Delivery the animal model(s) through our unmatched model repositories, advanced custom model generation capabilities, and flexible breeding solutions.

U-GEMM Repository

The U-GEMM Repository has more than 6000 Genetically Engineered Mice & Rat Models, including KO , Flox,Cre/Dre, gene humanized knockin, Immunodeficiency, reporter Knockin , genetic disease and other models. You can Search for Mouse & Rat Models by Name, Catalog Number or Keyword.

Gene-editing proposal

Using SMOC’s gene targeting artificial intelligent expert system-Smarteddi, you can input the name of the gene you want to knockout and the cloud-based search engine will show you the solution.


We will delivery the specific genotype model product within specific period by natural breeding or assisted reproduction technology. The specified breeding technologies include natural breeding, assisted reproduction, SPF purification, etc.


Provide you with a one-stop-shop for preclinical research, animal experiments, etc.

Pharmacodynamics Analysis & Evaluation

Based on the U-GEMM repository, the pharmacodynamics evaluation service from Shanghai Model Organisms can conduct main pharmacodynamics study on the drugs for anti-inflammatory-immunity, antineoplastic, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and metabolic diseases,etc, satisfy the study requirements of different layers of in vivo experiments, mechanism investigation and molecular biological study, and confirm the effectiveness and safety of new drug(s).


Provide blood analysis, image analysis, pathology analysis, behavior analysis etc.

Feeding and Management

More than 20 years of professional barrier facility management and operation and maintenance experience.

Rescue Service

Cryopreservation and cryorecovery can reduce costs associated with colony maintenance and protect your strains. 

Zebrafish · Nematode

Provide services base on zebrafish and nematode research technology platform.

Why Choose Us?

Our vision is to provide researchers all over the world with comprehensive, convenient and professional animal model services to facilitate a simplified and highly-efficient approach towards uncovering the mysteries of life.

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