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Necdin regulates BMAL1 stability and circadian clock through SGT1-HSP90 chaperone machinery

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Ndn Research Field: Circadian clocks

Genetic Fate Mapping of Transient Cell Fate Reveals N-Cadherin Activity and Function in Tumor Metastasis

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Vim LSL-Dre;N-cad-LSL-Dre Research Field: lineage tracing, Tumor metastasis

Alcohol-aggravated episodic pain in humans with SCN11A mutation and ALDH2 polymorphism

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Scn11a-(A796G) Research Field: Alcohol-aggravated episodic pain

eIF3 Associates with 80S Ribosomes to Promote Translation Elongation, Mitochondrial Homeostasis, and Muscle Health

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Eif3e Research Field: mitochondrial protein synthesis; muscle strength

TRIM35 mediates protection against influenza infection by activating TRAF3 and degrading viral PB2

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Trim35 Research Field: Influenza infection

DNA of neutrophil extracellular traps promotes cancer metastasis via CCDC25

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: CCDC25 Research Field: cancer metastasis

SH3RF3 promotes breast cancer stem-like properties via JNK activation and PTX3 upregulation

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: M-NSG Research Field: Breast cancer

MRG15 orchestrates rhythmic epigenomic remodelling and controls hepatic lipid metabolism

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Mrg15 Research Field: hepatic lipid metabolism

ERCC6L2 promotes DNA orientation-specific recombinationin mammalian cells

Model: Mouse Custom Gene: Ercc6l2;Xlf;Ercc6l2-HA;Ercc6l2-(D270N) Research Field: DNA recombination

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