CKO mice developed by SMOC supported the identification of a novel lncRNA that regulates dendritic cell migration and the corresponding immune response

2019-03-08 17:04 by SMOC

Published on today's Immunity, Prof. Xuetao Cao's group identified a novel long non-coding RNA lnc-Dpf3 whose feedback restrains CCR7-mediated dendritic cell (DC) migration. Mechanistically, CCR7 stimulation activates the HIF-1alpha transcription factor pathway in DCs, leading to metabolic reprogramming towards glycolysis for DC migration. 

SMOC generated lnc-Dpf3fl/flItgax-cre+ mice with conditional deletion of this functional lncRNA in DCs, proving that DC-specific lnc-Dpf3 deficiency selectively promotes CCR7-mediated DC migration. 

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