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Our vision is to provide researchers all over the world with comprehensive, convenient and professional animal model services to facilitate a simplified and highly-efficient approach towards uncovering the mysteries of life.

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Founded in September 2000, Shanghai Model Organisms Center, Inc. (SMOC) specializes in model organisms and is dedicated to gene editing and life decoding.

We provide customized solutions such as genetically engineered animal models, phenotype analysis and high-throughput screenings to advance life science research and drug discovery. SMOC owns a rapidly-growing repository of Research-Ready models , including immunodeficient and humanized mouse models to advance R&D for cancer immunotherapy.

Our breeding facility is equipped with 60,000 specific pathogen-free (SPF) cages which can hold up to 300,000 rodents. Health and safety procedures for animal handling are strictly complied. Animal welfare is highly prioritized by SMOC and which has earned us the AAALAC accreditation.

Our core competencies

  • 19 years of experience in animal models

  • A complete range of animal model services

  • A wide selection of animal models

  • Six core technological platforms

  • Production facilities stretched across 14,000m2 

  • Equipped with 60,000 SPF mouse cages to hold about 300,000 rats and mice.

  • Over 1500 available off-the-shelf mouse models for your selection

  • More than 8,000 genetically-engineered mouse models established

A complete range of animal model services

  • Model customization

  • Research-ready models

  • Breeding

  • Phenotyping

  • Drug screening

A wide selection of animal models

  • Mouse and Rat

  • Zebrafish

  • C. elegans

Six core technological platforms

  • Genetically-engineered mouse models platform

  • Mouse and Rat models phenotyping platform

  • Mouse and Rat breeding platform

  • Zebrafish research platform

  • C. elegans research platform

  • Molecular and cell biology research platform


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