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VGLL4 plays a critical role in heart valve development and homeostasis

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: VGLL4-EGFP Research Field: Heart

Lung regeneration by multipotent stem cells residing at the bronchioalveolar-duct junction

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Scgb1a1-CreER,R26-RSR-LSL-tdTomato Research Field: Genetic lineage tracing

Lineage Tracing Reveals the Bipotency of SOX9+ Hepatocytes during Liver Regeneration

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Hnf4a-DreERT2 Research Field: Genetic lineage tracing

Gain-of-Function Mutations of SLC16A11 Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Slc16a11 Research Field: Diabetes

Genetic lineage tracing of resident stem cells by DeaLT

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: - Research Field: Genetic lineage tracing

Fate Mapping of Sca1+ Cardiac Progenitor Cells in the Adult Mouse Hearts

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Sca1-2A-CreER Research Field: Genetic lineage tracing

Rapamycin reduces mortality in acute-stage paraquat-induced toxicity in zebrafish

Model: Rat Custom Gene: - Research Field: Digestive system

Apj+ Vessels Drive Tumor Growth and Represent a Tractable Therapeutic Target

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: APJ-CreER,Apj-DTRGFP-Luc Research Field: Genetic lineage tracing

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