Genetic lineage tracing of resident stem cells by DeaLT

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: - Research Field: Genetic lineage tracing

Apj+ Vessels Drive Tumor Growth and Represent a Tractable Therapeutic Target

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: APJ-CreER,Apj-DTRGFP-Luc Research Field: Genetic lineage tracing

Dual genetic tracing system identifies diverse and dynamic origins of cardiac valve mesenchyme

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Cdh5-Nigri,R26-NLR Research Field: Heart

Monitoring antiangiogenesis of bevacizumab in zebrafish

Model: Rat Custom Gene: - Research Field: Antiangiogenesis

Single-cell RNA-seq uncovers dynamic processes and critical regulators in mouse spermatogenesis

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Lin28-YFP,Vasa-dTomato,Stra8-GFP Cre Research Field: Reproductive system

Embryonic senescent cells re-enter cell cycle and contribute to tissues after birth

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: p21-CreER Research Field: genetic lineage tracing

Genetic Targeting of Organ-Specific Blood Vessels

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Nrg1-CrexER, Nrg1-CreER, Wt1-CrexER, Tie2-Dre, Mfsd2a-CrexER Research Field: Cardiovascular

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