KO NM-KO-200089 Cd160 Therapeutic antibody target
CD160-HU NM-HU-190057 Cd160 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd163-KO NM-KO-190027 Cd163 Immune-related
Cd163l1-KO NM-KO-200822 Cd163l1
Cd177-KO NM-KO-202025 Cd177
Cd180-KO NM-KO-201455 Cd180
Cd19-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200159 Cd19 Cre recombinase tool
Cd19-(IRES-EGFP-Luci) NM-KI-200058 Cd19 B cell reporter
Cd19-(iCre-IRES-tdTomato) NM-KI-200061 Cd19 Cre recombinase tool
Cd19-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190042 Cd19 DTR mouse
CD19&CD3E-HU NM-HU-190027 Cd19,Cd3e Immune-related
CD19-KO NM-KO-18001 Cd19
CD19-HU NM-HU-00110 Cd19 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd1d1-KO NM-KO-190769 Cd1d1 This gene encodes a divergent member of the CD1 family of transmembrane glycoproteins, which are structurally related to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins and form heterodimers with beta-2-microglobulin.
Cd1d2-KO NM-KO-190770 Cd1d2 This gene encodes a divergent member of the CD1 family of transmembrane glycoproteins, which are structurally related to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins and form heterodimers with beta-2-microglobulin.
Cd2-KO NM-KO-191183 Cd2 The protein encoded by this gene is a surface antigen found on all peripheral blood T-cells. The encoded protein interacts with LFA3 (CD58) on antigen presenting cells to optimize immune recognition.
Cd2-(2A-CreERT2-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18017 Cd2 Cre recombinase tool
Cd200-KO NM-KO-190029 Cd200 Immune-related
Cd200r1-KO NM-KO-200698 Cd200r1 Myeloid function related
Cd200r2-KO NM-KO-200090 Cd200r2 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd200r3-KO NM-KO-200684 Cd200r3
Cd200r4-KO NM-KO-200091 Cd200r4 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd207-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-200021 Cd207 Cre recombinase tool
Cd207-KO NM-KO-190030 Cd207 Immune-related
Cd209a-KO NM-KO-190255 Cd209a Immune-related
Cd209b-KO NM-KO-201456 Cd209b
Cd209d-KO NM-KO-201457 Cd209d
CD22-HU NM-HU-2000014 Cd22 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd22-KO NM-KO-200092 Cd22 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd226-KO NM-KO-202026 Cd226
Cd244a-KO NM-KO-190032 Cd244a Immune-related
Cd247-KO NM-KO-200093 Cd247 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd248-KO NM-KO-200094 Cd248 Therapeutic antibody target
CD24-HU NM-HU-2000060 Cd24a Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd24a-KO NM-KO-190031 Cd24a Immune-related
CD27-HU NM-HU-2000035 Cd27 Immunotherapy,drug screening
CD27-HU NM-HU-190035 Cd27 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd27-KO NM-KO-190033 Cd27 Immune-related
Cd274-CKO NM-CKO-200298 Cd274
PD-L1&KDR-HU NM-HU-2000102 Cd274,Kdr Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&Siglec15-HU NM-HU-2000103 Cd274,Siglec15 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1-HU NM-HU-190039 Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&SEMA4D-HU NM-HU-190034 Cd274,Sema4d Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&GITR-HU NM-HU-190015 Cd274,Tnfrsf18 Immune-related
PD-L1&CD40-HU NM-HU-18024 Cd274,Cd40 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd274-KO NM-KO-18044 Cd274 inflammatory,immune system
PD-L1&LAG3-HU NM-HU-00137 Cd274,Lag3 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&TIGIT-HU NM-HU-18013 Cd274,Tigit Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&OX40-HU NM-HU-00111 Cd274,Tnfrsf4 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
PD-L1-HU NM-HU-00062 Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
PD-L1&TIM3-HU NM-HU-190056 Cd274, Havcr2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd276-KO NM-KO-18039 Cd276 inflammation,autoimmunity
CD28-HU NM-HU-2000036 Cd28 Immunotherapy,drug screening
CD28-HU NM-HU-190011 Cd28 Immune-related
Cd28-KO NM-KO-190034 Cd28 Immune-related
Cd2ap-KO NM-KO-202027 Cd2ap
Cd2bp2-KO NM-KO-201139 Cd2bp2
Cd300a-KO NM-KO-200095 Cd300a Therapeutic antibody target
Cd300c2-KO NM-KO-201458 Cd300c2
Cd300lf-KO NM-KO-200096 Cd300lf Therapeutic antibody target
Cd320-KO NM-KO-200097 Cd320 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd33-CKO NM-CKO-200002 Cd33 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd33-KO NM-KO-200578 Cd33 Therapeutic antibody target. Immune-related
CD33-HU NM-HU-200002 Cd33 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd34-KO NM-KO-190035 Cd34 Immune-related
Cd36-CKO NM-CKO-200086 Cd36 Scavenger receptor and the innate immune system to the binding and uptake of ligand research
Cd36-KO NM-KO-190771 Cd36 this protein may have important functions as a cell adhesion molecule,Mutations in this gene cause platelet glycoprotein deficiency.
CD36-HU NM-HU-00112 Cd36 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd37-KO NM-KO-200099 Cd37 Therapeutic antibody target
CD38-HU NM-HU-190059 Cd38 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd38-KO NM-KO-190036 Cd38 Immune-related
Cd3d-KO NM-KO-190719 Cd3d Immune related
CD3E&3D&3G-HU NM-HU-2000017 Cd3e,3d,3g Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd3e-KO NM-KO-190727 Cd3e Immune related
CD3E-HU NM-HU-00114 Cd3e Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd3g-KO NM-KO-190720 Cd3g Immune related
CD4-HU NM-HU-2000053 Cd4 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd4-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190121 Cd4 DTR mouse
Cd4-KO NM-KO-190441 Cd4 immune system, immunodeficiency
Cd4-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190030 Cd4 Dre recombinase tool
CD4-HU NM-HU-00115 Cd4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CD40-HU(Rag2&Il2rg-KO) NM-HU-2000112 Cd40 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CD40-HU NM-HU-2000047 Cd40 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd40-KO NM-KO-190038 Cd40 Immune-related
CD40-HU NM-HU-00076 Cd40 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
CD40L-HU NM-HU-2000052 Cd40lg Immunotherapy,drug screening
CD40L-HU NM-HU-2000033 Cd40lg Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd40lg-KO NM-KO-190540 Cd40lg TNF Receptor Superfamily Members,Allergy and Asthma
Cd44-KO NM-KO-190039 Cd44 Immune-related
R26-(SA-CD46-IRES-tdTomato) NM-KI-190087 CD46 Immune-related
Cd46-KO NM-KO-190040 Cd46 Immune-related
CD47-HU NM-HU-2000022 Cd47 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd47-KO NM-KO-190041 Cd47 Immune-related
CD47-HU NM-HU-00050 Cd47 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd48-KO NM-KO-190734 Cd48 Immune related
Cd5-KO NM-KO-190042 Cd5 Immune-related
CD52-HU NM-HU-2000058 Cd52 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd52-KO NM-KO-200100 Cd52 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd53-KO NM-KO-201459 Cd53
Cd55-KO NM-KO-200101 Cd55 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd59a-KO NM-KO-200102 Cd59a Therapeutic antibody target
Cd59b-KO NM-KO-200103 Cd59b Therapeutic antibody target
Cd5l-KO NM-KO-191204 Cd5l Immune-related
Cd6-KO NM-KO-190043 Cd6 Immune-related
Cd63-KO NM-KO-190044 Cd63 Immune-related
Cd68-(2A-Cre) NM-KI-200192 Cd68 Tool Mice
Cd68-(IRES-CreERT2) NM-KI-200162 Cd68 Cre recombinase tool
Cd68-(IRES-Cre) NM-KI-200161 Cd68 Cre recombinase tool
Cd68-KO NM-KO-190045 Cd68 Immune-related
Cd69-KO NM-KO-190046 Cd69 Immune-related
Cd7-KO NM-KO-190047 Cd7 Immune-related
Cd70-KO NM-KO-190048 Cd70 Immune-related
Cd72-KO NM-KO-201460 Cd72
Cd74-KO NM-KO-200715 Cd74
CD74-HU NM-HU-2000082 Cd74 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd74-KO NM-KO-190772 Cd74 The protein encoded by this gene associates with class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and is an important chaperone that regulates antigen presentation for immune response.
CD79A-HU NM-HU-200217 Cd79a Immune-related; tumor research; drug screening
Cd79a-KO NM-KO-191179 Cd79a Immune related
CD79B-HU NM-HU-2000012 Cd79b Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd79b-KO NM-KO-200104 Cd79b Therapeutic antibody target
Cd80-KO NM-KO-190184 Cd80 Immune-related
CD80-HU NM-HU-00074 Cd80 cancer research,immune system
CD81&OCLN-HU NM-HU-2000107 Cd81,Ocln Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd81-KO NM-KO-190733 Cd81 Immune related
CD81-HU NM-HU-190041 Cd81 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Cd82-KO NM-KO-200105 Cd82 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd83-KO NM-KO-190051 Cd83 Immune-related
Cd84-KO NM-KO-200106 Cd84 Therapeutic antibody target
Cd86-KO NM-KO-18041 Cd86 immune system
CD86-HU NM-HU-00045 Cd86 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CD8a-(luci-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-200208 CD8a Fluorescence Tracer Mice
Cd8a-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190045 Cd8a DTR mouse
Cd8a-KO NM-KO-190181 Cd8a Immune-related
Cd8a-(V5-IRES-luci-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-18030 Cd8a gene tracing
Cd8b1-KO NM-KO-190183 Cd8b1 Immune-related
Cd9-KO NM-KO-191125 Cd9 Cancer, reproductive system, female infertility
Cd93-KO NM-KO-201461 Cd93
Cd96-KO NM-KO-201462 Cd96
CD96-HU NM-HU-2000059 Cd96 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cd99l2-KO NM-KO-200665 Cd99l2
Cdc27-KO NM-KO-190933 Cdc27 Cell cycle, mitosis
Cdc7-KO NM-KO-202028 Cdc7
Cdcp1-KO NM-KO-200107 Cdcp1 Therapeutic antibody target
Cdh1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190031 Cdh1 Dre recombinase tool
Cdh1-CKO NM-CKO-18016 Cdh1
Cdh11-KO NM-KO-200108 Cdh11 Therapeutic antibody target
Cdh17-KO NM-KO-200109 Cdh17 Therapeutic antibody target
Cdh19-KO NM-KO-200657 Cdh19 Cancer related
Cdh23-KO NM-KO-200823 Cdh23
Cdh3-KO NM-KO-200110 Cdh3 Therapeutic antibody target
Cdh5-(m2rtTa) NM-KI-200205 Cdh5 m2rtTa tool mice
Cdh5-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-200173 Cdh5 Cre recombinase tool
Cdh6-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200140 Cdh6 Cre recombinase tool
Cdh6-KO NM-KO-200111 Cdh6 Therapeutic antibody target
Cdh8-KO NM-KO-190934 Cdh8 Nervous system, CNS synaptic transmission
Cdk10-KO NM-KO-202029 Cdk10
Cdk12-CKO NM-CKO-190059 Cdk12 Cancer
Cdk2-KO NM-KO-190052 Cdk2 Immune-related
Cdk4-KO NM-KO-190614 Cdk4 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the Ser/Thr protein kinase family.It is a catalytic subunit of the protein kinase complex that is important for cell cycle G1 phase progression. The activity of this kinase is restricted to the G1-S phase, which is controlled by the regulatory subunits D-type cyclins and CDK inhibitor p16(INK4a). This kinase was shown to be responsible for the phosphorylation of retinoblastoma gene product (Rb).
Cdk5r1-KO NM-KO-190256 Cdk5r1 Immune-related
Cdk5rap2-CKO NM-CKO-00055 Cdk5rap2 Hertwig's anemia.
Cdk9-KO NM-KO-190053 Cdk9 Immune-related
Cdkl1-KO NM-KO-190773 Cdkl1 Cell Cycle
Cdkl2-KO NM-KO-201463 Cdkl2
Cdkn1a-CKO NM-CKO-200033 Cdkn1a Cancer research
Cdkn1a-KO NM-KO-190774 Cdkn1a Mice that lack this gene have the ability to regenerate damaged or missing tissue.
Cdkn1b-KO NM-KO-200622 Cdkn1b Cell cycle research; multiple endocrine neoplasia type IV (MEN4) research
Cdkn1b-CKO NM-CKO-200032 Cdkn1b Cancer research
Cdkn2a-CKO NM-CKO-200151 Cdkn2a Research on protein metabolism and ERK signal transduction
Cdkn2a-CKO NM-CKO-200015 Cdkn2a Cancer research
Cdkn2a-KO NM-KO-190633 Cdkn2a cancer
Cdkn2a-(Luc-tdTomato-CreERT2) NM-KI-18039 Cdkn2a
Cdkn2b-KO NM-KO-190621 Cdkn2b This gene lies adjacent to the tumor suppressor gene CDKN2A in a region that is frequently mutated and deleted in a wide variety of tumors. This gene encodes a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, which forms a complex with CDK4 or CDK6, and prevents the activation of the CDK kinases, thus the encoded protein functions as a cell growth regulator that controls cell cycle G1 progression.
Cdkn3-KO NM-KO-190622 Cdkn3 The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the dual specificity protein phosphatase family. It was identified as a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, and has been shown to interact with, and dephosphorylate CDK2 kinase, thus prevent the activation of CDK2 kinase. This gene was reported to be deleted, mutated, or overexpressed in several kinds of cancers. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.
Cdx2-(IRES-FLP) NM-KI-200307 Cdx2
Cdx2-CKO NM-CKO-200036 Cdx2 Cancer research
Ceacam1-KO NM-KO-190054 Ceacam1 Immune-related
Ceacam2-KO NM-KO-200112 Ceacam2 Therapeutic antibody target
Ceacam3-KO NM-KO-200824 Ceacam3
Ceacam5-KO NM-KO-200113 Ceacam5 Therapeutic antibody target
Cebpb-CKO NM-CKO-200087 Cebpb Research on signal transduction mediated by p38-alpha and p38-beta and signal transduction events mediated by IL4
Cebpe-KO NM-KO-201464 Cebpe
Cebpg-KO NM-KO-201465 Cebpg
Cel-KO NM-KO-200825 Cel
Cela1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190094 Cela1 Dre recombinase tool, pancreatic acinar cells
Cenpi-KO NM-KO-200114 Cenpi Therapeutic antibody target
Cenpx-KO NM-KO-191189 Cenpx Epigenetic
Cenpx-CKO NM-CKO-190056 Cenpx Epigenetic
Cep104-KO NM-KO-201466 Cep104
Cep290-KO NM-KO-200923 Cep290
Cep76-KO NM-KO-201467 Cep76
Cept1-KO NM-KO-200115 Cept1 Therapeutic antibody target
Cerk-KO NM-KO-201468 Cerk
Cers2-CKO NM-CKO-00052 Cers2
Cers3-KO NM-KO-202030 Cers3
Cers6-KO NM-KO-201469 Cers6
Ces1c-CKO NM-CKO-200152 Ces1c Participate in research on extracellular metabolism of lung surfactant
Ces1c-KO NM-KO-200579 Ces1c Drug metabolism research
Cfap410-KO NM-KO-200924 Cfap410
CFB-HU NM-HU-2000078 Cfb Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cfc1-KO NM-KO-201250 Cfc1
Cfd-KO NM-KO-200116 Cfd Therapeutic antibody target
Cfhr1-KO NM-KO-190775 Cfhr1 Mutations in this gene are associated with an increased risk of atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome.
Cfhr2-KO NM-KO-200683 Cfhr2 Involved in regulation of complement
Cfi-KO NM-KO-200117 Cfi Therapeutic antibody target
Cfp-KO NM-KO-200118 Cfp Therapeutic antibody target
Cga-KO NM-KO-200119 Cga Therapeutic antibody target
Cgn-KO NM-KO-190055 Cgn Immune-related
Cgrrf1-KO NM-KO-201470 Cgrrf1
Chat-CKO NM-CKO-200153 Chat Research on neurotransmitter release cycle and sympathetic nerve pathway (preganglionic and postganglionic connection)
Chchd1-KO NM-KO-201471 Chchd1
Chd3-CKO NM-CKO-00037 Chd3
Chd8-KO NM-KO-201140 Chd8
Chek1-KO NM-KO-190561 Chek1 cancer research
Chgb-KO NM-KO-190935 Chgb Adrenal chromaffin cell function, catecholamine secretion, Parkinson's disease
Chia1-KO NM-KO-190776 Chia1 The variations in this gene can lead to asthma susceptibility.
Chid1-KO NM-KO-00029 Chid1 immune system,metabolism
Chil1-KO NM-KO-190777 Chil1  The protein is thought to play a role in the process of inflammation and tissue remodeling.
Chit1-KO NM-KO-201472 Chit1
Chmp4c-KO NM-KO-200746 Chmp4c
Chordc1-KO NM-KO-201251 Chordc1
Chrd-KO NM-KO-201252 Chrd
Chrdl1-KO NM-KO-200120 Chrdl1 Therapeutic antibody target
Chrm1-KO NM-KO-191175 Chrm1 The muscarinic cholinergic receptor 1 is involved in mediation of vagally-induced bronchoconstriction and in the acid secretion of the gastrointestinal tract.
Chrm4-KO NM-KO-191176 Chrm4 G protein-coupled receptors
Chrm5-KO NM-KO-191177 Chrm5 G protein-coupled receptors,mouse studies link its function to adenylyl cyclase inhibition.
Chrna2-KO NM-KO-200121 Chrna2 Therapeutic antibody target
Chrna4-KO NM-KO-190567 Chrna4 Mutations in this gene cause nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy type 1.
Chrna5-KO NM-KO-190568 Chrna5 Defects in this gene have been linked to susceptibility to lung cancer type 2 (LNCR2).
Chrna6-KO NM-KO-190569 Chrna6 Single nucleotide polymorphisms in this gene have been associated with both nicotine and alcohol dependence.
Chrna7-CKO NM-CKO-200088 Chrna7 Drug Metabolism-Research on Cytochrome P450 and Transmission across Chemical Synapses
Chrna7-Fan1-KO NM-KO-18062 Chrna7,Fan1
Chrnb1-KO NM-KO-190936 Chrnb1 Nervous system, slow channel congenital muscle weakness syndrome
Chst1-KO NM-KO-201473 Chst1
Chst15-KO NM-KO-201474 Chst15
Chst2-KO NM-KO-201475 Chst2
Chst3-KO NM-KO-200925 Chst3
Chst4-KO NM-KO-201476 Chst4
Chsy1-KO NM-KO-190704 Chsy1 Involved in many biological processes including cell proliferation and morphogenesis.
Cideb-KO NM-KO-201477 Cideb
Ciita-KO NM-KO-191207 Ciita Immune-related
Cirbp-KO NM-KO-190257 Cirbp Immune-related
Ciz1-KO NM-KO-201478 Ciz1
Ckap2-KO NM-KO-200122 Ckap2 Therapeutic antibody target
Ckap4-CKO NM-CKO-200259 Ckap4
Ckap4-KO NM-KO-200123 Ckap4 Therapeutic antibody target
Ckb-KO NM-KO-201479 Ckb
Clca1-KO NM-KO-201480 Clca1
Clca3a1-KO NM-KO-190778 Clca3a1
Clca3a2-KO NM-KO-190779 Clca3a2
Clca3b-KO NM-KO-190780 Clca3b
Clcn3-KO NM-KO-202031 Clcn3
Clcn5-KO NM-KO-200926 Clcn5
Clcn6-KO NM-KO-200927 Clcn6
Clcnka-KO NM-KO-200928 Clcnka
Clcnkb-KO NM-KO-201253 Clcnkb
Cldn14-KO NM-KO-200837 Cldn14
Cldn16-KO NM-KO-200632 Cldn16 Sertoli-Sertoli cell junction dynamics and cell junction organization related research
Cldn18-KO NM-KO-200124 Cldn18 Therapeutic antibody target
Cldn2-KO NM-KO-200125 Cldn2 Therapeutic antibody target
Cldn3-KO NM-KO-200126 Cldn3 Therapeutic antibody target
Cldn4-(IRES-FLP) NM-KI-200308 Cldn4
Cldn6-KO NM-KO-200127 Cldn6 Therapeutic antibody target
Clec10a-KO NM-KO-190221 Clec10a Immune-related
Clec12a-KO NM-KO-190222 Clec12a Immune-related
Clec12b-KO NM-KO-190223 Clec12b Immune-related
Clec14a-KO NM-KO-200128 Clec14a Therapeutic antibody target
Clec18a-CKO NM-CKO-00006 Clec18a
Clec1b-KO NM-KO-190229 Clec1b Immune-related
Clec2d-KO NM-KO-200129 Clec2d Therapeutic antibody target
Clec3b-KO NM-KO-00169 Clec3b
Clec4a2-KO NM-KO-190214 Clec4a2 Immune-related
Clec4a4-KO NM-KO-201481 Clec4a4
Clec4b1-KO NM-KO-200130 Clec4b1 Therapeutic antibody target
Clec4b2-KO NM-KO-190781 Clec4b2 cell adhesion, cell-cell signalling, glycoprotein turnover, and roles in inflammation and immune response
Clec4d-KO NM-KO-201482 Clec4d
Clec4e-KO NM-KO-190215 Clec4e Immune-related
Clec4f-KO NM-KO-201483 Clec4f
Clec4f-(IRES-CreERT2) NM-KI-200068 Clec4f Cre recombinase tool,Kupffer cell
Clec4f-(IRES-iCre-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-200069 Clec4f Cre recombinase tool,Kupffer cell
Clec4f-(IRES-DTRGFP) NM-KI-200070 Clec4f Cre recombinase tool,Kupffer cell
Clec4g-KO NM-KO-201484 Clec4g
Clec4n-KO NM-KO-190217 Clec4n Immune-related
Clec5a-KO NM-KO-190205 Clec5a Immune-related
Clec7a-KO NM-KO-190219 Clec7a Immune-related
Clec9a-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-200022 Clec9a Cre recombinase tool
Clec9a-KO NM-KO-190204 Clec9a Immune-related
Clic1-KO NM-KO-190937 Clic1 Platelet, coagulation
Clic4-KO NM-KO-190938 Clic4 Female fertility, immune system, angiogenesis
Clic5-KO NM-KO-190939 Clic5 Ciliated cell lesions, cataracts, glomerular defects, fat and energy metabolism
Clint1-KO NM-KO-200131 Clint1 Therapeutic antibody target
Clip2-KO NM-KO-200930 Clip2
Cln3-KO NM-KO-201254 Cln3
Cln5-KO NM-KO-200931 Cln5
Clnk-KO NM-KO-201485 Clnk
Clptm1-KO NM-KO-200132 Clptm1 Therapeutic antibody target
Clptm1l-KO NM-KO-201486 Clptm1l
Clta-KO NM-KO-190057 Clta Immune-related
Cltc-KO NM-KO-190940 Cltc Intracellular transport and endocytosis
Cltrn-KO NM-KO-200672 Cltrn Involved in amino acid transport
Clu-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-200025 Clu Dre recombinase tool
Clu-KO NM-KO-190782 Clu Tumor progression,neurodegenerative disorders
Cma1-KO NM-KO-190783 Cma1 Hematopoietic, immune
Cmah-KO NM-KO-202032 Cmah
Cmklr1-CKO NM-CKO-200336 Cmklr1
Cmklr1-KO NM-KO-200133 Cmklr1 Therapeutic antibody target
CMV-GFP NM-TG-00006 CMV-GFP Reporter mice,EGFP
Cnga1-KO NM-KO-190941 Cnga1 Phototransduction, autosomal recessive inheritance (ARRP) disease of retinitis pigmentosa
Cnga3-KO NM-KO-190942 Cnga3 Visual, cones, color blindness (rod monochromatic) and color blindness, smell
Cnga4-KO NM-KO-190943 Cnga4 Olfactory, odor adaptation
Cngb1-KO NM-KO-201255 Cngb1
Cngb3-KO NM-KO-190944 Cngb3 Vision, cones, color blindness 3, progressive cone dystrophy and juvenile macular degeneration (also known as Stargardt disease)
Cnn2-KO NM-KO-201487 Cnn2
Cnot4-KO NM-KO-201488 Cnot4
Cnot6-KO NM-KO-200826 Cnot6
Cnpy3-KO NM-KO-202033 Cnpy3
Cnr1-CKO NM-CKO-200332 Cnr1
Cnr1-KO NM-KO-190945 Cnr1 Nervous system, behavior, depression, epilepsy
Cnst-KO NM-KO-200134 Cnst Therapeutic antibody target
Cntn2-KO NM-KO-200135 Cntn2 Therapeutic antibody target
Cntnap2-KO NM-KO-200932 Cntnap2
Col10a1-KO NM-KO-190258 Col10a1 Immune-related
Col13a1-KO NM-KO-201489 Col13a1
Col26a1-KO NM-KO-200136 Col26a1 Therapeutic antibody target
Col2a1-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-18029 Col2a1 Cre recombinase tool
Col3a1-KO NM-KO-201256 Col3a1
Col4a5-(R373X) NM-KI-200296 Col4a5
Col4a5-(R471X) NM-KI-200183 Col4a5 Alport syndrome research
Col5a1-KO NM-KO-201257 Col5a1
Col5a3-KO NM-KO-200137 Col5a3 Therapeutic antibody target
Col6a1-KO NM-KO-200138 Col6a1 Therapeutic antibody target
Col6a3-KO NM-KO-200827 Col6a3
Col9a1-KO NM-KO-200933 Col9a1
Colca2-KO NM-KO-201490 Colca2
Colec11-KO NM-KO-201491 Colec11
Colq-KO NM-KO-201258 Colq
Commd4-KO NM-KO-191136 Commd4
Cop1-KO NM-KO-190058 Cop1 Immune-related
Cops5-CKO NM-CKO-200306 Cops5
Cops7a-KO NM-KO-201492 Cops7a
Cops8-KO NM-KO-202034 Cops8
Coq10a-KO NM-KO-200139 Coq10a Therapeutic antibody target
Coq8a-KO NM-KO-200934 Coq8a
Coq9-KO NM-KO-201259 Coq9
Coro1a-KO NM-KO-201493 Coro1a
Cort-KO NM-KO-190059 Cort Immune-related
Cox11-KO NM-KO-201141 Cox11
Cox15-KO NM-KO-202035 Cox15
Cox4i2-KO NM-KO-201494 Cox4i2
Cox6a1-KO NM-KO-200935 Cox6a1
Cox7a1-KO NM-KO-201260 Cox7a1
R26-(CAG-RSR-Cox8a-tdTomato) NM-KI-200050 Cox8a Mitochondrial tracing
Cpa3-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200005 Cpa3 Cre recombinase tool
Cpa3-KO NM-KO-190784 Cpa3 Hematopoietic, immune
Cpd-KO NM-KO-190670 Cpd Wnt signaling pathway
Cpe-KO NM-KO-190671 Cpe type 2 diabetes
Cplx2-KO NM-KO-200936 Cplx2
Cpm-KO NM-KO-190060 Cpm Immune-related
Cpne1-KO NM-KO-200765 Cpne1
Cpne5-KO NM-KO-201495 Cpne5
Cpox-KO NM-KO-200828 Cpox
Cps1-KO NM-KO-201261 Cps1
Cpt1a-CKO NM-CKO-00056 Cpt1a Circadian Clock,Fatty acid metabolism,Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase IA Deficiency
Cpt2-KO NM-KO-201496 Cpt2
Cptp-KO NM-KO-190061 Cptp Immune-related
Cr2-KO NM-KO-190185 Cr2 Immune-related
Crabp1-M2rtTA NM-KI-190118 Crabp1 Tool Mice
Crb1-KO NM-KO-190946 Crb1 Visual, retinopathy, photoreceptor cell development
Creb1-KO NM-KO-190947 Creb1 Nervous system, circadian rhythm, long-term memory, fear, sensory neurons, etc.
Creb3l3-KO NM-KO-201497 Creb3l3
Crebbp-CKO NM-CKO-190016 Crebbp Epigenetic
Crem-KO NM-KO-190062 Crem Immune-related
Crh-CKO NM-CKO-200089 Crh Signal transduction and circadian rhythm related gene related research through GPCR
Crh-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200104 Crh Cre recombinase tool
Crk-CKO NM-CKO-200090 Crk Research on CCR5 Pathway and NGF Pathway in Macrophages
Crlf2-KO NM-KO-190785 Crlf2 Hematopoietic, immune
Crocc-KO NM-KO-201498 Crocc
Crp-KO NM-KO-201499 Crp
Crtam-KO NM-KO-201500 Crtam
Crtap-KO NM-KO-200937 Crtap
CSF1-HU NM-HU-190043 Csf1 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Csf1-KO NM-KO-190063 Csf1 Immune-related
Csf1r-CKO NM-CKO-200091 Csf1r Study on the relationship between hematopoietic cell lineage and ERK signaling
CSF1R-HU NM-HU-190074 Csf1r Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
Csf1r-KO NM-KO-190786 Csf1r Hodgkin lymphoma
Csf1r-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-190026 Csf1r Cre recombinase tool
CSF2-HU(M-NSG) NM-NSG-008 Csf2 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Csf2-KO NM-KO-190532 Csf2 Growth Factors,NF-KB pathway,Allergy and Asthma,
CSF2-HU NM-HU-190046 Csf2 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Csf2ra-KO NM-KO-200140 Csf2ra Therapeutic antibody target
Csf2rb-KO NM-KO-190787 Csf2rb Respiratory system
Csf2rb2-KO NM-KO-200829 Csf2rb2
Csf3-KO NM-KO-190533 Csf3 Growth Factors,NF-KB pathway,Allergy and Asthma,
Csf3r-KO NM-KO-190788 Csf3r Congenital neutropenia
Csmd1-KO NM-KO-200938 Csmd1
Csnk1e-KO NM-KO-190948 Csnk1e Nervous system,circadian rhythm
Csnk2a2-KO NM-KO-200939 Csnk2a2
Cspg4-KO NM-KO-200141 Cspg4 Therapeutic antibody target
Cspg4-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-190038 Cspg4 Dre recombinase tool
Cspg5-KO NM-KO-200142 Cspg5 Therapeutic antibody target
Cstb-KO NM-KO-201501 Cstb
Ctbs-KO NM-KO-201502 Ctbs
Ctc1-KO NM-KO-202036 Ctc1
Ctcf-CKO NM-CKO-200031 Ctcf Cancer research
Ctcfl-KO NM-KO-190259 Ctcfl Immune-related
Ctf1-KO NM-KO-190546 Ctf1
Cth-CKO NM-CKO-200274 Cth
Cth-(Luc) NM-KI-00004 Cth homeostasis,liver,renal function related research and Cystathioninuria study
CTLA4&CD28-HU NM-HU-200226 Ctla4,Cd28
Ctla4-KO NM-KO-202037 Ctla4
CTLA4-HU NM-HU-190078 CTLA4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CTLA4-HU NM-HU-190038 Ctla4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
CTLA4-HU NM-HU-00014 Ctla4 cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening;
PD-L1&CTLA4-HU NM-HU-00102 Ctla4,Cd274 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Ctnnal1-(2A-Cre) NM-KI-200016 Ctnnal1 Cre tool mouse
Ctnnb1-CKO NM-CKO-200154 Ctnnb1 MicroRNA and CDK-mediated phosphorylation and Cdc6 removal in cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
Ctnnb1-KO NM-KO-190634 Ctnnb1 colorectal cancer (CRC), pilomatrixoma (PTR), medulloblastoma (MDB), and ovarian cancer
Ctns-KO NM-KO-200940 Ctns
Ctsb-KO NM-KO-202038 Ctsb
Ctsc-KO NM-KO-190789 Ctsc Papillon-Lefevre syndrome
Ctse-KO NM-KO-200830 Ctse
Ctsg-KO NM-KO-202039 Ctsg
Ctsk-(2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-200067 Ctsk Cre recombinase tool
Ctsk-(2A-Cre) NM-KI-190019 Ctsk Cre recombinase tool
Ctsm-KO NM-KO-201503 Ctsm
Ctss-KO NM-KO-200143 Ctss Therapeutic antibody target
Cttnbp2-KO NM-KO-201504 Cttnbp2
Cuedc1-KO NM-KO-201142 Cuedc1
Cuedc2-KO NM-KO-201505 Cuedc2
Cul2-KO NM-KO-190949 Cul2
Cul5-KO NM-KO-202040 Cul5
Cuzd1-KO NM-KO-200144 Cuzd1 Therapeutic antibody target
Cx3cl1-KO NM-KO-190064 Cx3cl1 Immune-related
Cx3cr1-(creERT2) NM-KI-200157 Cx3cr1 Cre recombinase tool
Cx3cr1-(iCre) NM-KI-200079 Cx3cr1 Cre recombinase tool, the mononuclear phagocyte system
Cx3cr1-KO NM-KO-190065 Cx3cr1 Immune-related
Cxcl10-KO NM-KO-190066 Cxcl10 Immune-related
Cxcl11-KO NM-KO-190522 Cxcl11 Chemokines
Cxcl12-CKO NM-CKO-200155 Cxcl12 Research on GPCR signal transduction and CCR5 pathway in macrophages
Cxcl12-KO NM-KO-190523 Cxcl12 Cytokines, embryogenesis, immune surveillance, inflammation response, tissue homeostasis, and tumor growth and metastasis.
Cxcl13-KO NM-KO-190067 Cxcl13 Immune-related
Cxcl15-KO NM-KO-200660 Cxcl15
Cxcl16-KO NM-KO-190524 Cxcl16 Chemokines
Cxcl5-KO NM-KO-190525 Cxcl5 Chemokines, lung inflammation
Cxcl9-KO NM-KO-190069 Cxcl9 Immune-related
CXCR1-HU NM-HU-2000024 Cxcr1 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cxcr1-KO NM-KO-190068 Cxcr1 Immune-related
Cxcr2-KO NM-KO-190070 Cxcr2 Immune-related
CXCR2-HU NM-HU-18025 Cxcr2 Immunotherapy,Cancer research,Drug screening
CXCR3-HU NM-HU-200219 Cxcr3 Immune-related; drug screening
Cxcr3-KO NM-KO-190071 Cxcr3 Immune-related
Cxcr4-CKO NM-CKO-200156 Cxcr4 Research on GPCR signal transduction and CCR5 pathway in macrophages
CXCR4-HU NM-HU-2000081 Cxcr4 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Cxcr4-KO NM-KO-190072 Cxcr4 Immune-related
Cxcr5-KO NM-KO-190073 Cxcr5 Immune-related
Cyb561d2-KO NM-KO-201506 Cyb561d2
Cyb5d2-KO NM-KO-200145 Cyb5d2 Therapeutic antibody target
Cyb5r4-KO NM-KO-200941 Cyb5r4
Cyba-KO NM-KO-191171 Cyba Mutations in this gene are associated with autosomal recessive chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)
Cybb-KO NM-KO-18031 Cybb CGD, inflammatory
Cyp11b1-KO NM-KO-200942 Cyp11b1
Cyp1a1-KO NM-KO-201507 Cyp1a1
Cyp1a1-Cyp1a2-KO NM-KO-18018 Cyp1a1,Cyp1a2
Cyp1b1-KO NM-KO-200943 Cyp1b1
Cyp2c cluster-KO NM-KO-18019 Cyp2c cluster drug development
R26-(Liver-CYP3A4) NM-KI-18032 CYP3A4 metabolism
R26-(Gut-CYP3A4) NM-KI-18033 CYP3A4 metabolism
Cyp3a-KO NM-KO-190427 Cyp3a57
Cyp3a-KO NM-KO-18056 Cyp3a57
Cyp4a10-KO NM-KO-200146 Cyp4a10 Therapeutic antibody target
Cyp4v3-KO NM-KO-200711 Cyp4v3
Cyp51-KO NM-KO-202041 Cyp51
Cyp7a1-KO NM-KO-202042 Cyp7a1
Cysltr1-KO NM-KO-190790 Cysltr1 Asthma,cancer
Cytl1-KO NM-KO-201508 Cytl1
D630045J12Rik-KO NM-KO-201509 D630045J12Rik
D6Wsu163e-KO NM-KO-201510 D6Wsu163e
Dab2ip-KO NM-KO-200147 Dab2ip Therapeutic antibody target
Dag1-KO NM-KO-200148 Dag1 Therapeutic antibody target
Dapp1-KO NM-KO-201511 Dapp1
Dbnl-KO NM-KO-201512 Dbnl
Dbt-KO NM-KO-200633 Dbt Studies on degradation and metabolism of valine, leucine and isoleucine
Dbx1-(IRES-CreERT2) NM-KI-200103 Dbx1 Cre recombinase tool
R26-(CAG-LSL-Avi-dCas9-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-18031 dCas9
R26-(CAG-LSL-dCas9-VPR-IRES-EGFP-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18004 dCas9 gene regulation tool,CRISPRa
R26-e(CAG-LSL-KRAB-dCas9-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-18007 dCas9 CRISPRi,gene regulation tool
CAG-LSL-dCas9-SPH NM-TG-00025 dCas9 gene regulation tool,CRISPRa
Col1a1-(TRE3G-dCas9-VPR-eGFP-pA) NM-KI-00123 dCas9 gene regulation tool,CRISPRa
Dcbld2-KO NM-KO-200687 Dcbld2
Dchs1-KO NM-KO-201262 Dchs1
Dck-KO NM-KO-201513 Dck
Dclk1-KO NM-KO-200149 Dclk1 Therapeutic antibody target
Dclre1c-KO NM-KO-201514 Dclre1c
Dcstamp-KO NM-KO-200150 Dcstamp Therapeutic antibody target
Dct-KO NM-KO-190074 Dct Immune-related
R26-(ddCas9) NM-KI-00063 ddCas9 gene editing,gene modification
H11-(ddCre) NM-KI-00086 ddCre
Ddhd2-KO NM-KO-200944 Ddhd2
Ddit3-CKO NM-CKO-200092 Ddit3 Studies on preimplantation embryos and signal transduction mediated by p38-alpha and p38-beta
Ddit4-KO NM-KO-191072 Ddit4 Vision, retina; disc degeneration (IDD); cancer
Ddit4l-KO NM-KO-191105 Ddit4l Autophagy, nervous system, muscle energy metabolism
Ddost-KO NM-KO-201515 Ddost
Ddr1-KO NM-KO-200151 Ddr1 Therapeutic antibody target
Ddr2-CKO NM-CKO-200311 Ddr2
Ddr2-KO NM-KO-200152 Ddr2 Therapeutic antibody target
Ddt-KO NM-KO-200663 Ddt
Ddx4-KO NM-KO-200153 Ddx4 Therapeutic antibody target
Ddx54-KO NM-KO-201516 Ddx54
Ddx58-KO NM-KO-18063 Ddx58
Ddx60-KO NM-KO-201517 Ddx60
Dedd-KO NM-KO-201518 Dedd
Defb1-KO NM-KO-191137 Defb1 Defensin, cystic fibrosis, immune system
Defb3-KO NM-KO-201519 Defb3
Degs2-KO NM-KO-200154 Degs2 Therapeutic antibody target
Dennd1a-KO NM-KO-200155 Dennd1a Therapeutic antibody target
Dennd3-KO NM-KO-190260 Dennd3 Immune-related
Dennd4a-KO NM-KO-191138 Dennd4a may be involved in regulating the v-myc avian myelocytomatosis viral (MYC) oncogene.
Depdc7-KO NM-KO-200831 Depdc7
Deptor-KO NM-KO-191106 Deptor Metabolism,cancer,immunity
Des-KO NM-KO-190261 Des Immune-related
Dexi-KO NM-KO-190262 Dexi Immune-related
Dffb-KO NM-KO-201520 Dffb
Dgcr2-Hira-KO NM-KO-18060 Dgcr2,Hira behavior, cardiovascular, mortality/aging, nervous system
Dgcr8-CKO NM-CKO-200157 Dgcr8 Research on the correlation between p53 effector and gene expression
Dgka-KO NM-KO-190714 Dgka Immune related, T cell development related.
Dgke-KO NM-KO-201143 Dgke
Dgkz-KO NM-KO-190715 Dgkz They may be useful for studying the role of diacylglycerol in T cell development and function.
Dhcr7-KO NM-KO-201263 Dhcr7
Dhh-KO NM-KO-200156 Dhh Therapeutic antibody target
Dhodh-KO NM-KO-190263 Dhodh Immune-related
Dhrs13-KO NM-KO-200157 Dhrs13 Therapeutic antibody target
Dhrs4-KO NM-KO-201521 Dhrs4
Dhrs7b-KO NM-KO-201101 Dhrs7b
Dhtkd1-KO NM-KO-200945 Dhtkd1
Dhtkd1-(Y485X) NM-KI-00005 Dhtkd1
Dhx35-KO NM-KO-201522 Dhx35
Dhx58-KO NM-KO-201523 Dhx58
Diaph1-KO NM-KO-201524 Diaph1
Diaph2-KO NM-KO-190950 Diaph2 Heart development, brain development
Dicer1-CKO NM-CKO-200158 Dicer1 Hypoxia-mediated EMT, stem and gene expression related research
Dido1-KO NM-KO-201144 Dido1
Dip2a-KO NM-KO-201525 Dip2a
Dkk2-KO NM-KO-200158 Dkk2 Therapeutic antibody target
Dkk3-KO NM-KO-190674 Dkk3 Cancer-related genes
Dleu2-KO NM-KO-201145 Dleu2
Dleu7-KO NM-KO-201146 Dleu7
Dlg4-KO NM-KO-190951 Dlg4 Nervous system, pain, space learning, depression
DLL3-HU NM-HU-200231 Dll3
Dll3-KO NM-KO-201264 Dll3
DLL4-HU NM-HU-2000020 Dll4 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Dlx3-CKO NM-CKO-200164 Dlx3 Study on the relationship between DNA binding transcription factor activity and chromatin binding
Dlx5-KO NM-KO-201265 Dlx5
Dlx6-KO NM-KO-201266 Dlx6
Dmbt1-KO NM-KO-202043 Dmbt1
Dmd-KO NM-KO-200573 Dmd Duchenne muscular dystrophy research
Dmd-(c.C2983T) NM-KI-18026 Dmd
Dmp1-KO NM-KO-200634 Dmp1 Research on the degradation of ECM proteoglycans and extracellular matrix
Dmpk-KO NM-KO-200635 Dmpk Cardiac conduction and G protein signal transduction RAC1 in cellular processes
Dmtf1-KO NM-KO-202044 Dmtf1
Dnajc11-KO NM-KO-201526 Dnajc11
Dnajc15-KO NM-KO-201527 Dnajc15
Dnal1-KO NM-KO-201528 Dnal1
Dnhd1-KO NM-KO-200793 Dnhd1
Dnlz-KO NM-KO-200832 Dnlz
Dnmt1-CKO NM-CKO-190046 Dnmt1 Epigenetic
Dnmt3a-CKO NM-CKO-190047 Dnmt3a Epigenetic
Dnmt3b-CKO NM-CKO-190017 Dnmt3b Epigenetic
Dnmt3l-CKO NM-CKO-190018 Dnmt3l Epigenetic
Dntt-KO NM-KO-201529 Dntt
Doc2a-KO NM-KO-201147 Doc2a
Dock2-KO NM-KO-201530 Dock2
Dock3-KO NM-KO-201531 Dock3
Dock6-KO NM-KO-190264 Dock6 Immune-related
Dock8-KO NM-KO-201532 Dock8
Dok1-KO NM-KO-201533 Dok1
Dok2-KO NM-KO-201534 Dok2
Dpep3-KO NM-KO-200159 Dpep3 Therapeutic antibody target
Dph2-KO NM-KO-201535 Dph2
Dpm2-KO NM-KO-201536 Dpm2
Dpp4-KO NM-KO-190791 Dpp4 Endocrine
DPP4-HU NM-HU-190042 Dpp4 Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Dpp8-CKO NM-CKO-00047 Dpp8
Dppa3-(Cre) NM-KI-00040 Dppa3 Cre recombinase tool
Dpysl4-KO NM-KO-191139 Dpysl4
Dr1-KO NM-KO-190075 Dr1 Immune-related
Drc3-KO NM-KO-200946 Drc3
Drd1-CKO NM-CKO-200159 Drd1 Research on the Signal Transduction of Monoamine GPCR and GPCR
Drd1-(2A-CreERT2-WPRE-pA) NM-KI-18016 Drd1 Cre recombinase tool
Drd2-CKO NM-CKO-200160 Drd2 Research on the Signal Transduction of Monoamine GPCR and GPCR
Drd2-KO NM-KO-190265 Drd2 Immune-related
Drd3-KO NM-KO-190952 Drd3 Nervous system,hereditary primary tremor 1
CAG-Dre NM-TG-00026 Dre Dre recombinase tool
Drg2-KO NM-KO-200947 Drg2
Dsc1-KO NM-KO-201537 Dsc1
Dsc2-KO NM-KO-200160 Dsc2 Therapeutic antibody target
Dsg1a-KO NM-KO-200161 Dsg1a Therapeutic antibody target
Dsg1b-KO NM-KO-200833 Dsg1b
Dsg1c-KO NM-KO-200834 Dsg1c
Dsg3-KO NM-KO-200162 Dsg3 Therapeutic antibody target
Dsg4-KO NM-KO-200835 Dsg4
R26-(CAG-RSR-tdTomato-2A-DTR) NM-KI-200191 DTR Dre reporter
R26-(CAG-LSL-RSR-tdTomato-2A-DTR) NM-KI-190086 DTR Dre and Dre reporter
Dtx1-KO NM-KO-190077 Dtx1 Immune-related
Duoxa1-KO NM-KO-202045 Duoxa1
Duoxa2-KO NM-KO-202046 Duoxa2
Dusp10-KO NM-KO-201538 Dusp10
R26-(Dusp12) NM-KI-18038 Dusp12
Dusp12-KO NM-KO-18054 Dusp12
Dusp2-KO NM-KO-200163 Dusp2 Therapeutic antibody target
Dusp3-KO NM-KO-200836 Dusp3
Dusp4-KO NM-KO-190792 Dusp4 hematopoietic, immune
Dusp5-KO NM-KO-201539 Dusp5
Dusp6-KO NM-KO-202047 Dusp6
Dvl1-KO NM-KO-190675 Dvl1 Cancer-related genes
Dydc1-KO NM-KO-200164 Dydc1 Therapeutic antibody target
Dydc2-KO NM-KO-200664 Dydc2 Diseases associated with DYDC2 include Myofibrillar Myopathy and Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy.
Dynll2-KO NM-KO-201149 Dynll2
Dyrk1a-CKO NM-CKO-200167 Dyrk1a Research on Notch Signaling Pathway (WikiPathways) and circadian rhythm related genes
Dyrk1b-KO NM-KO-201540 Dyrk1b
Dyrk4-KO NM-KO-190266 Dyrk4 Immune-related
Dysf-KO NM-KO-200948 Dysf
Dzank1-KO NM-KO-200165 Dzank1 Therapeutic antibody target
E030018B13Rik-KO NM-KO-201150 E030018B13Rik
E2f1-KO NM-KO-190623 E2f1 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the E2F family of transcription factors. The E2F family plays a crucial role in the control of cell cycle and action of tumor suppressor proteins and is also a target of the transforming proteins of small DNA tumor viruses. This protein binds preferentially to retinoblastoma protein pRB in a cell-cycle dependent manner. It can mediate both cell proliferation and p53-dependent/independent apoptosis.
E2f2-KO NM-KO-202048 E2f2
E2f4-KO NM-KO-202049 E2f4
E2f5-KO NM-KO-201267 E2f5
E330021D16Rik-KO NM-KO-190267 E330021D16Rik Immune-related
Eapp-KO NM-KO-190560 Eapp Transcription and proliferation.
Ebag9-KO NM-KO-201541 Ebag9
Ebf1-CKO NM-CKO-00065 Ebf1 not clear
Ebi3-KO NM-KO-190076 Ebi3 Immune-related
Ece1-KO NM-KO-201268 Ece1
Ecscr-KO NM-KO-200166 Ecscr Therapeutic antibody target
Eda-KO NM-KO-200167 Eda Therapeutic antibody target
Eda2r-KO NM-KO-191162 Eda2r The protein encoded by this gene is a type III transmembrane protein of the TNFR (tumor necrosis factor receptor) superfamily
Edar-KO NM-KO-200168 Edar Therapeutic antibody target
Edc4-KO NM-KO-191130 Edc4 Pro-mRNA degradation
Edn3-KO NM-KO-201269 Edn3
Eed-CKO NM-CKO-190019 Eed Epigenetic
Efemp1-KO NM-KO-200840 Efemp1
Efhc1-KO NM-KO-200949 Efhc1
Efhd2-KO NM-KO-201542 Efhd2
Efna4-KO NM-KO-200169 Efna4 Therapeutic antibody target
Efs-KO NM-KO-200950 Efs
Egf-KO NM-KO-190630 Egf certain cancers
Egfl6-KO NM-KO-200170 Egfl6 Therapeutic antibody target
H11-(EGFP) NM-KI-00066 EGFP gene tracing,Reporter mice,EGFP
EGFR-HU NM-HU-200227 Egfr
EGFR-HU NM-HU-200232 Egfr
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR(T790M) -IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190070 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR-IRES-luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190066 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR (L858R-T790M-C797S)-IRES-luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190067 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR (L858R-T790M)-IRES-luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190068 EGFR cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR(L858R)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190069 EGFR cancer research
Egfr-KO NM-KO-190268 Egfr Immune-related
Egfr-CKO NM-CKO-00133 Egfr cancer research, EGFR fuction study
Egln2-KO NM-KO-191064 Egln2 Hypoxia-inducible factor-related protein,tumor,breast cancer
Egr2-(iCre) NM-KI-200132 Egr2 Cre recombinase tool
Ehd4-KO NM-KO-190269 Ehd4 Immune-related
Ehf-CKO NM-CKO-200338 Ehf
Ehmt1-CKO NM-CKO-190020 Ehmt1 Epigenetic
Ehmt2-CKO NM-CKO-190048 Ehmt2 Epigenetic
Eif2ak3-CKO NM-CKO-200161 Eif2ak3 Autophagy, animal and respiratory electron transport
Eif4b-KO NM-KO-191114 Eif4b cancer
Eif4e-KO NM-KO-191115 Eif4e Tumor, proto-oncogene
Eif4ebp1-KO NM-KO-191088 Eif4ebp1 Tumor development,tumor hypoxia; metabolism
Eif4ebp2-KO NM-KO-191121 Eif4ebp2 Cell proliferation and differentiation, viral infection, nervous system, synaptic transmission, autism, muscle homeostasis
Eif4ebp3-KO NM-KO-201543 Eif4ebp3
Eif4h-KO NM-KO-201151 Eif4h
Eif5b-KO NM-KO-191140 Eif5b
Elane-KO NM-KO-201544 Elane
Elf1-KO NM-KO-190270 Elf1 Immune-related
Elk1-KO NM-KO-190615 Elk1 This gene is a member of the Ets family of transcription factors and of the ternary complex factor (TCF) subfamily. Proteins of the TCF subfamily form a ternary complex by binding to the the serum response factor and the serum response element in the promoter of the c-fos proto-oncogene.
Elmo1-KO NM-KO-190953 Elmo1 Male germ cells support cell phagocytosis
Eloa-CKO NM-CKO-190070 Eloa
Elobl-KO NM-KO-201152 Elobl
Elovl3-KO NM-KO-201545 Elovl3
Elovl6-KO NM-KO-200802 Elovl6
Emb-KO NM-KO-200171 Emb Therapeutic antibody target
Emc10-CKO NM-CKO-00084 Emc10 cancer,nervous system
Emid1-KO NM-KO-190558 Emid1
Eml1-KO NM-KO-190793 Eml1 Usher syndrome
R26-(CAG-LSL-EML4-ALK-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190072 EML4-ALK cancer research
Emp2-CKO NM-CKO-200074 Emp2 Protein kinase binding and kinase binding related research
Emp2-KO NM-KO-200172 Emp2 Therapeutic antibody target
Emx1-(IRES-Cre) NM-KI-200149 Emx1 Cre recombinase tool
En2-KO NM-KO-200173 En2 Therapeutic antibody target
Enam-KO NM-KO-200951 Enam
Eng-KO NM-KO-201270 Eng
Enkur-KO NM-KO-201546 Enkur
Eno2-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200011 Eno2 Cre recombinase tool
Eno2-(iCre) NM-KI-200012 Eno2 Cre recombinase tool
Enpp1-KO NM-KO-200618 Enpp1 NAD metabolism and Riboflavin metabolism research; Cole Disease and Hypophosphatemic Rickets research.
Enpp3-KO NM-KO-200174 Enpp3 Therapeutic antibody target
Enpp6-KO NM-KO-00020 Enpp6 Ether lipid metabolism
ENTPD1-HU NM-HU-200223 Entpd1 tumor research; drug screening
Entpd1-KO NM-KO-190078 Entpd1 Immune-related
Entpd2-KO NM-KO-200175 Entpd2 Therapeutic antibody target
Entpd3-KO NM-KO-200176 Entpd3 Therapeutic antibody target
Entpd5-KO NM-KO-200177 Entpd5 Therapeutic antibody target
Entpd6-KO NM-KO-200178 Entpd6 Therapeutic antibody target
Entpd7-KO NM-KO-201547 Entpd7
Eomes-CKO NM-CKO-200162 Eomes Research on the development and heterogeneity of ILC family and the differentiation pathway of innate lymphoid cells
Ep300-CKO NM-CKO-190021 Ep300 Epigenetic
Epas1-CKO NM-CKO-200163 Epas1 CDK-mediated phosphorylation, Cdc6 removal, and GPCR signaling related research
Epb41-KO NM-KO-201548 Epb41
Epb42-KO NM-KO-200179 Epb42 Therapeutic antibody target
Epcam-(CreERT2) NM-KI-00084 Epcam
Epgn-KO NM-KO-201549 Epgn
Epha1-KO NM-KO-191127 Epha1 Nervous system,cancer
Epha10-KO NM-KO-200180 Epha10 Therapeutic antibody target
Epha2-KO NM-KO-200181 Epha2 Therapeutic antibody target
Epha4-KO NM-KO-200182 Epha4 Therapeutic antibody target
Epha5-KO NM-KO-200183 Epha5 Therapeutic antibody target
Epha6-KO NM-KO-201550 Epha6
Epha7-KO NM-KO-200184 Epha7 Therapeutic antibody target
Ephb2-KO NM-KO-190271 Ephb2 Immune-related
Ephb3-KO NM-KO-200185 Ephb3 Therapeutic antibody target
Ephb6-KO NM-KO-200851 Ephb6
Ephx2-KO NM-KO-190954 Ephx2 Endocrine and metabolic systems, blood pressure, arachidonic acid metabolism
Epm2a-KO NM-KO-200952 Epm2a
Epn3-KO NM-KO-201153 Epn3
Epx-(Cre) NM-KI-200211 Epx Cre tool mice
Epx-KO NM-KO-190794 Epx Eosinophil peroxidase deficiency
Epyc-KO NM-KO-201552 Epyc
Erap1-KO NM-KO-201553 Erap1
ERBB2-HU NM-HU-200115 Erbb2 Immune-related; tumor research; drug screening
R26-(CAG-LSL-ERBB2(exon20 insertion)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190071 ERBB2 cancer research
HER3-HU NM-HU-200234 Erbb3
Erbb4-(I712M) NM-KI-200283 Erbb4
Erbb4-(R1259W) NM-KI-200282 Erbb4
Erbb4-(R927Q) NM-KI-200281 Erbb4
Ercc5-KO NM-KO-201271 Ercc5
Ercc6-KO NM-KO-200953 Ercc6
Ercc8-KO NM-KO-200954 Ercc8
Ereg-KO NM-KO-200770 Ereg
Ereg-KO NM-KO-200186 Ereg Therapeutic antibody target
Erfe-KO NM-KO-200187 Erfe Therapeutic antibody target
Ergic1-KO NM-KO-200188 Ergic1 Therapeutic antibody target
Ermap-KO NM-KO-200189 Ermap Therapeutic antibody target
Ern1-CKO NM-CKO-00077 Ern1
Ern2-KO NM-KO-201554 Ern2
Ero1l-KO NM-KO-191073 Ero1l Endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis, cell response to hypoxia
Errfi1-KO NM-KO-202050 Errfi1
Esam-KO NM-KO-201555 Esam
Esco2-CKO NM-CKO-200093 Esco2 CDK-mediated phosphorylation, Cdc6 removal, and cell cycle related research in mitosis
Espn-KO NM-KO-201556 Espn
Esr1-KO NM-KO-200651 Esr1 Study on protein metabolism and LKB1 signaling events
Esr1-CKO NM-CKO-200175 Esr1 Study on protein metabolism and LKB1 signaling events
Esr1-(2A-iCre) NM-KI-200164 Esr1 Cre recombinase tool
Esr1-CKO NM-CKO-200024 Esr1 Cancer research
Esr1-KO NM-KO-190631 Esr1 breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and osteoporosis
Esr2-KO NM-KO-200190 Esr2 Therapeutic antibody target
Esrra-CKO NM-CKO-00039 Esrra Metabolism,Metabolism of lipids and lipoproteins,Mitochondrial biogenesis
Esyt2-KO NM-KO-201557 Esyt2
Ethe1-KO NM-KO-201272 Ethe1
Ets1-KO NM-KO-190795 Ets1 Hematopoietic, immune
Etv1-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200105 Etv1 Cre recombinase tool
Etv2-KO NM-KO-202051 Etv2
Etv6-CKO NM-CKO-200269 Etv6
Evc-KO NM-KO-201273 Evc
Evc2-KO NM-KO-201274 Evc2
Exoc6b-CKO NM-CKO-00138 Exoc6b
Ezh1-CKO NM-CKO-200343 Ezh1
R26-(CAG-LSL-EZH2(Y646N)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190073 EZH2 cancer research
Ezh2-CKO NM-CKO-190022 Ezh2 Epigenetic
F11-KO NM-KO-200191 F11 Therapeutic antibody target
F11r-KO NM-KO-200192 F11r Therapeutic antibody target
F12-KO NM-KO-200193 F12 Therapeutic antibody target
F2rl1-KO NM-KO-200838 F2rl1
F2rl3-KO NM-KO-200839 F2rl3
F8-KO NM-KO-200608 F8 Hemophilia A;HEMA
F8-KO NM-KO-191184 F8
F8-KO NM-KO-00012 F8 Hemophilia A;HEMA
F9-KO NM-KO-200607 F9 Hemophilia B
F9-KO NM-KO-18046 F9 factor IX (F9) function and gene therapy
Fa2h-KO NM-KO-200955 Fa2h
Faah-CKO NM-CKO-200333 Faah
Faap100-KO NM-KO-190272 Faap100 Immune-related
Fabp4-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-200060 Fabp4 Dre recombinase tool
Fabp4-KO NM-KO-200194 Fabp4 Therapeutic antibody target
Fads2-KO NM-KO-201558 Fads2
Faf1-KO NM-KO-191163 Faf1 Interaction of Fas ligand (TNFSF6) with the FAS antigen (TNFRSF6) mediates programmed cell death, also called apoptosis, in a number of organ systems.
Fah-KO(M-NSG) NM-NSG-004 Fah Tyrosinemia type I research
Fah-KO NM-KO-191202 Fah Tyrosinemia type I research
Faim-KO NM-KO-202052 Faim
Fam160a1-KO NM-KO-201559 Fam160a1
Fam162a-KO NM-KO-191090 Fam162a Apoptosis,tumor
Fam163a-KO NM-KO-201560 Fam163a
Fam19a2-KO NM-KO-00045 Fam19a2
Fam207a-KO NM-KO-200956 Fam207a
Fam209-KO NM-KO-201561 Fam209
Fam210a-KO NM-KO-202053 Fam210a
Fam220a-KO NM-KO-190273 Fam220a Immune-related
Fam50a-KO NM-KO-200763 Fam50a
Fam57b-KO NM-KO-201154 Fam57b
Fam92a-KO NM-KO-200957 Fam92a
Fan1-KO NM-KO-200958 Fan1
FAP-HU NM-HU-200233 Fap
Fap-KO NM-KO-190079 Fap Immune-related
Far2-KO NM-KO-200959 Far2
Fas-KO NM-KO-191206 Fas Immune-related
Fas-KO NM-KO-190080 Fas Immune-related
Fasl-KO NM-KO-190541 Fasl Cancer related;systemic lupus erythematosus related
Fastk-KO NM-KO-201562 Fastk
Fat2-KO NM-KO-190955 Fat2 Cell adhesion molecule,cell proliferation,cerebellar development
Fat3-KO NM-KO-190956 Fat3 Visual, nervous system
Fau-CKO NM-CKO-00048 Fau
Fblim1-KO NM-KO-201563 Fblim1
Fbln2-KO NM-KO-200195 Fbln2 Therapeutic antibody target
Fbln5-KO NM-KO-190274 Fbln5 Immune-related
Fbln7-CKO NM-CKO-00120 Fbln7
Fbn1-(C1041G) NM-KI-200303 Fbn1
Fbn1-CKO NM-CKO-200325 Fbn1
Fbp1-KO NM-KO-190796 Fbp1 Hypoglycemia and metabolic acidosis
Fbxl16-KO NM-KO-190797 Fbxl16 Mouse Aging
Fbxl19-KO NM-KO-201564 Fbxl19
Fbxo10-KO NM-KO-201565 Fbxo10
Fbxo36-KO NM-KO-201566 Fbxo36
Fbxo4-KO NM-KO-202054 Fbxo4
Fbxo42-CKO NM-CKO-200263 Fbxo42
Fbxo9-KO NM-KO-190957 Fbxo9
Fbxw11-KO NM-KO-190696 Fbxw11 phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination
Fbxw2-KO NM-KO-200797 Fbxw2
Fbxw24-CKO NM-CKO-200292 Fbxw24
Fbxw26-KO NM-KO-201567 Fbxw26
Fbxw7-CKO NM-CKO-200327 Fbxw7
Fcamr-KO NM-KO-201568 Fcamr
Fcer1a-KO NM-KO-190798 Fcer1a allergic response
Fcer1g-KO NM-KO-190187 Fcer1g Immune-related
Fcer2a-KO NM-KO-190799 Fcer2a immune related
FCGR1A-HU NM-HU-2000072 Fcgr1 Immunotherapy,drug screening
FCGR1B-HU NM-HU-2000040 Fcgr1 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Fcgr1-KO NM-KO-18033 Fcgr1 immunodeficiency, immune system
FCGR2A-HU NM-HU-2000071 Fcgr2b Immunotherapy,drug screening
FCGR2B-HU NM-HU-2000010 Fcgr2b Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Fcgr2b/Fcgr3/Fcgr4-KO NM-KO-18037 Fcgr2b,Fcgr3,Fcgr4 inflammation,autoimmunity
Fcgr2b-KO NM-KO-00130 Fcgr2b immune system
CD16-HU NM-HU-200229 Fcgr3
Fcgr3-KO NM-KO-190189 Fcgr3 Immune-related
FCGR3A-HU NM-HU-2000073 Fcgr4 Immunotherapy,drug screening
Fcgr4-KO NM-KO-200196 Fcgr4 Therapeutic antibody target
Fcgr4-KO NM-KO-190081 Fcgr4 Immune-related
FCGRT-HU&Alb-KO(NOD-SCID) NM-KO-200639 Fcgrt Antigen binding and β-2-microglobulin binding related research
FCGRT-HU(M-NSG) NM-NSG-020 Fcgrt Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
Fcgrt-CKO NM-CKO-200094 Fcgrt Antigen binding and β-2-microglobulin binding related research
FCGRT-HU(MHCII/B2M-KO) NM-NSG-018 Fcgrt Antibody drug metabolism; drug screening
FCGRT-HU NM-HU-2000032 Fcgrt Immunotherapy,drug screening
FCGRT-HU(NOD-scid) NM-HU-200006 Fcgrt Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
FcRn-HU NM-HU-190070 Fcgrt Immunotherapy,cancer research,drug screening
FcRn-HU NM-HU-00109 Fcgrt cancer research,Immunotherapy,drug screening
R26-(hFcRn) NM-KI-00081 FCGRT cancer research;Immunotherapy,drug screening
Fcgrt-KO NM-KO-00133 Fcgrt Immunotherapy,drug screening
Fcmr-KO NM-KO-200197 Fcmr Therapeutic antibody target
Fcna-KO NM-KO-201569 Fcna
Fcnb-KO NM-KO-201570 Fcnb
Fcrl1-KO NM-KO-200198 Fcrl1 Therapeutic antibody target
Fcrla-KO NM-KO-201571 Fcrla
Fcrlb-KO NM-KO-201572 Fcrlb
Fcrls-KO NM-KO-201573 Fcrls
Fem1a-KO NM-KO-200858 Fem1a
Fem1b-KO NM-KO-191164 Fem1b mediating apoptosis
R26-Fen1 NM-KI-00126 Fen1
Fermt1-KO NM-KO-201275 Fermt1
Fga-KO NM-KO-202055 Fga
Fgb-KO NM-KO-200199 Fgb Therapeutic antibody target
Fgd4-KO NM-KO-200960 Fgd4
Fgd5-(mNeonGreen-2A-CreERT2-polyA) NM-KI-200165 Fgd5 Cre recombinase tool
Fgf1-KO NM-KO-200200 Fgf1 Therapeutic antibody target
Fgf12-CKO NM-CKO-200302 Fgf12
Fgf12-KO NM-KO-190958 Fgf12 Fibroblast growth factor, VSMC lineage differentiation
Fgf14-KO NM-KO-200961 Fgf14
Fgf2-CKO NM-CKO-200066 Fgf2 FGFR1 mutant receptor activation and microRNA correlation in cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
Fgf2-KO NM-KO-200201 Fgf2 Therapeutic antibody target
Fgf21-CKO NM-CKO-200176 Fgf21 Research on lipoprotein metabolism and respiratory electron transport
Fgf21-KO NM-KO-190275 Fgf21 Immune-related
Fgf21-CKO NM-CKO-00136 Fgf21
Fgf23-CKO NM-CKO-200095 Fgf23 Study on the correlation between FGFR1 mutant receptor activation and RET signaling
Fgf23-(R176Q) NM-KI-200248 Fgf23 Hypophosphatemic rickets
Fgf4-KO NM-KO-190701 Fgf4 Cancer-related genes
Fgf7-KO NM-KO-200202 Fgf7 Therapeutic antibody target
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2(S320C)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190079 FGFR2 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2(K659N)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190078 FGFR2 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2(W290C)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190080 FGFR2 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR3(K562E)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190081 FGFR3 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR3(S249C)-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190082 FGFR3 cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR3-IRES-Luciferase-2A-EGFP) NM-KI-190083 FGFR3 cancer research
Fgfr4-KO NM-KO-200203 Fgfr4 Therapeutic antibody target
Fgfrl1-KO NM-KO-201276 Fgfrl1
Fgg-KO NM-KO-201102 Fgg
Fgl2-KO NM-KO-202056 Fgl2
Fgr-KO NM-KO-201574 Fgr
Fhit-KO NM-KO-190624 Fhit The protein encoded by this gene is a P1-P3-bis(5'-adenosyl) triphosphate hydrolase involved in purine metabolism.  In fact, aberrant transcripts from this gene have been found in about half of all esophageal, stomach, and colon carcinomas. The encoded protein is also a tumor suppressor, as loss of its activity results in replication stress and DNA damage.
Fjx1-KO NM-KO-190959 Fjx1 Nervous system, hippocampal neuron dendritic complexity
Fkbp4-KO NM-KO-201155 Fkbp4
Fkbp5-KO NM-KO-190276 Fkbp5 Immune-related
Fkbp6-KO NM-KO-201156 Fkbp6
Fkbp8-KO NM-KO-201277 Fkbp8
Flii-KO NM-KO-200962 Flii
Flna-KO NM-KO-200204 Flna Therapeutic antibody target
Flnb-KO NM-KO-201575 Flnb
Flt3-DreERT2 NM-KI-190115 Flt3 Tool Mice
Flt3-KO NM-KO-190082 Flt3 Immune-related
Flvcr1-CKO NM-CKO-200054 Flvcr1 Diseases associated with FLVCR1 include Posterior Column Ataxia With Retinitis Pigmentosa and Posterior Column Ataxia.
Fmo3-KO NM-KO-200734 Fmo3
Fmod-KO NM-KO-190277 Fmod Immune-related
Fndc1-KO NM-KO-200205 Fndc1 Therapeutic antibody target
Fndc3b-CKO NM-CKO-200307 Fndc3b
Fndc5-KO NM-KO-190278 Fndc5 Immune-related
Fntb-KO NM-KO-202057 Fntb
PSMA-HU NM-HU-200240 Folh1
Folh1-KO NM-KO-200206 Folh1 Therapeutic antibody target
Fos-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200110 Fos Cre recombinase tool
Fos-(2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-190048 Fos fluorescent reporter mice
Fos-(2A-Venus-luci) NM-KI-190049 Fos fluorescent reporter mice
Fos-KO NM-KO-190083 Fos Immune-related
Fos-(Venus-Luci) NM-KI-18044 Fos
Foxd1-(EGFP-iCre) NM-KI-200212 Foxd1 Cre tool mice
Foxe1-KO NM-KO-201278 Foxe1
Foxg1-(Cre) NM-KI-200156 Foxg1 Cre recombinase tool
Foxh1-KO NM-KO-202058 Foxh1
Foxi1-KO NM-KO-201279 Foxi1
Foxj1-(GFP-CreERT2) NM-KI-200133 Foxj1 Cre recombinase tool
Foxj3-KO NM-KO-201576 Foxj3
Foxk2-KO NM-KO-200796 Foxk2
Foxl1-CreERT2 NM-KI-00135 Foxl1
Foxn1-KO NM-KO-200735 Foxn1
Foxn1-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200106 Foxn1 Cre recombinase tool
Foxn1-KO(M-NSG) NM-KO-190422 Foxn1 Immune-related,immunodeficiency,immune system,transplantation research
Foxn1-KO NM-KO-00052 Foxn1 immune system
Foxo1-CKO NM-CKO-200177 Foxo1 Related research on downstream signal events of B cell receptor (BCR) and ERK signaling
Foxo3-KO NM-KO-190084 Foxo3 Immune-related
Foxo6-KO NM-KO-201577 Foxo6
Foxp1-CKO NM-CKO-200168 Foxp1 Transcriptional regulation of pluripotent stem cells and Wnt/Hedgehog/Notch related research
Foxp3-(DreER) NM-KI-200198 Foxp3 Dre tool mice
Foxp3-(DTR-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-200213 Foxp3 DTR tool mice
Foxp3-(IRES-Luci-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-200065 Foxp3 Treg cell reporter
Foxp3-(IRES-tdTomato-2A-CreERT2) NM-KI-190120 Foxp3 Cre tool mouse
Foxp3-(tdTomato-2A-iCre) NM-KI-190119 Foxp3 Tool Mice
Foxp3-(IRES-DTREGFP) NM-KI-190046 Foxp3 DTR mouse
Foxp3-(V5-Avi tag-IRES-luci-2A-tdTomato) NM-KI-18034 Foxp3 gene tracing
Frat1-KO NM-KO-190676 Frat1 Cancer-related genes
Frem1-KO NM-KO-200963 Frem1
Frem2-CKO NM-CKO-200294 Frem2
Frrs1l-KO NM-KO-201578 Frrs1l
Frzb-KO NM-KO-190697 Frzb Female-specific osteoarthritis (OA) related
Fscn2-KO NM-KO-200964 Fscn2
Fshb-KO NM-KO-200207 Fshb Therapeutic antibody target
Fshr-KO NM-KO-200208 Fshr Therapeutic antibody target
Fst-KO NM-KO-190279 Fst Immune-related
Fstl3-KO NM-KO-200209 Fstl3 Therapeutic antibody target
Ftcd-KO NM-KO-201579 Ftcd
Ftl1-KO NM-KO-202059 Ftl1
Fto-CKO NM-CKO-190005 Fto Epigenetic,obesity risk, and type 2 diabetes research
R26-(CAG-LSL-3xFLAG-Fto-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190055 Fto mRNA methylation,obesity risk,and type 2 diabetes research
Fuca1-KO NM-KO-200965 Fuca1
Fut2-KO NM-KO-201580 Fut2
Fut4-KO NM-KO-200210 Fut4 Therapeutic antibody target
Fxyd5-KO NM-KO-200841 Fxyd5
Fzd1-KO NM-KO-190677 Fzd1
Fzd10-KO NM-KO-200211 Fzd10 Therapeutic antibody target
Fzd4-KO NM-KO-190678 Fzd4 positive regulator of the Wingless type MMTV integration site signaling pathway
Fzd5-CKO NM-CKO-200178 Fzd5 Research on ERK signal and Wnt signal
Fzd6-KO NM-KO-190679 Fzd6 Cancer-related genes
Fzd7-KO NM-KO-190680 Fzd7 Cancer-related genes
Fzd8-KO NM-KO-190681 Fzd8 Cancer-related genes
Fzd9-KO NM-KO-190682 Fzd9 Williams syndrome related
G6pc-CKO NM-CKO-200053 G6pc Diseases associated with G6PC include Glycogen Storage Disease Ia and Hypoglycemia.
G6pc3-KO NM-KO-201581 G6pc3
G6pd2-KO NM-KO-190800 G6pd2
Gaa-KO NM-KO-190085 Gaa Immune-related
Gab2-KO NM-KO-201582 Gab2
Gabarapl2-KO NM-KO-201583 Gabarapl2
Gabbr2-KO NM-KO-190960 Gabbr2 Nervous system, thermal or mechanical stimulation of epilepsy, pain, anxiety and depression
Gabra1-KO NM-KO-190570 Gabra1 Epilepsy research related
Gabra2-KO NM-KO-190571 Gabra2
Gabra3-KO NM-KO-200212 Gabra3 Therapeutic antibody target
Gabra4-KO NM-KO-190572 Gabra4 Autism research related
Gabra5-KO NM-KO-190573 Gabra5
Gabra6-KO NM-KO-190574 Gabra6
Gabrb1-KO NM-KO-190575 Gabrb1 Related to schizophrenia research
Gabrb3-KO NM-KO-201280 Gabrb3
Gabrd-KO NM-KO-200604 Gabrd Diseases associated with GABRD include Epilepsy, Idiopathic Generalized 10 and Chromosome 1P36 Deletion Syndrome.
Gabre-KO NM-KO-190576 Gabre This gene encodes the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptor which is a multisubunit chloride channel that mediates the fastest inhibitory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.
Gabrg2-KO NM-KO-190577 Gabrg2 This gene encodes a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor. GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammlian brain, where it acts at GABA-A receptors, which are ligand-gated chloride channels. Mutations in this gene have been associated with epilepsy and febrile seizures.
Gabrg3-KO NM-KO-190578 Gabrg3 This gene encodes a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor. GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian brain where it acts at GABA-A receptors, which are ligand-gated chloride channels.
Gabrq-KO NM-KO-190579 Gabrq This gene encodes the theta subunit of the GABA A receptor,The GABA A receptor is a multisubunit chloride channel that mediates the fastest inhibitory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.
Gabrr1-KO NM-KO-190580 Gabrr1 GABRR1 is a member of the rho subunit family.
Gabrr2-KO NM-KO-190581 Gabrr2 The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the rho subunit family and is a component of the GABA type A receptor complex. This gene exists on chromosome 6q next to the gene encoding the rho 1 subunit of the GABA type A receptor, in a region thought to be associated with susceptibility for psychiatric disorders and epilepsy. Polymorphisms in this gene may also be associated with alcohol dependence, and general cognitive ability.
Gad2-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200078 Gad2 Cre recombinase tool,GAD2 positive neurons.
Gad2-KO NM-KO-200213 Gad2 Therapeutic antibody target
Gadd45a-KO NM-KO-200590 Gadd45a Cancer research
Gadd45b-KO NM-KO-190801 Gadd45b NF-KB pathway
Gadd45g-KO NM-KO-201584 Gadd45g
Gal-KO NM-KO-190086 Gal Immune-related
Galk1-KO NM-KO-200214 Galk1 Therapeutic antibody target
Galns-KO NM-KO-200966 Galns
Galnt1-KO NM-KO-201281 Galnt1
Galnt18-KO NM-KO-201585 Galnt18
Galnt3-KO NM-KO-201586 Galnt3
Galnt5-KO NM-KO-191141 Galnt5
Galp-KO NM-KO-200842 Galp
Galr1-KO NM-KO-190637 Galr1 nervous system
Galt-KO NM-KO-200600 Galt Galactosemia research
Gamt-KO NM-KO-201157 Gamt
Gan-KO NM-KO-200967 Gan
Ganab-KO NM-KO-190280 Ganab Immune-related
GAPDH-(IRES-mTagBFP) NM-KI-200031 Gapdh Blue mice
Gapt-KO NM-KO-201587 Gapt
Garnl3-CKO NM-CKO-00007 Garnl3
Gas6-KO NM-KO-200215 Gas6 Therapeutic antibody target
Gast-KO NM-KO-190087 Gast Immune-related
Gata3-CKO NM-CKO-200096 Gata3 Studies on protein metabolism and preimplantation embryos
Gatad2b-KO NM-KO-201588 Gatad2b
Gba-CKO NM-CKO-200179 Gba Sphingolipid metabolism and chaperone-mediated protein folding research
Gba-CKO NM-CKO-200051 Gba Gaucher disease research
Gba-(D427V) NM-KI-18060 Gba
Gbe1-KO NM-KO-201282 Gbe1
Gbp2-KO NM-KO-201589 Gbp2
Gbp2b-KO NM-KO-201590 Gbp2b
Gbp3-KO NM-KO-201591 Gbp3
Gbp5-KO NM-KO-201592 Gbp5
Gbp7-KO NM-KO-201593 Gbp7
Gca-KO NM-KO-201594 Gca
Gcdh-KO NM-KO-200603 Gcdh Glutaric Acidemia Type I research
Gcg-KO NM-KO-200216 Gcg Therapeutic antibody target
Gcgr-KO NM-KO-200217 Gcgr Therapeutic antibody target
Gchfr-KO NM-KO-190961 Gchfr Liver phenylalanine metabolism, production of biogenic amine neurotransmitters and nitric oxide
Gcnt1-KO NM-KO-201595 Gcnt1
Gcnt2-KO NM-KO-201596 Gcnt2
Gcnt3-KO NM-KO-201597 Gcnt3
Gcnt4-KO NM-KO-201598 Gcnt4
Gcsam-KO NM-KO-201599 Gcsam
Gdf15-KO NM-KO-200218 Gdf15 Therapeutic antibody target
Gdf2-KO NM-KO-200219 Gdf2 Therapeutic antibody target
Gdi1-KO NM-KO-200968 Gdi1
Gdi2-KO NM-KO-190281 Gdi2 Immune-related
Gdpd3-KO NM-KO-201158 Gdpd3
GEM-HU NM-HU-200249 Gem
Gem-KO NM-KO-200220 Gem Therapeutic antibody target
Gfap-KO NM-KO-190802 Gfap Mouse Aging,Alexander disease
Gfap-(IRES-Venus-Luciferase) NM-KI-190022 Gfap nervous system
Gfi1-KO NM-KO-201600 Gfi1
Gfpt1-KO NM-KO-201601 Gfpt1
Gfra2-KO NM-KO-200221 Gfra2 Therapeutic antibody target
Gfra3-KO NM-KO-200722 Gfra3
Gfra4-KO NM-KO-200222 Gfra4 Therapeutic antibody target
Gfral-KO NM-KO-200223 Gfral Therapeutic antibody target
Ggt5-KO NM-KO-201602 Ggt5
Ggta1-KO NM-KO-201603 Ggta1
Gh-KO NM-KO-190648 Gh Cardiovascular diseases
Ghr-KO NM-KO-200636 Ghr Peptide ligand binding receptor and JAK-STAT signal transduction pathway (KEGG) related research
Ghr-KO NM-KO-190649 Ghr Cardiovascular diseases
Ghrh-KO NM-KO-200843 Ghrh
Ghrl-KO NM-KO-190645 Ghrl metabolic disease
Ghsr-KO NM-KO-00007 Ghsr digestive system,metabolism
Gid4-KO NM-KO-200969 Gid4
Gigyf2-KO NM-KO-202060 Gigyf2
Gimap3-KO NM-KO-201604 Gimap3
Gimap4-KO NM-KO-202061 Gimap4
Gip-KO NM-KO-200224 Gip Therapeutic antibody target
Gipr-KO NM-KO-200225 Gipr Therapeutic antibody target
Git2-KO NM-KO-201605 Git2
Gja1-CKO NM-CKO-200180 Gja1 Research on the connection mechanism and adhesion of cell adhesion to endothelial cell contact
Gja1-(2A-DreERT2) NM-KI-200026 Gja1 Dre recombinase tool
Gjb3-KO NM-KO-202062 Gjb3
Gjb4-KO NM-KO-201606 Gjb4
Gjb6-KO NM-KO-190962 Gjb6 Auditory, auditory hair cell degeneration and intra-cochlear potential
Gjc2-KO NM-KO-201607 Gjc2
Gjc3-KO NM-KO-190282 Gjc3 Immune-related
Gk-KO NM-KO-201283 Gk
Gkn2-CKO NM-CKO-00080 Gkn2 homeostasis/metabolism
Gla-KO NM-KO-200601 Gla Fabry Disease research
Glb1-KO NM-KO-201103 Glb1
Glb1l2-KO NM-KO-201608 Glb1l2
Gli1-(CreERT2) NM-KI-200073 Gli1 Cre recombinase tool
Glis2-KO NM-KO-201609 Glis2
Glmp-KO NM-KO-201610 Glmp
Glo1-CKO NM-CKO-200322 Glo1
GLP1R-HU NM-HU-200220 Glp1r Diabetes research; drug screening
Glp1r-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200134 Glp1r Cre recombinase tool
Glp1r-KO NM-KO-190803 Glp1r Diabetes
Glp2r-KO NM-KO-200574 Glp2r Glucagon Like Peptide 2 Receptor
Gls-CKO NM-CKO-200181 Gls Research on Entrainment of Circadian Rhythm and Gene Expression
Glud1-KO NM-KO-191156 Glud1 Activating mutations in this gene are a common cause of congenital hyperinsulinism.
Glul-KO NM-KO-191157 Glul this gene was observed in some primary liver cancer samples.
Glyat-KO NM-KO-190088 Glyat Immune-related
Gm10024-KO NM-KO-200970 Gm10024
Gm10142-KO NM-KO-200971 Gm10142
Gm10591-KO NM-KO-200695 Gm10591
Gm10787-KO NM-KO-200972 Gm10787
Gm10941-KO NM-KO-200973 Gm10941
Gm13090-KO NM-KO-201611 Gm13090
Gm14548-KO NM-KO-200686 Gm14548
Gm15448-KO NM-KO-200661 Gm15448
Gm16062-KO NM-KO-200974 Gm16062
Gm17359-KO NM-KO-201612 Gm17359
Gm1987-KO NM-KO-200668 Gm1987
Gm21885-KO NM-KO-201159 Gm21885
Gm2a-KO NM-KO-200226 Gm2a Therapeutic antibody target
Gm42860-KO NM-KO-200780 Gm42860
Gm4788-KO NM-KO-200696 Gm4788
Gm525-KO NM-KO-201160 Gm525
Gm8909-KO NM-KO-200844 Gm8909
Gm9508-KO NM-KO-200975 Gm9508
Gmfb-KO NM-KO-200227 Gmfb Therapeutic antibody target
Gmnn-KO NM-KO-202063 Gmnn
Gnai1-KO NM-KO-201613 Gnai1
Gnai3-KO NM-KO-201614 Gnai3
Gnao1-KO NM-KO-190804 Gnao1 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gnaq-KO NM-KO-190963 Gnaq Platelet activation and aggregation, pigmentation
Gnas-CKO NM-CKO-200300 Gnas
Gnasas1-KO NM-KO-201284 Gnasas1
Gnb2-KO NM-KO-190805 Gnb2 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gnb4-KO NM-KO-190806 Gnb4 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng10-KO NM-KO-190807 Gng10 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng11-KO NM-KO-190808 Gng11 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng4-KO NM-KO-190809 Gng4 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng7-KO NM-KO-190810 Gng7 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gng8-KO NM-KO-190811 Gng8 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gngt1-KO NM-KO-190812 Gngt1 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gngt2-KO NM-KO-190813 Gngt2 Alzheimer's Disease related
Gnmt-KO NM-KO-200976 Gnmt
Gnpat-KO NM-KO-201285 Gnpat
Gnptab-KO NM-KO-201104 Gnptab
Gnrh1-KO NM-KO-200673 Gnrh1
Gnrhr-KO NM-KO-200228 Gnrhr Therapeutic antibody target
Gns-KO NM-KO-201161 Gns
Golga2-KO NM-KO-201615 Golga2
Gopc-KO NM-KO-200977 Gopc
Got1-KO NM-KO-201616 Got1
Gp1ba-(T2A-iCre) NM-KI-200172 Gp1ba Cre recombinase tool
Gp1ba-KO NM-KO-200229 Gp1ba Therapeutic antibody target
Gp6-KO NM-KO-200230 Gp6 Therapeutic antibody target
Gpa33-KO NM-KO-200231 Gpa33 Therapeutic antibody target
Gpam-KO NM-KO-190283 Gpam Immune-related
Gpbar1-KO NM-KO-200576 Gpbar1 G Protein-Coupled Bile Acid Receptor 1
Gpc1-KO NM-KO-200232 Gpc1 Therapeutic antibody target
Gpc2-KO NM-KO-200233 Gpc2 Therapeutic antibody target
Gpc3-KO NM-KO-201286 Gpc3
Gpc5-KO NM-KO-190964 Gpc5 Cell division and growth regulation, tumor
Gpd1-KO NM-KO-190814 Gpd1 Diabetes
Gpi1-KO NM-KO-190534 Gpi1 neurotrophic factor,lymphokine
Gpld1-CKO NM-CKO-200288 Gpld1
Gpm6a-KO NM-KO-200762 Gpm6a
Gpnmb-KO NM-KO-200234 Gpnmb Therapeutic antibody target
Gpr1-KO NM-KO-00057 Gpr1
Gpr108-KO NM-KO-202064 Gpr108
Gpr12-KO NM-KO-200978 Gpr12
Gpr132-KO NM-KO-200979 Gpr132
Gpr141b-(iCre) NM-KI-200215 Gpr141b Cre tool mice
Gpr142-KO NM-KO-00058 Gpr142
Gpr143-KO NM-KO-200980 Gpr143
Gpr15-KO NM-KO-201617 Gpr15
Gpr152-KO NM-KO-190284 Gpr152 Immune-related
Gpr153-KO NM-KO-201618 Gpr153
Gpr156-CKO NM-CKO-00099 Gpr156
Gpr173-KO NM-KO-200235 Gpr173 Therapeutic antibody target
Gpr174-KO NM-KO-201619 Gpr174
Gpr18-KO NM-KO-201620 Gpr18
Gpr183-KO NM-KO-190285 Gpr183 Immune-related
Gpr20-KO NM-KO-200236 Gpr20 Therapeutic antibody target
Gpr21-KO NM-KO-201621 Gpr21
Gpr26-KO NM-KO-00053 Gpr26 immune system
Gpr37-KO NM-KO-190965 Gpr37 Nervous system, endocrine
Gpr55-KO NM-KO-201622 Gpr55
Gpr61-KO NM-KO-00060 Gpr61
Gpr65-(IRES-iCre) NM-KI-200135 Gpr65 Cre recombinase tool
Gpr83-KO NM-KO-190090 Gpr83 Immune-related
Gpr84-KO NM-KO-201623 Gpr84
Gpr87-KO NM-KO-200237 Gpr87 Therapeutic antibody target
Gpr89-Prkab2-KO NM-KO-18055 Gpr89,Prkab2
Gprasp1-KO NM-KO-201162 Gprasp1
Gprasp2-KO NM-KO-201163 Gprasp2
Gprc5b-KO NM-KO-202065 Gprc5b
Gprc5c-KO NM-KO-201624 Gprc5c
Gprc5d-KO NM-KO-200238 Gprc5d Therapeutic antibody target
Gprc6a-CKO NM-CKO-00098 Gprc6a nervous system
Gpx1-KO NM-KO-190966 Gpx1 Oxidative stress, ischemia/reperfusion and cold-induced brain injury
Gpx4-CKO NM-CKO-200097 Gpx4 Studies on the metabolism of arachidonic acid
Gpx8-KO NM-KO-201625 Gpx8
Grap-KO NM-KO-201626 Grap
Grap2-KO NM-KO-201627 Grap2
Grb14-KO NM-KO-201628 Grb14
Grem2-KO NM-KO-200845 Grem2
Gria1-KO NM-KO-190582 Gria1 Glutamate receptors are the predominant excitatory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian brain and are activated in a variety of normal neurophysiologic processes.This gene belongs to a family of alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionate (AMPA) receptors.
Gria3-KO NM-KO-190967 Gria3 Nervous system, LTP action, epilepsy
Grid2-KO NM-KO-200981 Grid2
Grik1-KO NM-KO-190583 Grik1 This gene product belongs to the kainate family of glutamate receptors, which are composed of four subunits and function as ligand-activated ion channels.
Grik2-KO NM-KO-190584 Grik2 This gene product belongs to the kainate family of glutamate receptors, which are composed of four subunits and function as ligand-activated ion channels.Glutamate receptors are the predominant excitatory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian brain and are activated in a variety of normal neurophysiologic processes.
Grik4-KO NM-KO-190585 Grik4 This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the glutamate-gated ionic channel family. Glutamate functions as the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system through activation of ligand-gated ion channels and G protein-coupled membrane receptors. The protein encoded by this gene forms functional heteromeric kainate-preferring ionic channels with the subunits encoded by related gene family members.
Grik5-KO NM-KO-190586 Grik5 This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the glutamate-gated ionic channel family. Glutamate functions as the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system through activation of ligand-gated ion channels and G protein-coupled membrane receptors. The protein encoded by this gene forms functional heteromeric kainate-preferring ionic channels with the subunits encoded by related gene family members.
Grin1-CKO NM-CKO-200182 Grin1 Research on RET signaling and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Grin2a-KO NM-KO-190968 Grin2a Nervous system, LTP action, dopamine and serotonin metabolism
Grin2c-KO NM-KO-190587 Grin2c This gene encodes a subunit of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor, which is a subtype of ionotropic glutamate receptor. NMDA receptors are found in the central nervous system, are permeable to cations and have an important role in physiological processes such as learning, memory, and synaptic development.
Grin2d-KO NM-KO-200846 Grin2d
Grin3a-KO NM-KO-200847 Grin3a
Grin3b-KO NM-KO-200848 Grin3b
Grip1-KO NM-KO-201287 Grip1
Grk1-KO NM-KO-200982 Grk1
Grm1-KO NM-KO-190588 Grm1 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor that functions by activating phospholipase C. This gene may be associated with many disease states, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and breast cancer.
Grm2-KO NM-KO-200239 Grm2 Therapeutic antibody target
Grm3-KO NM-KO-190589 Grm3 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm4-KO NM-KO-190590 Grm4 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm5-KO NM-KO-190969 Grm5 Endocrine, corticosteroid synergism
Grm6-KO NM-KO-190591 Grm6 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm7-KO NM-KO-190592 Grm7 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grm8-KO NM-KO-190593 Grm8 This gene encodes a metabotropic glutamate receptor. This receptors are linked to the inhibition of the cyclic AMP cascade。
Grn-KO NM-KO-201105 Grn
Grp-(Cre) NM-KI-200305 Grp
Grp-KO NM-KO-190651 Grp lung, colon, stomach, pancreas, breast, and prostate cancer
Grpr-KO NM-KO-190286 Grpr Immune-related
Gsdmd-KO NM-KO-191212 Gsdmd cell pyroptosis,cell apoptosis
Gsdmd-CKO NM-CKO-190060 Gsdmd cell pyroptosis,cell apoptosis
Gsdme-KO NM-KO-200764 Gsdme
Gsk3a-KO NM-KO-190815 Gsk3a Alzheimer's Disease related
Gsk3b-CKO NM-CKO-200098 Gsk3b Related research on the downstream signaling events of MicroRNA and B cell receptor (BCR) in cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
Gsn-KO NM-KO-201629 Gsn
Gstcd-KO NM-KO-201630 Gstcd
Gstk1-KO NM-KO-201631 Gstk1
Gstm1-KO NM-KO-200983 Gstm1
Gstm4-KO NM-KO-201632 Gstm4
Gsx1-KO NM-KO-202066 Gsx1
R26-(CAG-LSL-HA-GiDREADD(hM4Di)-mCitrine) NM-KI-190093 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Chemical Genetics studies.The inhibitory GiDREADD(hM4Di) could silence the activity of neurons following administration of CNO.
R26-(SA-2xpA-CAG-EGFP) NM-KI-190088 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice, EGFP
R26-(CAG-EGFP)1 NM-KI-190089 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice, EGFP
R26-(CAG-EGFP)2 NM-KI-190090 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice, EGFP
R26-(CAG-LSL-3xFLAG-Mettl14-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190017 Gt(ROSA)26Sor mRNA methylation
R26-(CAG-LSL-3xFLAG-Ythdf2-IRES-EGFP) NM-KI-190018 Gt(ROSA)26Sor mRNA methylation
R26-(TetO-Dre-IRES-BFP) NM-KI-190020 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Dre recombinase tool
R26-(CAG-LSL-Avi-EGFP-Rpl10a) NM-KI-190005 Gt(ROSA)26Sor ribosome
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR-del19) NM-KI-190004 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer research
R26-(CAG-LSL-FGFR2-luciferase-EGFP) NM-KI-190007 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(CAG-LSL-HER2-luciferase-EGFP) NM-KI-190008 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(CAG-LSL-EGFR T790M-del19-luciferase-tdTomato) NM-KI-190009 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(CAG-LSL-EML4-ALK(F1174L)-luciferase-tdTomato) NM-KI-190010 Gt(ROSA)26Sor cancer
R26-(Alb-TK-luc-EGFP) NM-KI-18040 Gt(ROSA)26Sor
R26-(SA-EGFP-polyA) NM-KI-18024 Gt(ROSA)26Sor Reporter mice,EGFP
R26-(Luc-EGFP) NM-KI-00087 Gt(ROSA)26Sor gene tracing
R26-(Renilla-Luc) NM-KI-00091 Gt(ROSA)26Sor
R26-(PB-V5) NM-KI-00065 Gt(ROSA)26Sor gene editing, gene modification
R26-(PhiC31) NM-KI-00088 Gt(ROSA)26Sor
R26-(CaMPARI) NM-KI-00090 Gt(ROSA)26Sor nervous system
Gtf2ird1-KO NM-KO-201288 Gtf2ird1
Gtf3a-KO NM-KO-200240 Gtf3a Therapeutic antibody target
Gtpbp2-KO NM-KO-201633 Gtpbp2
Gucy1a1-KO NM-KO-201164 Gucy1a1
Gucy1b1-KO NM-KO-202067 Gucy1b1
Gucy2c-CKO NM-CKO-200278 Gucy2c
Gucy2c-KO NM-KO-200241 Gucy2c Therapeutic antibody target
Gucy2e-KO NM-KO-200984 Gucy2e
Gykl1-KO NM-KO-200242 Gykl1 Therapeutic antibody target
Gypa-KO NM-KO-200243 Gypa Therapeutic antibody target
Gzma-KO NM-KO-190188 Gzma Immune-related
Gzmb-KO NM-KO-190091 Gzmb Immune-related
H13-KO NM-KO-201634 H13
H19-KO NM-KO-18045 H19 H19 gene function
H1f0-KO NM-KO-200849 H1f0
H1f1-KO NM-KO-200850 H1f1
H1f5-KO NM-KO-200869 H1f5
H1f6-KO NM-KO-200852 H1f6